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8th Sep 2008, 13:50
In the current climate, would it be better to carry out training for a ME/IR and aim for the 'non existent' airline jobs, or do a FI course and aim for the PPL schools?

8th Sep 2008, 14:09
At this point getting an MEIR is the same as throwing away money with no job guarantee.
Not to mention you'd also need an MCC course before you can apply.
Also not forgetting how many were laid off and probably catching a job you'd otherwise have a chance at.

Cost of an MEIR plus MCC will be 2-3x the expense of an FI rating.

It's 15.000-20.000 vs 6.000.

A lot of schools need Instructors.
A lot of airlines don't need pilots this time around.


8th Sep 2008, 14:14
Well I am coming to the end of my CPL course and am considering both options at the moment. I cant afford to do both of them, so its one or the other. MEIR would be ideal if the jobs were there, but otherwise I am kind of worried about having to keep an IR current whilst sitting in an office job...

8th Sep 2008, 14:24
Also worth considering the time of year. With winter fast approching you need to think about how much flying you'll get done over the next 6 months or so once you have an FI ticket. Winter is always a better time to think about doing an IR. If you have the money to burn then it might just be worth getting the IR done and get it out of the way. At least then you'll be 'ready to go', should a job offer come up. Its always reassuring to know you've got all the tickets done.

8th Sep 2008, 17:48
Very true MIKECR,

The qualifications still need to be obtained regardless of the situation. Its not great but the CAA are not going to turn around and say ' Dear wannabes, Due to the economic downturn we have decided to take the time limits off all the qualifications! (remember the 36 month rule to complete CPL and IR!) )

The 36 month clock is still ticking regardless of a downturn, and once you have those ATPL's it tends to go at quite a quick pace!!

Bets of luck to all! :ok:

Mickey Kaye
8th Sep 2008, 18:09
I would recommend FI course to anybody. Great fun and a great learning experience. Even if you just teach at the weekends and stack shelves at Tesco during the week its a great way to maintain currency, build hours and learn alot. Why not give someone like Kevin Rowel a call at Advanced Flight Training at Sherburn and have a chat to him. I've always been impressed with the advice he gave me and it certainly wasn't advice in his financial favour.

12th Sep 2008, 23:45
strange but I was in the same predicament 12 months ago... I opted for a ME/IR and MCC at The Flight Centre Wolverhampton... tremendous experience.. have done CPL with JD at Manchester.. So the old FATPL.... but you know what!! back to day job working as a binman. actually well paid sorter out of people who dont know how to conduct themselves sensibly!!

Anyway am half way through FI rating and its a really good learning curve... I remember someone saying that untilyou instructed you dont know how to fly... sure there are several opinions on this but I tend to think there is some mileage in that statement..The course is excellent thus far and I think in current climate might be a good option to go for.... good luck

13th Sep 2008, 05:30
i must admit i did ask the same question to myself a few months ago.

i decided to do the ME/IR first then if i cant find a job do the FI course. this way providing i keep my IR current or atleast renew it before i compleatly loose it i wont have to do my ATPLs again or worry about the 3 years coming to the end before i need it issued.

as someone also stated not much flying will be done during the winter months. now that im done with the ME IR i can start applying for jobs and go back to work while doing so, and FINALY having some more money coming my way.

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