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11th Sep 2008, 09:00

Some of you may have seen my request last year for info re my Step Grand Father Keith Sturt and his Vulcan crash on 20th Sept 1958. The BBC have picked up my trail of research and want to do some filming at RAF Syerston next week (w/c 15/09/08) but can't get hold of anyone to give them permission to do so. They may have to opt to filming outside the base. It's for a 3 minute article after East Midlands Today news and will be televised on 20th Sept. They are also interested in doing a full length documentary feature to delve into the story itself.

Do you work at RAF Syerston or know someone who does and could help with access? If so can you get in touch asap so that I can put you in touch with the BBC Research team.

Thanks so much!

Catherine Coulthard

11th Sep 2008, 09:29
I'd have thought the BBC had details of how to contact the MOD Press Centre, who'll provide the necessary contact details.

Otherwise here:
24-hr MoD Press Office Duty Number: 0207 218 7907

Or for media enquiries in the EASTERN Area:
Eleanor Treharne-Jones
Tel: 01480 425346

11th Sep 2008, 12:02
The senior serving person at Syerston is the (regular) Wing Commander who runs the Air Cadet Central Gliding School there. He (and the Station) are parented by Cranwell, so that would be the place to start. I'm sure BBC have the appropriate numbers for HQ Air Cadets at Cranwell.

[edited to add:]

Phone numbers which may help:

RAF Syerston: 01636-525467

HQ Air Cadets Media Office: 01400-267631

11th Sep 2008, 13:54
So the BBC spend all these millions on the expenses gravy train, but they can't afford to employ a researcher with a shred of intelligence. Just look at all the money they spent covering the Olympics compared to what they're spending covering the Paralympics in which the GB team is doing far better. Couldn't even be bothered to make a serious bid for England World Cup qualifiers away.
PS Not getting at you coulthardC, it's not your fault.

11th Sep 2008, 14:21
Tell the BEEB to shag off, they get enough of my hard earned money (time) for crap output. If they can't employ REAL RESEARCHERS, then stuff the money wasting w:mad:rs, just BEEB go GFY in course pitch.....................:E