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Buster Hyman
3rd Sep 2008, 03:19

KLM's new 5 engine hearse was a hit. Punters were just dying to get their hands on one.

3rd Sep 2008, 04:23
Despite having 5 engines, being on a conveyor belt, this JUMBO never takes off.

3rd Sep 2008, 09:02
Just goes to prove that pilots never die....

anyhows, those seat belts look as though they'll restrict any hanky panky in the new club beds. :rolleyes:

Standard Noise
3rd Sep 2008, 12:25
KLM report a roaring trade in one way tickets.....

Anyhoo, the idea will never get off the ground.

3rd Sep 2008, 13:44
Interior decor courtesy of Flaps40

3rd Sep 2008, 15:38
Wonder if that's one of those wonderful Ghanain coffins? One once bought one of a gin bottle and had it made into a bar.

3rd Sep 2008, 15:52
KLM lends itself to some fun wordplay here .. "Karked it Last Month?" .. "Keep Listening for Moans?" .. Kicked my Last Mongrel?" .. :cool: