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2nd Sep 2008, 15:15
Cornish Cows are stupid, and put their heads into washing machines. See that thread.

But here in Devon, we value cows highly, and do all we can not to crash on to them. The pilot concerned in this story will probably get Devon's Highest Bravery Award, the Golden Horn. Or maybe the National Award after the Times picked up the story today.

Unfortunately, he didn't leave his name as he completed his journey to catch a plane, but we'll find him.

Sgt Woon, the police expert on crashing planes while evading cows, as well as having done wheel counting training (43% in the exam) is on the case.

Airplane crash lands on muds flats (http://www.thisiswesternmorningnews.co.uk/livingcornwall/Airplane-crash-lands-muds-flats/article-298065-detail/article.html)
HAVING walked away unscathed from an extraordinary emergency landing in a field in Exminster, the pilot and his two passengers decided to carry on with their holiday.
The pilot, who has not been identified, managed to avoid hitting the M5, the A379, the Exeter to Plymouth railway line, homes, electricity pylons and any of the cows in the field where he landed, after his aircraft suffered engine problems.
Police officers and fire crews on the scene described the pilot and his passengers as extremely lucky. And after they were taken to Middlemoor by police helicopter following the dramatic landing, they are understood to have made arrangements to carry on with their holiday, travelling to Exeter International Airport for a flight to Jersey.
Sgt Adrian Woon, of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, who was at the scene, said: "I would say the pilot must have had to take some form of evasive action to bring it down where he did.
"He fortunately managed to navigate away from the power lines, but once the plane was down it continued across the field for some distance before one of its wheels caught in a ditch. It certainly lost one, if not two wheels.
http://iad.anm.co.uk/house/1x1.gif (http://ads.anm.co.uk/ADCLICK/CID=0000b139bb3f965200000000/AAMSZ=452x118/SITE=THISISEXET/AREA=NEWS/SUBAREA=HOME/ARTICLE=300762/acc_random=6169866175/pageid=/RS=)

"They were extremely lucky and, although shaken up, have no injuries at all. Ambulance crews communicated with them but did not treat them.

2nd Sep 2008, 20:07
The cows must have been moooved by the experience.....


2nd Sep 2008, 21:42
Were the cows in a hospital, school or children's home?

2nd Sep 2008, 22:02
Flying J-3 cubs while a student pilot, my practice sessions often required landings at small, lightly attended country airports. At most of these, grass-cutting was courtesy of contented cattle who seemed to particularly enjoy the center area that was marked and leveled for aircraft use.

Standard procedure at many of these places was to do a low & slow pass, strictly for intimidation, before making a serious approach. Massive cows would idly look up from their foraging at the oncoming noisy aircraft rapidly approaching some four or five feet off the grass, then ever-so-slowly amble off a few yards from the (imaginary) centerline and resume the chew.

One had to be quick about coming around for the actual approach and soft- grass landing, lest the beasts graze back into the line of travel while one was in the circuit.

Departures required similar runway preparation, done mostly with a bit of extra taxiing and s-curving to herd them off the intended centerline. Noise was the key intimidation. One fellow fitted a loud bicycle horn to deploy for beef clearing. Fortunately no collisions occurred during my time there, including perhaps a hundred such landings - except with the occasional cow-patty.

John Hill
2nd Sep 2008, 22:44
Deleted by me, ho hum!:hmm:

3rd Sep 2008, 00:31
Noise was the key intimidation

Our Aero Club took delivery of a Microlight ( actually an LSA I guess ) from a previous owner, a farmer, and it was fitted with twin klaxons of the type often seen on Italian motor cars, all the better to clear his landing strip. We kept them - and they still work, but for more amusing purposes now !

Buster Hyman
3rd Sep 2008, 00:48
Pilot fights controls to miss cows

...and here I was thinking we had a thread about the Isle of Wight ferry...:rolleyes:

galaxy flyer
3rd Sep 2008, 01:42
Reminds me of the guy I interviewed to be a pilot in the Reserves. He was thrown out of the AF Academy for damaging a school plane. "How did he damage the plane?", I innocently asked. "Hit a cow" was his answer. No thanks was determination.