View Full Version : Looking for Pan Am manuals

7th Sep 2008, 09:51

i'm collecting manuals and i'm still missing some pan am manuals that i've not been able to accquire somewhere yet. I thought maybe someone here can help or has some of the manuals i'm missing and wants to sell them.

Here's what i'm looking for (manuals in the common pan am blue binders):

Boeing 727-100/200 Volume 1
Boeing 727-100/200 Volume 2
Boeing 737-200 Volume 1
Lockheed TriStar Volume 1
Lockheed TriStar Volume 2

I've got already manuals for all other Jets operated by Pan Am, i'm missing only the ones listed above.

If anynone has a hint where to get them (or has something listed and wants to sell) drop me a PM, it's highly appreciated!

kind regards