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3rd Sep 2008, 11:06

Defamer Australia tipster Daniel sent us in this highly enjoyable story regarding Neighbours star Carla Bonner, who plays Steph Scully-Hoyland-Whatevs on the Channel Ten soap, donning her cranky pants on a recent Jetstar flight. He claims he saw the whole thing unfold right before his eyes, so it must be true! Daniel, you wouldn't lie to us, would you?

NB: No guarantees this story is true.

Carla Bonner was recently denied her flight with Jetstar, after verbally herassing a male flight attendant. Apperently there was a dispute over oversized luggage. When the flight attendant told Bonner that her handluggage was too big, and that he had to check it and put it into the measuring unit, she replied "How about you put it up your arse?"


But wait, there's more!

When the attendent checked to see if hed heard right, Bonner repeated " how about a take my f*****g luggage and put it up your f*****g anal passage!". She then had her boarding pass taken off her and burst out "this is f*****g bullshit!, youre a f*****g queen!" For the record she was travelling on Jet Saver Light which is a cheaper ticket, were one just takes hand luggage. Isnt Neighbours paying her enough? or is she overspending?

Luggage up the jacksie? Good gracious, Carla.

Aussie and UK media running hard with this one!!!

Any chance this was a PPruner, or anyone have any clarification?!

3rd Sep 2008, 11:10
Err, who cares?

Off to Jet Blast with you! :}

Solid Rust Twotter
3rd Sep 2008, 11:17
Sheesh! Why are you folks dumping all your loonies, window lickers and dribblers on us down here in the basement?

This used to be a nice neighbourhood...:(

3rd Sep 2008, 11:45
Why are you folks dumping all your loonies, window lickers and dribblers on us down here in the basement?

This used to be a nice neighbourhood...Agreed !! !

3rd Sep 2008, 11:46
eh? fort tis was da cellar 'ere? :confused:

(where's that nice lady in the white coat with my pills?)

3rd Sep 2008, 13:08
Surely Mr Draper will have something to say about this?

Over to you, Drapes...

Buster Hyman
3rd Sep 2008, 14:05

3rd Sep 2008, 14:42
... Isn't she the one who plays Madge Bishop??!

tony draper
3rd Sep 2008, 15:21
All celebs and those with pretensions to be celebs should be nined in the back of the head,that's all one has to say on the matter.

3rd Sep 2008, 15:35
But you're a Proon Celeb Mr D. Hope self-nineing isn't in order ;)

3rd Sep 2008, 16:14
All celebs and those with pretensions to be celebs should be nined in the back of the head,that's all one has to say on the matter."Nined"? What a quaint expression, Mr. Draper. One wonders where you picked that up? :ok:

Some celebs are worth preserving, shirley?

If only for their entertainment value.......


tony draper
3rd Sep 2008, 18:27
We shall use large jars of formaldehyde for that.:)

3rd Sep 2008, 18:49
Some celebs are worth preserving, shirley?

We shall use large jars of formaldehyde for that

I have it on good authority that Cilla Black and Cliff Richard have had their body fluids replaced with organic formaldehyde, and are now not aging at all beyond their ages of 163 and 197 respectively.

Cilla has recently signed a 50 year contract with ITV to present meaningless nonsense shows every afternoon, while Cliff has announced tour dates up to and including 2099.

3rd Sep 2008, 22:06

is that nine ironed or 9 millied?

I prefer the latter...:ok:



3rd Sep 2008, 22:31
"Nine miked" http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/Gun01.gif

Section28- BE
4th Sep 2008, 00:22
Solid Rust Twotter

Had the dubious experience of two sectors on JQ the week before last:\

It seems the window lickers have been afflicted with the recent bout of colds-

The window of the row I was so kindly allocated had been spat out of- bar the window being there......

The trail of set sputum indicated that gravity was heading south as it should- on fixing ones gaze at the end of the trail, one was greeted with a set green voluminous mass that indicated the severity of the affliction of the proponent:yuk::yuk::eek:

Which made the half packet of chips crushed to crumbs and 1/3 of a cigarette- not that noticeable.....:mad::mad:

I obviously don't get out and about enough any more!!!!!

Howard Hughes
4th Sep 2008, 02:40
Ya gets what ya pay for section 28!;)

Not that the other options in Oz are that much better these days...:hmm:

Just for the record I'd errr... 'TAKE' Carla Bonner!:ok:


Section28- BE
4th Sep 2008, 06:19

Trust me if I could have I would have pursued another option- and to think prior to the arrival of the low cost model- MKY was considered gold........... and competitively fought for- service level wise :ugh:

Tis only the stepping off point for some of the worlds largest mining companies- in one of the cornerstone industries of the economy.

Concur with your other sentiment :cool:


4th Sep 2008, 10:25
Some celebs are worth preserving, shirley?

And don't call me Shirley!

4th Sep 2008, 10:50
would liked to have seen something shoved up Carla's arse, and I don't mean the luggage. :E:ouch:

4th Sep 2008, 13:07
Just found out who she is (the only one I like is the blonde who looks like Nicole Kidman and I don't watch the prog anyway)

Some "Sexy Carla Bonner pictures" if you can stomach them:- Sexy Carla Bonner pictures - djmick (http://www.djmick.co.uk/gallery14/carla_bonner.htm)