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5th Sep 2008, 13:48
So here is the scenario:
It starts with me at the airport going through security - all fairly normal, laptop on tray ....
I board the aircraft which is a massive widebody of my minds invention.
We start to taxi out to the runway, but we are taxying on irish country roads with oncoming motor traffic and high hedges. I am thinking the wing is going to clip the telegraph poles! We taxi for ages on these roads all the while avoiding cars and houses. Finally we get to the runway and I wake up - always at the same moment.
So I have this dream regularly and it always follow the same pattern.
Please feel free to delve into the depths of my mind and tell me what the heck this is all about.
Maybe some dream analysers with an ATPL could give me guidance before I consider a voluntary section.
Awaiting responses with anticipation.

*Hard Hat on!*

5th Sep 2008, 14:18
It would seem that maybe 'anotherglassofwine' might be your problem what with the drinking abilities of those in 'Tir na nOg' :}:ok:

So.......You work in a highly stressed business that has produced the Celtic Tiger and now the Celtic Cockup and everybody hates you, you look to the sky and the small plane that you fly as a means to escape from the self imposed prison that you find yourself in. It is in these moments that you contemplate getting out of the rat race that is modern Dublin and perhaps towards that from which you came, rural life ?

Your re-occuring dream is your subconcious patiently waiting for you to join up the dots between thought and reality, which you are not yet ready to do due to fear of change and this is why you wake up at the same point, just before take-off to pastures new...

Perhaps using the M50 would be more fruitfull for the take-off instead of those lovely, but deadly country lanes, especially now as the toll booths have been removed (less chance of clipping your wings :)).

Oh yes, take that bl00dy hat off you look daft!



5th Sep 2008, 14:21
Sounds like a Ryanair flight, miles from the quoted destination city at some derelict ex-Nato base.:)

Dan D'air
5th Sep 2008, 14:30
Too much cheese with the wine perhaps??

Beatriz Fontana
5th Sep 2008, 14:44
This is a very easy one. The short answer: it's all about someone / something holding you back from what you want and/or need. But only you can persuade and change the situation.

The longer version: the aircraft in a dream is always about moving on. It's one of the strongest symbols there now is for this (it used to be boats). Aircraft that you are not flying is the old 'I'm not in control' or being in someone else's hands. A take-off usually suggests that what you want will come to you very soon, but because that doesn't happen, and indeed the route to a normal take off is, in your dream, winding country roads, seems to point to a complex and long-winded problem. Finally, because you wake up or the dream ends in the same place ever time suggests that your brain has given up and is saying 'over to you'.

Do as your name suggests. Have a glass of wine, relax, go to bed tonight and finish that dream. If you take off and fly, congratulations, you're sorted. If you crash, you've set your goals too high. And if you're hijacked, well, there's some deep emotional stuff you need to sort out... No, really.

5th Sep 2008, 14:44
SpringHeeledJack - an incredibly astute piece of analysis there! Had me literally rofl! Do you know me? :ok:

Advice so far - lay off the cheese and wine!

Gainexy - perhaps I am having a vision for future cost saving plans at Ryr?! Maybe I should give MOL a buzz?

Any other takers?

I hear you fontana - dump the missus then?!

5th Sep 2008, 14:56
:ouch::ouch:...no worries here! Since there is no such word as "reoccuring" (spose you meant recurring!) there can be no basis for your dream!

Good luck anyway, cheers bm

Dan D'air
5th Sep 2008, 15:02
I hear you fontana - dump the missus then?!

It would be a lot cheaper than dumping fuel at the moment.

5th Sep 2008, 15:08
"It would be a lot cheaper than dumping fuel at the moment. "

Probably not - she's a lawyer :ugh:

5th Sep 2008, 15:09
I find this interesting because for thirty or so years I had my own recurring dream, and it had nothing to do with aviation. It involved golf. It had myriad variations but the constant was that I was in an important golf tournament and for whatever reason I couldn't get started when everyone else was waiting for me.

