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9th Sep 2008, 14:44
I think that this is a great idea, especially for children who can learn that their world is a little bit bigger than they might imagine. It might even give a few adults a bookmark to keep for a while....

Story BBC NEWS | Business | The Box takes off on global journey (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7600180.stm)

Map BBC NEWS | Special Reports | 629 | 629 | The Box: Current location (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/629/629/7600053.stm)

present whereabouts somewhere in a marshalling yard outside Crewe :8



12th Sep 2008, 22:06
As I seem to be the only saddo :8 interested in this clever project, here's the story so far.......:zzz: Container was painted and pimped in Sarf-ampton and then by train up to Glasgee, where it was packed to the rafters with Chivas Regal and then by road to Greenock where it was loaded onto a feeder container ship (marine equivalent of an 737) and is presently in the Irish Sea heading south towards either Southampton or Rotterdam at a guess where it will likely be loaded onto one of the huge container ships. Final destination is The People's Republic of China where Scottish whiskey is velly popular :}

The Beeb seem to be doing little mini documentaries/reports as the container goes about it's year of global wandering with the background stories of globalization.



12th Sep 2008, 22:13
One is interested, but has little (or nothing) to add . . .

tony draper
12th Sep 2008, 23:17
I hate those bastard boxes and the arse ugly biscuit tins that carry em,they brought a end to a fine industry and lost the country tens of thousands of jobs both at sea and by the edge of the sea.
buggr em.

12th Sep 2008, 23:26
Yes, but don't you remember when the dockers used to hold the country to ransom? They even struck during the war. I think the last time was 1964? Seem to remember oranges vanished altogether. Containers stopped that nonsense.

12th Sep 2008, 23:34
I hate those bastard boxes and the arse ugly biscuit tins that carry em

Rear-Admiral Draper you have a point, but in comparison to the car transporters they are veritable thoroughbreds. I take your point re the containerisation and (in your eyes) ruinisation of the industry in the UK. The boxes have stopped the pilfering that was rife in the various dockyards and the 'unofficial' :suspect: businesses that provided a nice sideline to the odd stevedore or two ;)

I suppose this project is a kind of voyeuristic look into the global movement of freight and I like the idea of sitting in my chair and keeping tabs on it all.



tony draper
12th Sep 2008, 23:45
I don't care feckem.:suspect:

12th Sep 2008, 23:55
Use 'em all the time. Will be interested to see if the project lasts the distance.

btw, can I divert the box, with its' current contents intact to my home address....:E

Lon More
13th Sep 2008, 00:32
can I divert the box

A useful project for next week's http://www.swanshadow.com/images/Talk_Like_a_Pirate_Day.jpg

13th Sep 2008, 08:48
I think the last time was 1964?

I think there was one in 1984, as I recall my goods and chattels got delayed when I was emigrating to Australia.
I got a stopover in India and waited one month for the docks to go back to work.

13th Sep 2008, 14:57
If there were no sea containers where the heck would the pikies live? (and servicemen in the Falklands)