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4th Sep 2008, 23:38
Beeb reporting Thompson flight at Cancun had a smoke incident - all pax safely evacuated (some using slides).
Info arrived by telephone from the parent of a passenger who had been on the aircraft.
TOM 1674 to Birmingham - smoke filled cabin, all occupants safely returned to terminal, engineers investigating

5th Sep 2008, 00:11
Thompson reiterate that everyone involved is safe and well and all passengers will be allowed one 'phonecall 'home' to report their safety. No news as yet about anticipated delay (airport was reporting 'on schedule' . . . ).

5th Sep 2008, 00:21
Tom1674 Cun - Man G OBYJ

5th Sep 2008, 08:14
Now expected into BHX 04:55 6/9/08


StoneyBridge Radar
5th Sep 2008, 09:56
For ****'* sake, it's THOMSON not Thompson. :mad:

Bad Robot
5th Sep 2008, 11:41
What type was involved?


World of Tweed
5th Sep 2008, 13:22
BlueTui has a point guys.....

I'll be the first to admit our marketing folk have made a hash of the brand of late but if you are going to report anything on Pprune of such a serious nature I think the least you can do is check the spelling of Whom you are reporting.

We give the jornos a hard time so its only fair that we apply the same level of scrutiny to our own reporting.

RE: CUN Suspected APU fire - another 763 was launched from MAN this morning to pick up YJ's rotation.

5th Sep 2008, 13:25
to answer the earlier question, "YJ" is a B767-304ER, and I travelled on her LGW/CUN on 24th August.....

5th Sep 2008, 14:16
lets hope every one is fine onboard the Thompson plane

5th Sep 2008, 14:19
And the Thomson one as well

5th Sep 2008, 18:01
For ****'* sake, it's THOMSON not Thompson.
I'll be the first to admit our marketing folk have made a hash of the brand of late but if you are going to report anything on Pprune of such a serious nature I think the least you can do is check the spelling of Whom you are reporting.
I received the information audially (sp?) from the BBC Radio and relayed the information without making any form of check (which would have delayed the report).
For me, the important (and urgent) transmission of the fact that all passengers were safe over-ruled the need to check spelling of a name that most (if not all) of those involved would understand. Having given the flight reference number, ani fule would kno what airline was involved.

If you are interested, initial reports received stated that 'there had been a fire onboard and that a full-scale evacuation had been instigated'. The initial source reported that she had been barged out of the way by male passengers (not very gentlemanly, but suggestive of some degree of self-preservation). Naturally, a fire onboard an aircraft about to depart can rapidly develop and 'grow' - both in reality, but particularly by word-of-mouth.
I amended the initial report as more information became available, so (I hope) readers were able to realise that this was a 'non-event' rather than a catastrophe whilst alerting those who might be meeting the flight that there could be a delay . . .
Well done the BBC I say!

When I did reach the airline website, the only option was to book a flight - no 'breaking news' . . .

5th Sep 2008, 18:08
no significant damage to aircraft is what engineering have reported with aircraft serviceable around now.....so presumably all the slides were not deployed?

5th Sep 2008, 19:31
Could anyone please tell me whether this flight has now left for BHX? I;ve tried using a flight checker but not having much success. I;m chasing up for a family member who is concerned about their daughter on the plane.

Thanks in advance.

5th Sep 2008, 20:12

with ATC flightplan
Oceanic route NATW and waypoints decoded here:

These sites don't get the local times right outside the U.S.

The correct ETA for BHX would be 8.02 GMT+1=local.

5th Sep 2008, 20:18
Excellent mate. Thank you very much.

5th Sep 2008, 21:13
Veering slightly off topic, but it just goes to show that the marketing men don't have total control. 'Britannia' was apparently dropped because the focus groups decided that nobody could spell Britannia in search engines. They also decreed that Thompson was too hard to spell, so called it Tomson ( or was it 'Thomson'?) But even they can't change basic English, and in the minds of most English speakers it remains THomPson.

Boy of the night
5th Sep 2008, 21:45

Will explain all.

Captain Capstan
5th Sep 2008, 23:40
The reason that Thomson is spelt with no P is that the Thomson Corporation owned Thomson Holidays and Britannia Airways. The Thomson name comes from Lord Thomson of Fleet whose family were the founders of the Thomson Corporation. The ATC call sign is spelt TOMSON to ensure that the callsign is pronounced as it is in the UK and not with a TH at the beginning

5th Sep 2008, 23:47
chutes were definitely deployed but not used. my daughter was on the plane

6th Sep 2008, 00:44
interesting that "we" managed to locate enough replacement slides to op back this eve if all were used.....that's good going...altho need the aircraft to get out to NAS to rescue customers from impending hurricane

Mr @ Spotty M
6th Sep 2008, 06:30
You don't need all the chutes for a ferry flight back to the UK.

6th Sep 2008, 10:16
The spelling of Thomson comes from the original owners (Canadian), whose empire included newspapers and publishing.

The Britannia name went as part of the trend towards creating one brand 'experience' for customers from travel agent through airline to holiday company (a la Air 2000 to FC Airways and JMC to Thomas Cook Airlines).

Euravia First
6th Sep 2008, 11:40
Pity the focus groups / marketing men didn't "bring back" the original { and best ! } name----Euravia .

Mr A Tis
6th Sep 2008, 16:33
TUI fly, is much easier to spell & remember.
Lets's face it, this TOM mob isn't a patch on the old Britannia airline. So who cares what or how they spell todays name?

6th Sep 2008, 17:49
I don't believe YJ did ferry back, I was told it was coming back with the planned pax on.....thus all chutes required

6th Sep 2008, 18:32
YG dispatched from Man, one chute taken off YG to put onto YJ. Both Aircraft now back in UK. Dispatch only possible with one chute U/S.DCPS YJ only blew 2 slides as it was attached to an airbridge at the time.

6th Sep 2008, 20:44
When I left work last night 'YH was due to operate the delayed CUN-BHX.


7th Sep 2008, 09:35
NO fire. Oil leak / heat exchanger / something or other. Oil on hot components, smopke into Aircon ducting, into cabin. AFAIAA, only Doors 3 slides (overwing) used as on stand. Everyone else out through normal doors / steps / airbridge. No doubt very unpleasant for all involved but no hero pilots or primary schools involved.