View Full Version : WW2 - Fit crew to aircraft

5th Sep 2008, 01:33
I have a photo of an uncle taken in c. 1942. It appears to be of a consituted RAF crew, but no aircraft in sight. There is one Sgt pilot, one Sgt observer, one Sgt air gunner (mon oncle) and one (possibly AC) air gunner. All have wings/brevets.

Any idea of the possible aircraft types that may have had this crew. Blenheim? Hudson?

Double Zero
5th Sep 2008, 02:46
Two obvious questions are, do you know if this was indeed the whole crew, and ( I suppose not ) the occasion - any background clues, even as to the country ?

In wartime, while they probably were a 'normal' crew as you suggest, might just have easily been a ferry crew on something more exotic, though the Sgt Pilot seems against anything too worth grabbing by more senior types.

Speaking as an aerial photographer, ad' hoc groups after an interesting flight are even keener to get their photo's taken than regular crews...

Just a thought.