View Full Version : Why do JAA fATPL and not JAA CPL as a start?

8th Sep 2008, 18:54
Why should one do JAA fATPL immediatley instead of starting with a JAA CPL and as soon as you raise 1500TT do ATPL?

From an employers point of view, is someone with a fATPL more preferable than someone with just a JAA CPL (ofcours including ME/IR for both)?

As far as i see it, you will be a bit more mature when doing the "bigger" ATPL theory after 1500TT.


9th Sep 2008, 10:14
In effect you want to do all the exams twice? There is nothing stopping you, go ahead. :uhoh:

I actually did both CPL and ATPL writtens in the pre JAA days due to circumstances. I wouldn't recommend it, except that of course it was a tad easier to pass all the slighter tougher ATPL exams because of my previous experience.

But it's strictly for masochists. Just do the ATPLs unless you enjoy exams otherwise it's a waste.

In any case you need an ATPL to command an airliner. Do you really think you will be in the mood to start studying all over again when you have 1500 hours and working at an airline? Worse still any employer is going to wonder why you didn't do the ATPL exams.

9th Sep 2008, 10:19
Put on the kettle and grab a comfortable seat and plan on spending a few days doing a bit of detailed research into your chosen profession. Start by looking at the stickies at the top of this forum and then download a copy of LASORS from the UK CAA website.

In the latter document you will find lots of information about the privileges of a CPL (with the JAA CPL exam credits) vs those if you had passed the 14 ATPL exams and then undertaken a CPL and MEIR.

A bit of research now will save you a load of heartache and cash later on if you don't follow the right pathway.

9th Sep 2008, 11:43
Airlines won't wonder why you haven't done the ATPL exams, they simply won't interview you without a fATPL...it's that simple.

9th Sep 2008, 22:53
Potkettleblack: well said.

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