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5th Sep 2008, 10:19
Hi Guys,
Does anyone know where Aircraft scrap could be found in the Manchester or North West England area?
My daughter and I have just finished decorating a room that is dedicated to all sorts of aircraft stuff (reference books,pictures,SBS-1,models,etc)
We didn't have a shed or garage,so the Mrs relented and gave us the dining room to play in.
I am an aviation nut who is ex RAF and she(my daughter) wants to be a Pilot or Aircraft Engineer and I want to encourage her.So does anyone know where I can get my hands on such things as NON-Airworthy instruments such as Artificial Horizon, Turn and Slip,etc.
Any out of date charts or Aircraft checklists,etc.Even bigger items such as a 2 bladed propellor up to Cherokee/Chipmunk size is OK if it is out of hours or slightly damaged.
If anyone has such things lying around in a shed or a dusty part of the Hangar that they need or would like to get rid of and don't want to put in a landfill it will get a good home.

Any replies much appreciated.



mr fish
5th Sep 2008, 14:03
oh come on, somebody crack one about an active station:E

5th Sep 2008, 15:04
Try an aerojumble for some items.

I bought old aero instruments you describe for around 10 - 15 each dependant on what they were - some were chaeper at around 5. Plus you can find all sorts of old aviation odds and sods ( although rare items will be obviously expensive ) maps, charts , engineering drawings, old bits of airframe.

Old props are expensive since they can be an attractive wall hanging and loads of people want them - I would guess at 150 plus as a going price.

Buy a copy of 'FlyPast' magazine which lists the aero jumbles in the back.

I don't think you will find anyone dumping their valuable knick knacks in a landfill - they will propbally go straight on Ebay.

But if anyone IS giving anything away - I'll have some too please :ok: