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5th Sep 2008, 13:45
The longest of long shots, but this forum is probably as good a place to start as any. Sorting through a bundle of donations to the Oxfam bookshop (Berkshire) where I volunteer, I found a WW2 RAF F1767 (flying log for navs, air bombers, AGs and flt engs) for Lt (A) L G Frost RNVR. The log seems to be a continuation document as none of the preamble pages are completed and the accumulated total after the first page is 542 hrs. It starts on 8 Jul 44 with a Dakota flight starting in Colombo with P/O Miles as pilot which ends on 10 Jul at Hendon via Bombay, Bahrein, Tripoli and Gib. With time at NOTU Crail, mostly with a Lt Rutherford as pilot, thence to 736 Sqn st Merryn, 818 Sqn Crimond, and 735 Sqn Burscough (Jun 1945) the log's final entry on 818 Sqn RNAS Fearn is for 30 Jul 45 with a total of 719 hrs 45 mins and the remark: 'Hit flock of seagulls; 3 confirmed.' The list on the last page of ac flown ranges from the Proctor to the Avenger. If anyone has any connection with the log, please pm me. I would hate to think it had been donated by mistake; I would never part with my own grandfather's WW1 log book.

6th Sep 2008, 12:34
You could try the `F$%P&*t` web as there`s a lot of other knowledge there.

10th Sep 2008, 11:50
You could try the Fleet Air Arm Officers' Assoc to see if they have any past record of him. There's only one Frost who is a current member, and he's from the RCN, so unlikely to be connected.

There's one possible Rutherford, though, who happens to be only a few miles from me, and not far from Berkshire (NW of Henley), so I'll try him.

12th Sep 2008, 18:16
Many thanks for the responses. Will try sycamore's idea if FAAOA hits a brick wall; thereafter, will approach the museum at Yeovilton. Speechless Two. thank you for publishing the extra info. Another name appearing often in the log (and Frost's last boss) is Lt Cdr Vigrass, CO 818 Sqn. Worth mentioning, I thought, because an uncommon surname which may ring a bell somewhere.

13th Sep 2008, 09:00
The history of 818 squadron shows they were reformed with Barracudas in May 45 and intended for Far East operations but disbanded Aug 45. with L/C(A) B W Vigrass as C/O. Trust this helps.
Incidentally, out of sheer curiousity, I checked the CWGC site for L G Frost and came up with a link to HMAS Albatross and the "guided" torpedo hit which killed 66 of her crew off the Normandy coast after the D Day landings. Just shows how things can spin-off!!