I seem to remember the original as simple as the tee area being all concrete, so there was no way to get the tee into the ground. This then branched out to the scenario where I was told to hit off behind the clubhouse, thereby facing a four storey building ten metres in front of me.

I have been instructed I can only hold the club upside down or use left handed clubs because of a recent rule change. I have had voluptuous women interfering with me as I was attempting to swing (this was one of the less unpleasant versions), I've even been subjected to aircraft crashing on to the tee and being disqualified because it was clearly my fault because I should have been at work. I've been booed off the tee after Tiger and Jack had hit off because the wind changed to a 100 kt headwind and I couldn't stand up, let alone hit the ball.

I've waited for my name to be called then found that I had a 2" gap ten metres in front of the tee to hit through. Again, my protests were met with loud boos.

Beatriz, I need your help!

5th Sep 2008, 15:30

Have you had this dream in every Tower, and/or did it start in ISA

5th Sep 2008, 15:42
I have a very similar recurring dream except it involves a 55m motor yacht that I'm steering along rivers and canals down a mountain-side. Every so often, there's a road which crosses the waterway (not a bridge). So I endeavour to slow down and ensure that there's no road traffic before 'fording the road' (the only equivalent I could find). This is followed by some screeching of metal but there's never any damage to the props or whatever... :confused:

However, I can trace the origins of this dream back to my days as an ordinary AB, steering a very real 55m motor yacht along a marked channel within the barrier reef at Tahiti. IMHO, we were going way too fast under the conditions. As the 1st turn approached after the pass and entering the channel, I waited for the pilot (or at least skipper) to issue the command 'left rudder 20į' or similar but in vain. On my own initiative I'd already commenced a left turn when finally about 5 or 6 seconds later, I finally got the command to do so. This went on for more or less the whole 2-3nm inside passage. Sometimes I'd get (a much-delayed) order or else nothing at all. Perhaps the pilot was used to guiding in cargo vessels or reefers or whatever which shook to hell over a certain speed or the helmsmen always knew what they were supposed to be doing by previous experience? Or the skipper (an ex. MN guy) always had 100% confidence in officially-accredited pilots...? I don't know, but I'm pretty confident that if I hadn't taken the initiative at the earliest stages, the bow or stern would have ended up on a reef.

I've obviously piloted numerous aircraft in dreamtime. But in the following example, I wasn't the PF whilst taxiing to the runway. For some reason, the PF thought it would be a good idea to take a few shortcuts, such as underpasses usually reserved for road vehicles in order to reach the runway more quickly. It wasn't the underpasses that terrified me, it was taxiing along those roadways against the normal 1 way traffic flow. I recall one time we'd made it onto the runway after all those devious shortcuts. I think I must have said something like "Congratulations! I didn't think we'd make it so far but we did. Now, unless I'm mistaken, in front of us about 500m down the runway is an overpass. Should we go under or over...? :uhoh:

5th Sep 2008, 15:42
I must have been retired longer than I thought... ISA??

5th Sep 2008, 16:20
Great stuff - All these recurring dream stories are making me feel (relatively) normal!
Keep em coming.

Right I'm off home to dump the missus, abstain from wine and cheese, sell my house and move outta Dublin. But first to hand in my notice ...

The airplane shall takeoff tonight! :ok:

5th Sep 2008, 16:42
SpringHeeledJack - an incredibly astute piece of analysis there! Had me literally rofl! Do you know me?

"Luke.....I am your father" :suspect:



5th Sep 2008, 19:29
At some stage in the past; possibly as a child, you have tried you to get from Dublin to Castlebar Co Mayo, by car (I did this a month ago ) Only one accident to report (Seemed minor - Garda flashing lights and confusing "Check point" Tin sign. ) not much damage - and of course the left hand Longford turn. The constricted hedge lined roads with concealed junctions and 80 Kph speed limits are not from the land of dreams - you are obviously subconciously suppressing a desire to fly with a low cost airline to knock (hence the Meal Tray a logical inversion) and visit in a metaphorical way the "Blue Remembered Hills" of your childhood.


