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5th Sep 2008, 09:00
My experience:

Bought "Navigo" sat-nav, 80 days ago.

Sound now distorted/absent.

Contacted ebuyer through web page- (complicated-contained abbreviations they thought I'd know.)

Told to phone customer services.

Spent 11 minutes on hold 0871 number holding.

Asked them if I could swap for "Tom Tom" (Costs more, but told them I'd pay the difference).

Told, "unlikely 'cos I've had it 80 days now."

Poor service or par for the course???

5th Sep 2008, 09:06
From their website, it comes down to this I think:

Items Faulty in Warranty Period

If any of your purchases develop a fault, and it's more than 28 calendar days since receipt, then provided your item is within its warranty period, you are entitled to a warranty repair. In some cases, manufacturers provide a specialist full on-site service and/or telephone help facilities for your convenience which we recommend you use in order to correct the fault quickly. For business customers all warranty repairs after 28 days of receipt are referred directly to the manufacturer ( unless otherwise stated)

Reckon you would need to check that out before going back to them.

5th Sep 2008, 10:52
Yeah, i dont shop with them anymore..

Couple of years ago i bought home cinema system for a REALLY good price. After 2 and half weeks it stopped working. Just stopped working. Rang up (also spent sh1t loads on phone call). And they said they would not fix/return item as it was discontinued. When i asked why it was discontinued, they said because 'it keeps breaking'. They said i need to talk to company who make it deirectly. Never got contact number or anything.

Bastard thing still sits in my garage.

Never use e-buyer again.

5th Sep 2008, 11:02
Loads of places try that one on. The contract you have is with the seller, not the manufacturer, that is the law. I've had to stomp my feet in Dixons before over the same issue.

Truth is no retailer likes returns. They take up time, money & effort to process, so they will wriggle & wriggle for all their worth. You have to be tenacious sometimes.

mr fish
5th Sep 2008, 14:00
imho, most ebay sellers are scammers, stick to shops, 2000+ years of
transactions must be worth something!!!.
p.s, that should do it:}

5th Sep 2008, 14:40
imho, most ebay sellers are scammers, stick to shops,

Errr...this thread is about Ebuyer (a specific retailer) not Ebay.

mr fish
5th Sep 2008, 16:31
DAMN DAMN DAMN, last time i buy my reading glasses off ebay!!!!!!!!

5th Sep 2008, 22:57
DAMN DAMN DAMN, last time i buy my reading glasses off ebay!!!!!!!!

Superb, first laugh I've had all day :D

5th Sep 2008, 23:53
Firstly, the Navigo is available fully equipped for less than 80 from any internet retailer so why you would want to buy one on Ebay or Ebuyer is a bit of a mystery unless you genuinely didn't realise how cheap they are new.
When buying such items, do your research carefully and only buy from registered "Powersellers", by doing so you are buying from someone who has an awful lot to lose by bad feedback and they also have to provide the same rights to you as a normal retailer.

Otherwise you may as well get it from a high street retailer and pay the extra for the peace of mind.

6th Sep 2008, 09:04
Anyone know the law....should I pursue or just get over it?

6th Sep 2008, 12:09
niknak, do not place too much faith in powersellers - some of them have terrible records of negative feedback and are rightly slated in the community forums. It's suggested that they are only still there due to their financial contribution to eBay and Paypal.

6th Sep 2008, 15:41
What frostbite said.

Look at their feedback. If it's below 99% positive, buy elsewhere.
Read the negatives to see if they are "wacky purchaser" or genuine problem.

I've bought an awful lot from eBay over the years, and only had a couple of problems - all resolved OK.

7th Sep 2008, 06:17
Sorry, just to clarify, I meant ebuyer the firm http://www.ebuyer.com/, not ebuyer, the customer.:)

Anyway, I've written to'em rejecting their offer for repair, 'ave to see what happens.

30th Sep 2008, 22:18
T'be fair to'em, they've replaced the original unit with a better one.

And they don't seem to have charged me.

So all credit to e-buyer:ok: