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green granite
31st Aug 2008, 10:02
Last night I checked today's forecast for my area, it was: Sunny intervals up until early evening then heavy rain and thunderstorms. I woke up this morning to thick fog and it's now raining. This means that last nights forecast was 100% wrong, in fact I can't remember when we last had a reasonably correct forecast in the last few months but I suppose there must have been some.
While I appreciate it's a difficult art surely they, with all the super computers etc they have, they could do better than this.

Richard Taylor
31st Aug 2008, 10:12
Where's Michael Fish when you need him...........:rolleyes:

31st Aug 2008, 10:17
In New Orleans, telling everyone there is no hurricane coming, just like '87!:E

31st Aug 2008, 10:20
Reminds me of a morning met brief at Bruggen in the winter of 1964/64. Met chappie sums up his brief by saying, "It's going to do everything today but snow". Voice from the audience, "Have you looked out of the window?" Sure enough, it was snowing.

henry crun
31st Aug 2008, 10:39
If you ask Has the Met office lost it, you must be assuming they had it in the first place. :)

green granite
31st Aug 2008, 10:51
Good point Mr Crun. :)

It's just that I don't remember such a long run of bum forecasts as we've had this year.

Krystal n chips
31st Aug 2008, 11:00
The "Excess" was responsible ( oxymoron I know ) for the "10 days rain..Monsoon to hit etc, etc " bolleaux...so no surprise there, headline yesterday.

Today's Met. for round here was rain / wind etc and thunder.....so the solid blanket of FOG came as a slight surprise.....or maybe not as the conditions are perfect for it after all.


it must be a Bruggen forecaster thing. Late 70's and I call Rhine D for a gliding forecast on Sat morning. Wx is about 250ft base, 30kts. heaving rain. Your man offers....medium thermals, 20k viz, etc, etc,.....think privately to self.....":mad:".

Repeat on Sun....pretty much to same wx at Bruggen....get similar reply so ask your man "Is this another inspired guess or just a downright lie..or..better still stick your :mad: head out of the window and have a look...plus more rude words".....result was a "one way conversation"...no biccies... with a 3 ringed person at Bruggen telling me not to be offensive to the Met man..which went in one ear and out of the other....as you would expect.

Standard Noise
31st Aug 2008, 11:21
They have a cheek to send us letters at work telling us they think our official observations aren't up to scratch. Then fog rolls in, you phone them to ask why they didn't issue a fog warning and they come out with 'but you can't have fog at the airport, we haven't forecast it.'
'Well we do, so your forecasting isn't up to much is it?' :ugh::ugh:

31st Aug 2008, 11:24
Met Office cancelled thunderstorm warning this am just as the first flashes of lightning were observed, then re-instated it a short time later presumably when they received our METAR.

31st Aug 2008, 11:45
Hi Cathay Brat!! Wasn't it Bill Giles who originally made the famous hurricane announcement in '87. Michael Fish in his report was responding to a completely different (Hurricane Floyd) weather enquiry! (I know I sound a bit nerdy :8)

31st Aug 2008, 12:10
Who was the chap with the glasses who apologised for the f in fog?

Beatriz Fontana
31st Aug 2008, 13:52
Possibly since the move from Bracknell to Exeter, all that fresh air has gone to their heads!

Beatriz Fontana
31st Aug 2008, 14:18
All that fresh air has got to them since they moved from Bracknell to Exeter ;)

31st Aug 2008, 14:45
I thought they had lost it when they started coming up on a google search of 'met office' as
Met Office: Weather and climate change

I love the authority in which they talk of climate change at "http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/corporate/pressoffice/myths/

The Met Office 'facts' are 'in fact' the most debated and controversial part of the climate change discussion. Great talk from an agency that only has to get the weather correct 30% of the time to be authoritative on predicting the weather.

I hope this new 33 mill computer will be worth it!
Met Office to install new weather computer - 05 Aug 2008 - Computing (http://www.computing.co.uk/computing/news/2223268/met-office-weather-computer)

Standard Noise
31st Aug 2008, 16:55
Not if it's operated by the same useless pillocks.

31st Aug 2008, 18:23
YouTube - BBC weather blooper by Michael Fish storm of 1987 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqs1YXfdtGE&feature=related)
YouTube - BBC weather by Bill Giles few hours before storm of 1987 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_HjEz_us4I&feature=related)
Not sure how you can get it THAT wrong!!

Richard Taylor
31st Aug 2008, 18:27
1DC - sounds like Ian Macaskill? Sort of thing that would befall him - he once came across a chart (in the magnetic symbol days) that showed the SW was suffering from a bad case of

31st Aug 2008, 19:20
All the gliding hs had me glued to the weather for years. I had to study it too & it's great, a fascinating subject, easy to marvel at & get lost in.

But...notwithstanding that the weather is enormously complex & difficult to predict accurately, even a day or two in advance, what really gets my goat is that the met office dish up different chunks of sooth saying depending upon which way you wish to consume it.

Frinstance, comely young lady after the news says sunny spells, Internerd says showers & radio issues a weather warning for gales. All for the same area at the same time. You would have thought with all the Crays connected up with those gold plated scart leads, they would at least be able to present a united front. Grrr!

31st Aug 2008, 19:21
As an aside...Bruggen Met in the 80's had some interesting characters. One of the forecasters was diabetic, and we were briefed that if he went rogue, we were to hold him down and pour sugary water into him.

Come the morning master brief one day, with no Met support in sight, John had an attack, and told assembled aircrew and the Station Master to go and brief their f*****g selves. He then helped them by throwing the briefing slides in the air, and collapsing.

Them were the days of REAL weather forecasters.

31st Aug 2008, 19:44
Them were the days of REAL weather forecasters. Did they have crystal balls?

henry crun
31st Aug 2008, 23:11
Parapunter: Is a united front similar to an occluded front ? :}