Beatriz Fontana
5th Sep 2008, 20:39

Fear of failure, my friend. Golf, or any sporting past time which isn't too physical, is self-indulgence. So perhaps you've been over-indulging and there was a fear of getting found out, of fear of having to settle down and get some work done! Rarely is sexual reference in dreaming actually a wanton desire for sex. More often than not, it's fear of failure, too. Or of peaking too early ;)

Dream interpretation is only about suggesting symbols and what other people over the years think they represent. Some symbols are more potent than others. I've been interpreting the things for as long as I can remember with some interesting results. Bring 'em on!

Actually, all three dreams mentioned here are about the fear of failing. Says quite a lot about the standards we set ourselves in everyday life and career.

Dan D'air
5th Sep 2008, 20:46

Is it ever too early to peek????

5th Sep 2008, 21:27
I have the following recurring dream-

As a balloon pilot our two nightmares are wind and wires...

Taking off from a meet, in a one man balloon, occasionally a small basket with 2 persons, lots of other balloons,it's windy and gets windier. We end up flying UNDER the power lines, which seem to become more frequent and lower each time as the wind picks up:eek: Goes on forever, then I wake up...

Loose rivets
5th Sep 2008, 22:23
Oh God...the wires! Near Austin there is a rise, and atop this rise is a circle of vast radio tower...with endless stay wires. Finally I had to dream about flying through them, had to happen. So real, swinging violently left and right, all my orientation going to pot cos of the bank angle. Woke up in a sweat before knowing that I made it.

Back to the original dream. You're going down the country lanes and finally all is well. Okay, it's not a runway, but the road is really wide now. Then you see this :ooh:


I claim the prize for the most bizarre dream ever. I'll come back later with this one if you'all don't mind...I'm having me tea.

Loose rivets
5th Sep 2008, 23:10
I'm always telling the Rivetess my dreams. She doesn't want me to, but I do anyway.

I can't understand how anyone couldn't be amazed at the ingenious mind that creates some of these logic-failed stories. Some of mine are so contrived, and so out of my normal thinking pattern, that I really wonder just who is making this stuff up.

I've talked about multiple sentience for years. I really think more work should be done to test this hypothesis.

I'm so disturbed by this dream that I hesitate to relate it. But I will anyway.

I was with Adolph Hitler at his mountaintop retreat. He seemed very friendly towards me even though he knew I was English. His men were outside the door and despite his smiles I could sense the extreme danger. One wrong move...one wrong word, and I'd be dead. Like some Victorian china doll, his tiny rows of teeth still showed a smile.

Without words he conveyed to me that he wanted to wrestle. I asked him in a surprised tone if he meant play fight! He nodded. I quickly gathered that there was more to his desires than play. The danger now took on an even darker tone. It doesn't matter, thought I. I've got to kill him anyway.

We were circling, him still smiling, and me planning the closing of his wind-pipe before he could make a sound. He has to die. I have to find the strength to choke him, and if his men come in, break his neck.

Sorry there's no ending, but dreams are usually like that. Challenges; tests of character perhaps. I don't know, but what is stranger than the subject matter, is the brain's ability to put on such a stage show.

5th Sep 2008, 23:40
I too dream quite vividly and much that has been mentioned here is familiar.
The car going backwards with no brakes, aircraft that won't fly higher than buildings, moving house and regretting it, trying to defend myself but not having any strength are a few of my recurring dreams. This must be the 'not in control' aspect.
I have also had pleasant dreams involving my parents (both deceased) which I have found comforting, especially where my father is concerned because he was never around when I was young (WWll) and we were never very close.
Some mornings I wake up feeling as if I've been on a long adventure, sometimes quite romantic, other times I wake up extremely relieved as I realise it was only a dream. As LR] said, there never seems to be an ending. It is said that relating ones dreams is boring so it's nice to have a thread where they can be discussed. Interesting to read your interps. Beatriz, off to bed now..........sweet dreams.

