View Full Version : We are not Dead because the Hadron Machine hasn't begun yet!

10th Sep 2008, 18:35
All this horrible media on ITV GMTV about it being the end of the world...Their scary faces looking at us through the T.V yet 1 minute later they go.....
Right then here's todays competition phone in:
Which TV show is spanish?
The Bill
Or Benidorm
I mean WTF! yeah talk serious and put on serious videos and tell us that we should fear about the end of earth and then a stupid competition...I mean they just seem to enjoy scaring people...and the didnt do it in a joking way...yet they really knew it wasnt much about anything...I got more relief listening to the BBC presenters than those GMTV'ers
Anyway All this about it being today...How can it be today because the two beams havent collided yet! Or were they thinking just one beam was going to cause the black hole...You see they don't explain it clearly the news!