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2nd Sep 2008, 19:46
The current story of the 'Self - Made' Millionaire killing his wife & daughter then himself - Makes me sick.

It is just 'typical' behaviour of someone who is never satisfied with their own Greed.

To run up a 'Huge' debt that can never be repaid, Is just a 'Self -made' disaster.

Then to lead a 'Double Life' mixing with the underworld is asking for trouble.

And finally to end it all burning down your own home, Stables containing innocent horses & dogs, And then taking 3 innocent lives too is beyond belief.

He didn't have the right to kill his wife & daughter - No matter how much debt he was in.

Why didn't he just throw himself off a bridge??

It sounds like this millionare dug himself into a hole, And being the selfish :mad: he was decided to take his wife & daughter with him.

It's just typical behaviour of those types, The bigger the wallet the smaller the brain.:rolleyes:

I know iv'e met them and they don't impress me with their lifestyles, Theyre not real people.:=

Just pure selfish greed.:hmm:

He was a Coward.:=

2nd Sep 2008, 20:28
I see a spell on the naughty step...:bored:

3rd Sep 2008, 08:05
Having a daughter of a similar age this story struck me to the bone. How COULD he have done that?

However it is not limited the rich, off the top of my head I can remember the father jumping of of a balcony with his son and daughter whilst on holiday (in Greece?) and the son dying.

Also the father who took his two kids to a lonley spot and started a petrol mower up in the boot of the estate car allowing the fumes to poison them all.

The mother who crossed a railway line with her baby in the pushchair and 5 year old holding her hand...

None of them particularly wealthy

The complicated psychology of someone who thinks that they have to end it all and take their dearest with them is very difficult ( if not impossible ) to understand.

Does it follow the twisted logic of " I have to kill myself. If I do my kids will suffer shame/poverty or end up hating me. Therefore I have to take them with me" ???

Selfish, twisted and difficult to understand but chilling and depressing nevertheless.

3rd Sep 2008, 08:20
What a selfish [email protected], that's all I can say.

But why do the tv/papers keep calling him a millionaire, he had no money, company was in liquidation, broke, etc etc, jeez I got more than him (only just!). Becuase I suppose it sounds better saying millionaire than bankrupt, vagrant.:mad:

Der absolute Hammer
3rd Sep 2008, 08:33
As extensively written by Emile Durkheim.. Anomic suicide.

By extension to this theory, possibly a termination by mutual agreement but anyway, now known as Familicide.

House blockaded.
Animals killed.
Family dead.
Funeral pyre.

One point in familicide is that it is supposed that generally the suicider thinks that by killing his family, he is protecting them from unimaginable suffering. Probably not much really to do with cowardice, something altogether different and much more tragic for all.

Ken Wells
3rd Sep 2008, 08:49
Could have been murdered and set up to look like a suicide.:\

Not beyond the realms of reason!!:eek:

After all he seemed to have made a few enemies including most of the above!:=

3rd Sep 2008, 09:03
Murder by outsiders seems less and less likley what with the CCTV footage of him running around with a rifle and shooting his own trailer tyres to block the entrance.

3rd Sep 2008, 09:44
Very charitable Alphaindia.

You've apparently decided his guilt. Or have you?....

And then taking 3 innocent lives too is beyond belief.

The case for the defence rests M'lud ;)

3rd Sep 2008, 10:22
...Which is exactly what I meant by the naughty step. Never let a half finished investigation get in the way of an uninformed opinion!

3rd Sep 2008, 10:26
My view is that this guy's financial state is quite irrelevant - three lives have been lost in tragic circumstances.

Whilst this case is still under investigation we should acknowledge that mental illness (for whatever reason and however temporary) can happen to anyone (millionaire or not) and it sad when anyone feels they are unable to cope and resorts to a "final solution".

3rd Sep 2008, 10:29
I don't think he was a coward, he was obviously a man with a number of serious mental and family issues which has topped him over the edge.

No normal thinking father or husband would kill their daughter and wife unless they were suffering from something very bad.

In the case that Denis555 has mentioned; the father was suffering from severe mental issues and is still undertaking treatment to help him sadly that's what happens when your marriage, family, career and life all collapses around you.

Real sad story, especially for the 15 year old girl.

Effluent Man
3rd Sep 2008, 15:05
The whole episode reminds me as much as anything of the demise of Hitler.The empire building followed by the desire to see it all destroyed when it finally goes wrong. This chap must have been a pretty insecure individual.

Ancient Observer
3rd Sep 2008, 15:11
Having a couple of teenage daughters, I find it so difficult to contemplate. However, such things can, apparently, happen to Any profession.

I was extremely surprised to find someone else on pprune who had read Durkheim. Are we the only 2 in the world?

3rd Sep 2008, 15:28
Ken Wells.....
"Could have been murdered and set up to look like a suicide.http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/wibble.gif

Not beyond the realms of reason!!http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/eek.gif

After all he seemed to have made a few enemies including most of the above!":=
Still not beyond the realms of possibility. The Police do seem a little hasty in their announcements...(if indeed they did announce that) HMMM!!

3rd Sep 2008, 15:31
I would guess he was of the type I have met on a couple of occasions - the world doesn't exist outside themselves and selfish and self-obsessed is inadequate to describe their attitude.

Nothing is ever their fault and others exist only to serve their needs.

3rd Sep 2008, 16:53
Still not beyond the realms of possibility. The Police do seem a little hasty in their announcements...(if indeed they did announce that) HMMM!!

The police certainly have announced it, in a televised press conference.

3rd Sep 2008, 18:53
Ken W - I'm fairly sure I heard a Police spokesman say that they were no longer looking for other suspects in relation to the case.

That confirms our worst fears, in all reality, unless you think either his wife or daughter were involved, which seems unlikely.