5th Sep 2008, 23:53
How many people here can change the direction of a dream? I can. If while I am dreaming I don't like the way it is proceeding I can change the dream, I have no idea how I do this, I just can.

Probably because I'm weird. :uhoh:

(Now, if I could just make out those winning lottery numbers. ;))

Loose rivets
6th Sep 2008, 04:08
Well, at least I'm consistent. Searched 'Ridiculous' and this is what popped up.


Lucid dreaming is the bearer of the type of visual graphics described by the takers of LSD in the 70s. I often know that I'm dreaming, and now try to enjoy the stunning clarity that these dreams seem to allow. The down side is that I know that I'll wake when the other mind knows that the game's up.

9th Sep 2008, 22:32
ONEIROCRITIC.........the things you learn on Pprune are amazing?:ok:

Ascend Charlie
10th Sep 2008, 00:13
Flying under wires is apparently a common dream amongst pilots.

Being mainly a helicopter pilot, I dream that I have landed on a road for some reason, and then after takeoff, I find that there are too many wires overhead to climb up, so i am forced to fly along the road, continually ducking and weaving to keep the rotors out of the wires.

Recently i mentioned this to my brother, and he said that his dreams are the same - he was on helicopters and then moved to airlines. As has been said before, it shows that the dreamer feels he is being held back by something.

We also both dream that we can ski on flat ground or down hills, without any snow, and wearing regular shoes!

bugg smasher
10th Sep 2008, 00:30
A single step, planted firmly, push up and float for a few feet. Another step, float a few feet more, then again, this time several tens of feet. But why canít I stay aloft, dammit, something is always pulling me back to the ground!


bugg smasher
10th Sep 2008, 00:33
How many people here can change the direction of a dream? I can. If while I am dreaming I don't like the way it is proceeding I can change the dream, I have no idea how I do this, I just can.

Carlos Castaneda?

10th Sep 2008, 01:11
Carlos Castaneda?

Okay, I looked him up.

OH GOD, I am weird. :{

bugg smasher
10th Sep 2008, 02:51
The Peyote King of California space cadets. Not to worry con-pilot, present day psychologists and psycho-analysts are only now beginning to discover the validity and the razor-sharp precision of his insights.

That boy dove deep, pushed the envelope, the great unwashed is just now beginning to realize it.

10th Sep 2008, 03:27
Like many, I've had the same symbolic dreams. Since I was a teenager, I've had dreams of flying, where I either couldn't gain altitude or I barely cleared the tops of terrain or obstacles. When I awoke, the message was clear. The question was being able to control my life at the time.

And I've always had dreams, off and on, of skiing down hill, uncontrollably--and often without snow!! Those times seemed to not be symbolically obvious. They could often be as random as the dreams I've had that seemed like an LSD free-for-all, where it seemed like my mind was experiencing a 104 degree fever in which nothing made sense. For this, I blame my sister. :E :eek: :ouch: She led me astray.... :p

10th Sep 2008, 13:30
Carlos Castaneda? I was going to say thanks for nothing, bugg smasher, after 30 years I'd finally cast him from my mind. But of course I haven't, you never discard your gurus completely, not the ones that accompanied you, some would say directed you in those bottomless and fathomless times when you were otherwise rudderless and reached for any salvation. Some sought religion, others like me thought Carlos sounded like a lot more fun.

I have to admit though, I'd almost forgotten what a sick puppy I was back then.

I confess I would not now have the courage to pick up one of his books and re-read it for fear of its effects. I may be substantially underestimating my maturity, but I doubt it. Some cages are better left with their demons still growling to let them out for just a quick walk.

10th Sep 2008, 14:58
I had a very similar dream to anotherglassofwine. Trying to take off in a Cessna 150 and winding my way across the country at ground level. Only I end up in a tunnel under a town. I emerge from the tunnel and try to find my way back. There is a Y junction. Beatriz Fonda's explanation fits perfectly.

