View Full Version : Plonker or Comedic Genius - police officer dresses as Bin Laden at carnival

10th Sep 2008, 19:38
A senior police officer attended a village carnival dressed as Osama Bin Laden, just five days before the 9/11 anniversary. (http://www.pprune.org/A%20senior%20police%20officer%20attended%20a%20village%20car nival%20dressed%20as%20Osama%20Bin%20Laden,%20just%20five%20 days%20before%20the%209/11%20anniversary.)

Chief Supt Colin Terry joined the fancy dress procession wearing robes and a rubber face mask of the al-Qaeda leader. The event took place at the weekend, less than a week before the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
The officer, from Devon and Cornwall Police, who visited New York two years ago to attend the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, was taking part in the annual carnival in Grampound, Cornwall, where he lives with his family.
One of the visitors said: "Everybody was stunned. It was good of him to take part but no-one could believe he showed up dressed as Bin Laden.
"His bosses might have something to say. He was bouncing down the street with people dressed as chickens, Spiderman and fairies.
"He was having the time of his life. He probably thought it was funny but it was totally insensitive."

Sounds like a your hat, my office, no beverages, moment to me :ok:

10th Sep 2008, 19:42
Apparently, they cannot sanction him at present as he is on secondment . . .

. . . to the Foreign Office!

10th Sep 2008, 19:49
he is on secondment . . .

. . . to the Foreign Office!

Where he is.....

currently on secondment to an EU mission training police in Afghanistan.....:=

Beatriz Fontana
10th Sep 2008, 20:12

Who found it offensive? Were any of them survivors of 9/11 or 7/7? Were the Cornish Pagans upset about people dressed as faeries?

FFS if we can't take the proverbial urine out of terrorists, then who can we? Surely that's a great way to tackle them. We've humiliated all our other deadly enemies over the years.

Political correctness gone bonkers. Again.

10th Sep 2008, 20:29
I agree with BF. If people are to be stopped from taking the urine out of our enemies, then they have won.

10th Sep 2008, 21:30
I'm going to report our local refuse collectors. They often look like they are bin laden.

11th Sep 2008, 13:06
He's been a bit of a bad laden - needs a good frisking - careful about mistaken claims to have found "Dynamite Sticks " - One is mindfull of the Late great Blaster Bates monalogue concerning the Coal House , The dark, a large Boxer dog and an explosives expert.


11th Sep 2008, 13:23
Late great Blaster Bates

Not forgetting the one about the couple, coupling, downwind from the cesspool that was blown up.

As for the copper, well if he'd gone as Hitler/Stalin no one would give it a second thought, makes Bin Laden look a rank amatuer.

11th Sep 2008, 15:49
less than a week before the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

A month before the anniversary would have been okay then? Two months before no problem???

How about 6 months before ?

Standard Noise
11th Sep 2008, 17:26
.....if he'd gone as Hitler....

Hang on a bit, when Prince Harry dressed up as an 'Aryan', he got slated for it. It was only a flippin' fancy dress costume FFS! And he was of German descent anyhoo.

Just cos this Terry guy was a rozzer shouldn't mean that he can't dress up as whatever he wants for fancy dress. Some people are just too sensitive sometimes.

Besides, we've got a bunch of arseholes who dress up and pretend to be politicians up in Westminster every day, that's far more offensive.

11th Sep 2008, 18:30
I believe that there was a (non too) subtle point to his choice of costume, as he was supposed to be in Afghanistan at the time. In previous years he had dressed up fr the 'carnival' (one year as a Policeman, another time as a chicken).
One wonders if it would have been deemed to be in bad taste if he had dressed himself as a Taleban?
I believe that the minds of some of those who condemn him for his choice (including his employers) are overactive and see implications that never existed. It was a hoot (to those who knew who was under the disguise).

2 sheds
11th Sep 2008, 19:03
a) Hands up whoever was offended - and why were you offended?
b) If he was in disguise, how did anyone know it was he?
c) What makes it a Bin Laden disguise anyway? It could be any gentleman of similar ethnic persuasion. They all look the same, that's why they can't find the bugga.
d) Yet another example of touchy-feely [email protected] claiming instant offence on behalf of various alleged unknown persons.

I believe it was a Great Dane, in fact - "...and the funny thing is, you don't like to put it down". As you say, the great Batesy - saw him on stage in '82 - brilliant.

2 s

11th Sep 2008, 19:20
Kind of suprised anyone in Grampound knew who Bin Laden was anyway..... I am allowed to say that I live just down the road. PC gone bonkers again and just another reason for raising the drawbridge on the Tamar. Haven't met anyone down here who thought it was in bad taste.

11th Sep 2008, 19:39
The responsibility for this (and many other similar rants) lies with 'the media' - ie whoever accepted the story for publication.
For every incident, whether it be a natural event or the action(s) of individuals or groups, some reporter (or editor) has to decide whether they are going to run the story or not, unlike here, where stories (usually gleaned from the media) can be listed without recourse to any 'authority'. OK, if something is deemed to be offensive or controversial then Danny or one of his minions might delete it, but once released it is up to others as to whether the story 'has legs'.
So I suppose you could say that we are responsible for the continued discussion of this topic (except it appears that we are highlighting the negative aspect of the original theme - at least most don't share the sentiment implied in the original report).

I know of several happenings that don't make the news because the journalist(s) decide that it isn't sufficiently important, either because they consider it so or, perhaps, because there are more newsworthy items.
So perhaps it was a quiet time in Cornwall, or someone wants to embarrass the Police (or the particular Policeman)? Of course, they might all be numpties . . .

14th Sep 2008, 19:09
Apparently this chap has been sacked from his Afghanistan job.

Returned to unit . . .

15th Sep 2008, 00:23
Serious sense of humour failure there.

I wonder if the press will run an article on the daft PC PCs?

Mac the Knife
15th Sep 2008, 07:33
Mockery is a an effective and time honoured way of cutting folks down to size.

If we have that taken away from us then the bad guys have really won.