View Full Version : Clapping during the Proms

6th Sep 2008, 18:55
I regret to report I have witnessed clapping in the middle of Beethoven's Violin Concerto.

Before it had ended.

Prob Eastern Europeans with new money.

They should be deported wie.

Angry of Horsham.

Loose rivets
6th Sep 2008, 19:31
Yeh, I think Beethoven did that once...thought the orchestra had stopped.

tony draper
6th Sep 2008, 20:22
The bounders!!:suspect:

Richard Taylor
6th Sep 2008, 20:37
Have we ever had a streaker at the Proms...liven it up a bit...;)

6th Sep 2008, 21:36
R.A.H. has a jolly fine organ, would that disturb a streaker?
One likes the Proms, but these days its the travel and getting tickets you know.
As for bounders Mr Draper, a streakers certain items, might bound up and down or be better for binding.

6th Sep 2008, 22:05
Could be worse - you could have been listening to the Edinburgh Festival. I had the dubious pleasure of sitting through a concert billed as being Dimitri Hvorostovkilincky (or thereabouts) but was in fact a solo line by the simply stupendous Dimitri backed up by the collective tuberculosis of the Edinburgh audience. One can only hope R3 manages to edit out these numpties who think that coughs and splutters are silent. At least the applauders were sharing a pleasant experience?

6th Sep 2008, 22:24
Nobody is taught how to behave anymore. Not that I go to Musicals, it now seems normal to clap as soon as someone starts singing one of the "show stoppers". No personal discipline. Bloody shower.

Are we still allowed to make stupid or ignorant people feel stupid or ignorant?

6th Sep 2008, 22:46
What, no mobiles ringing, Madame Stockie?

There's class!

6th Sep 2008, 23:20
I think that fantom has a very good point. It's equivalent to these messages one sees on Facebook after a gun crime in London:
Luv U lotz all respec

and so on. Eventually we shall see conductors being voted out on a telephone poll.

The piece is there to be played. If it's any good, applaud when it is done (and don't if it isn't). It's not the special olympics for heaven's sake.