I also have the powerline dream. It must be a pilot thing. I always wake up just before I hit them. An easy enough one to intepret.

Another more recent one was having an engine failure while overhead the airfield. In trying to land a 200mph wind blew up and I flew backwards across the sea to England. Where I managed to land. Easy one, failing to make progress.

Last night's dream was cinematic though. I was in a world where everyone was gradually being replaced by humanoid robots. Replicants as per 'Blade Runner', These androids didn't know they weren't human but, paradoxically, knew they were computer controlled. I was two other real humans and we were careful not to reveal we were human. We were also looking for other humans pretending to be androids. Quite a bit of tension then, like being a spy in an enemy country.

Eventually I became seperated from the others and found myself alone among the crowded streets. All the androids were called to a meeting and I tried to hide. Eventually I was chatting to two 'elderly' characteroids when a text message arrived on my phone or was it a Blackberry. It was from the central control. I was to report to them to have my X43 chip replaced by the new X45. 'Ah' said the old mandroid, 'The X45 is much improved on the old model'. I wanted to ignore the message but as I woke I realised the terrible implications of the message. I was not human after all!:eek::sad:

Sounds like an episode of the 'The Outer Limits' or the X files!

Beatriz Fontana
10th Sep 2008, 15:40
OK, OK! One at a time! Let me have a think and I'll get back to you all this evening.

And corsair, it's Fontana... :)

10th Sep 2008, 16:23
Beatriz, honey, it doesn't matter what your surname is. You're not going to come close to interpreting Castaneda's "dreams". :uhoh:

Beatriz Fontana
10th Sep 2008, 20:49
corsair: I had to look up robots because they don't appear as much as they used to (1960s was more likely because of an underlying fear in the West of being taken over by Soviet forces...). Apparently it's about life being too regimented and unfeeling. Perhaps the bit about robots being human is a niggle that your life is going that way and you need a break from the routine (or, when did you last watch Bladerunner? If it's recently, it's quite common for a film you've seen to be the basis of a dream). The mobile phone is the modern method of communication - is there someone you should be getting in touch with, or communicating more with someone?

bugg smasher: an urge to move forward into freedom? Freudians reckon feet are sexual, but in this context it's more about moving on than anything more juicy. Flying and floating is freedom, but if something is pulling you back to earth, then something or someone doesn't want you to move on.

Ascend Charlie: wires are all about journeys - power lines, then, are both the exhilaration of a thrilling journey, but also dangerous in that things could go horribly wrong. When you dream about flying an aircraft yourself, then you're in control of what happens, so it's up to you whether you hit the wires or not. More wires, more of life's journey. Skiing is about pushing yourself to the limits - and without snow, then you're really pushing back the boundaries of what you can do.

loose rivets: dreaming about an encounter with a historical figure can mean a lot of things, but in Hitler, Stalin, or any particularly nasty piece of work, it's about a warning that, however pleasant some people may be, be warned that all may not be as seen. A desire to kill him off suggests, again, that control is in your hands, and it's your brain telling you to do something about it.

Anyway, last night I had a corking dream about a particularly handsome chap, wearing a cloak and white gloves. So that's my assertive side in need of some action and adventure, perhaps a little concealed at present. White gloves, very cosy feeling of someone calming.

tony draper
10th Sep 2008, 22:46
Seek ye not wisdom in dreams for therein lies the doorway to madness.:uhoh::rolleyes:

bugg smasher
11th Sep 2008, 04:58
I confess I would not now have the courage to pick up one of his books and re-read it for fear of its effects.

What doesnít kill you, Binos, just makes you stronger. No doubt Castanedaís writings were compelling, to the point of addiction, he awoke something disturbingly deep, a beast unimaginable. But it is there. Most of us are afraid of the dark, we keep it at armís length. Castaneda made us shake hands with it.

Sickness? Perhaps. Up to each of us I guess, to identify, circumscribe, and surgically remove, not an easy task. The human mind is fraught with peril, genius sleeps gladly with madness, therein resides the true definition of incest.

Not a place for the faint of heart, or so I can only imagine.

11th Sep 2008, 05:48
I believe too much gets read into dreams. I read Castaneda's writings and talked with a few experts who felt that he was a provocative author among many during this decade of self-discovery.

I liken wild dreams to an unrestrained, uninhibited, free-for-all. One day can have more symbolism than another, but some of our wild dreams are just rampant, Disney/David Lynch movies that our mind is allowed to pick and choose from with the variety of stimuli we've come to encounter during our lives.

Beatriz has offered a definition of some of the symbolism that appears to cover across the board dreams and they make perfect sense... which is significant. Thanks Bea! :ok:

Beatriz Fontana
11th Sep 2008, 08:58
If anyone says they can interpret your dream, be cautious. Only the dreamer themselves can really do the interpretation.

All I do is pick out the objects, people, experiences that many people have dreamt about, understand behavioural psychology, a little bit of Freud and some traditional Celtic writings on the subject. The themes don't change, but some of the symbols do. The more we're bombarded with images from films and advertising, those too intrude on our dreaming.

The brain is a weird and wonderful thing. But some things it does are just beyond comprehension. The best advice is: if you're worried about something during your waking hours, and sometimes it can be the smallest niggle, you're very likely to be still thinking about it when you're sleeping.

11th Sep 2008, 14:09
bugg smasher, thank you for your thoughtful reply. I doubt more than a small proportion know of what we speak.

Castaneda nearly did kill me, but I doubt that it made me stronger. I was ripe for the picking, the bait was set (to mix my metaphors) and I snaffled it willingly. It was what I wanted to hear at that time in my life. To look back now and wonder how or why is not my nature, because I know it was my nature that put me there in the first place.

I was born under a bad sign, not Pisces but the addictive personality. I willingly confess that this assigns me to the ranks of the weak as far as many are concerned. Yes, Castaneda made me shake hands with the beast, but I wanted to shake hands with it. I wanted to live with it, to become its apprentice as Castaneda claimed to have done.

In the end I was way too bourgeois to take the final step, and not really having spoken about this to anybody at any length in the intervening thirty years I knew that deep down I was just another middle class kid looking for something to rebel against but not finally game to do it.

I settled on alcohol as my drug of choice and now rarely retreat into any other memories. As may be apparent from my writings, I may have been better off choosing a less depressive drug, but we are what we finally realise we have become. The demons still growl at me from their cage at the back of my mind, but I know what will happen if I let them out even for a short walk.

Carlos Castaneda leads the parade of demons.

11th Sep 2008, 14:46
Thanks Beatriz, sorry to call you Fonda. But obviously it's a Freudian slip because my image of you is somewhat like a young Jane Fonda:cool:

The robot interpretation is interesting. I do like Blade Runner and it was the first DVD I ever bought. However I haven't seen it in years. Actually the explanation fits to some degree. However far from feeling I should be ringing someone. I have come to dread it ringing because in fact it invariably means having to go to a place I don't want to go to anymore. The other two humans escaped and now I'm alone which fits with what happened in reality.


mr fish
11th Sep 2008, 20:17
went to the doctors the other day, told him i keep dreaming about TOM JONES, he said ITS NOT UNUSUAL!!!!!
no mother, not the dark place, muuummmmyyy!!!

11th Sep 2008, 20:34
I have thatabout taking off on a road with telegraph poles too. I also have a dream ive had for years of being out, seeing a plane coming down, it hits the ground and we have to run for our lives to avoid the burning debris. I always wake up before the debri hits us, its realllllllllllllllly weird.

11th Sep 2008, 22:38
That's the strange thing about dreams they're always inconclusive.

tony draper
11th Sep 2008, 23:05
As one has oft mentioned in threads such as this,I have always been subject to very vivid dreams,and have the unusual ability to remember them when I wake up,frinstance I can still remember dreams I had decades ago when young as if they were real events,thankfully I know the difference.
As one subject to a interesting dream life I have given some thought to the matter over the years
I think for most people the dream state occurs in the short term memory area of the noggin and like short term memory they are electrical in nature and very volatile ie they dissipate almost instantly when the dreamer becomes conscious,some dreamers are wired wrong(me) and dreams occur in the long term memory area,and are recalled,my dreams never ever involve recent events or anything I had on my mind when I slipped under, they are exceedingly surreal and random,generally following the insane logic of the dream state ie the strangest event occurring within the dreams seem perfectly normal, my dreams would prolly drive most pruners insane,oddly enough I never ever remember having a nightmare, I have had dreams that are slightly unpleasent but never anything that caused one to wake up screaming.
I am nearly always aware withing the dream that I am dreaming,ie lucide
Despite all this I don't think anything useful can be derived from dreams and any analysis of same are about as usefull as reading tea leaves,I just regard them as the nightime skull cinema and enjoy em.

12th Sep 2008, 01:02
Atishshoo, plane crash dreams are very common and are generally believed to indicate an anxiety or loss of control in your life.

I disagree with you TD on the one hand, in that I do believe some dreams do have a deeper allegorical meaning. But essentially if you lack any real anxiety in your life, you probably won't have any like that. On the other hand most of my dreams are merely poorly made and implausible B movies. However I quite enjoy them and look forward to my dreams. Like you, I often have quite lucid dreams. What I do find remarkable is how complex and imaginative they are. Which is in complete contrast to my conscious state. Some dreams of mine, if adapted would make excellent novels or movies. But the conscious me is an unimaginative dolt.:{

Thinking about it, you can see how some people, whose brains are miswired can get very mixed up between truth and reality. Visions and mysticism are often simply daytime dreaming in my opinion. Maybe really creative people can somehow harness their subconscious abilities in a way that the rest of us cannot.

12th Sep 2008, 02:09
BS... I must say, your philosophy and advice are wise. The only thing I differ on are those writings of people, such as Castenada's. I believe he stirred up more than he could prove over time. I think genius has it's own complications and his preyed on the minds of those who had social sufferings due to their intellect and they latched on. Of course, such a subjective discussion will likely be the topic of discourse for decades to come.

Sir Draper, who I find to be among the brightest I've encountered here on PPRuNe--and certainly living with a great outlook, sums it up the best

Despite all this I don't think anything useful can be derived from dreams and any analysis of same are about as usefull as reading tea leaves,I just regard them as the nightime skull cinema and enjoy em.

Perhaps it's wise to not over complicate the mind that is a masterful hard drive of stimuli, that when unregulated by conscious purpose, chooses the path of randomness during REM.

Just my humble opinion....

12th Sep 2008, 02:22
I once read somewhere that dreams are for the brain like defragmenting a hard drive is for a computer. We have these little snippets of information, images, that are dispersed through the brain, and dreams are the brain trying to sort them out and figure out which goes with which, which explains the weird things we see in our sleep.

That said, my equivalent recurring dream is this: I am passenger on an airliner, a widebody, and we take off on an intercontinental flight. But we never get above the buildings, and are constantly dodging power lines, and I am sure we're going to snag one, crash and die...

The oddest time I remember having this dream: I was on an A340 returning from Korea, on SIA, nicely tucked into my business class seat for the long overnight flight. In the dream, I awoke, looked out the window, and we were overflying the Aleutians, but down nearly at wave-top level, and I was puzzled as to why we were down so low, but then fell back asleep... in the dream.

Odd, because we probably DID overfly the Aleutians, but I seriously doubt we got much below FL310!!!

The thing about the dream was that it was so darned VIVID! In the dream, the aircraft was exactly as it was, and I was sitting in exactly the same seat.

Getting back to the original poster, I recommend switching from wine to Guiness :}

12th Sep 2008, 12:45
I knew a chap who deliberately ate cheese before turning in, he loved dreaming and said they were all most enjoyable.

Due to old age and a dodgy knee I haven't run for years yet I often dream that I'm running effortlessly, taking big strides. Swimming through the air is another one.

It seems the most common recurring dream here is the one of flying but cannot gain height. Most of us are, or have been, involved in aviation, could be a clue!

12th Sep 2008, 14:27
Thank you again, bugg smasher. Your posts have given me pause for thought, mainly I think because of what I previously hinted at, that I have never brought up my experiences with Castaneda's writings with anybody.

It seems somewhat surreal even to me that since those days I have been married for 28 years, raised four daughters in a pretty conventional lifestyle because that was my wish, been an occasionally erratic, usually unpredictable but I hope in the long run quick and safe air traffic controller who gained the respect of pilots if not always of my fellow controllers.

I suppose everybody has had separate drawers in their lives, volumes that would translate neatly into chapters of a novel. And in the end I don't think there is much exceptional about my life, which is of course a slap in the face by itself.

Yet there is one line in your last post that resonated with me: For the purposes of this discussion, it is that power just a hairís breadth below our daily waking lives, both dormant and restless in most of us, to which Castaneda pointed...

Of course it was too long ago for me to be able to quote freely from the Journey to Ixtlan, but one of his vivid images was the description of not quite seeing, but sensing something a millisecond or a millimetre out of our existence. Like a flash in our peripheral vision, it hits with some power but as soon as we move anything to try to catch it it's gone. I spent a lot of wasted hours under the influence of some of the expected substances trying to recreate that phenomenon, and as you will have come to expect, I failed.

I can remember staring at a glass on a table for several hours expecting to be able to move it. I failed, but I'll never forget the sense of disorientation and removal from the world. Perhaps that's as close as I could ever expect to come. Perhaps nobody ever really achieved any more, I don't know.

I keep telling myself that CC's works were all masterworks of fiction, like the Harry Potter series aimed specifically at a particular audience who wanted to believe what they read. I know I did. As I grow older I feel a little more foolish at being conned, but now that I have been forced into another cycle of life I look back and "je ne regrette rien" of those experiences.

Thanks for your thoughts which have allowed me the opportunity to at least open slightly the causeway to a deeply if imperfectly repressed memory. I suppose I should have followed this up by PM, but I think a quick glimpse back into the fires is enough. I'm still ambivalent about just how deeply I want to walk back into the pond.

No. Actually, I'm not. I don't want to do it at all. For that way surely madness lies. I just wish Uncle Carlos had left us a nice neat death note saying "ha ha, you idiots! I made it all up!"

12th Sep 2008, 16:07
As an update to my 1st post - I haven't had my airplane dream since I posted here!
It would normally be a weekly occurrence.
Perhaps sharing it with the masses may have helped in some way?!

Nardi Riviera
12th Sep 2008, 17:03
anotherglassofwine: That's very interesting. Maybe I should also have a go in order to sleep better...

Sorry that mine is the "ordinary" type about flying through wires! Recurring infrequently, so maybe I should keep track and look for a system.

Always a takeoff from what seems to be a wide enough main street with only a few wires across that I carefully plan how to fly under and over. When airborne, more and more wires start appearing and keep me from climbing out. I dodge them bravely until waking up a bit confused but relieved.

Always wondered how the a/c got to that street in the first place. :8

PS: I came here after getting frequently recurrent surrealistic feelings while trying to find usable info and facts about aviation in R & N... :{

12th Sep 2008, 17:46
I had one that would crop up regularly from the age of about thirteen,I would be walking through the council estate that I grew up on when I would become aware that something (I never saw what) was coming after me, I would then hear my Father telling me to run but my legs would be too heavy to move. I usually woke up with a jolt when this dream came along and with a real feeling of fear. At eighteen I left home and set out into this big bad world and the dream went away never to return.several months later I had one of those light bulb going on in the head moments and thought "aah so that was what it was about!"
very strange territory the subconscious.