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30th Aug 2008, 11:46
Fuel prices are now so high even hip-hop moguls like Sean "Diddy" Combs can no longer afford a private jet.

The frequent-flyer Diddy has used an internet video blog, posted on YouTube, to launch a tirade against the soaring cost of petrol and pleaded for free oil from his "Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters".

The video offers a quirky insight into how even the rich and famous are feeling the pinch from rising global oil prices — albeit from the cost of maintaining über luxurious personal airplanes.

Combs said he is now flying on commercial airlines instead of in his private jet.

He said the private jet costs him more than $230,000 for a roundtrip between New York, where he lives, and Los Angeles, which he visits twice a month to pursue an acting career.

"Even your boy [Diddy] is affected by gas prices," Diddy tells a hand-held camera as he boards an airplane in the two-minute blog.

"I'm actually flying commercial. I'm at the gate right now. This is really happening. This is proof that gas [gasoline] prices are too high.

"We need to do something about this. Tell whoever the next president is, we need to bring gas prices down," Diddy says before taking his seat and flashing his boarding pass to the camera.

The hip-hop mogul even makes a plea to oil-producing countries.

"I want to give a shout out to all my Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters, and all my brothers and sisters from all the countries that have oil.

"If yo'all could please send me some oil for my jet, I would truly appreciate it."

30th Aug 2008, 11:48
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30th Aug 2008, 11:54
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30th Aug 2008, 11:55

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30th Aug 2008, 12:00
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Howard Hughes
30th Aug 2008, 12:02
He said the private jet costs him more than $230,000 for a roundtrip between New York, where he lives, and Los Angeles, which he visits twice a month to pursue an acting career.
What type of jet is he operating? One feels he is getting ripped off!:eek:

30th Aug 2008, 12:08
Perhaps they take the Atlantic - Pacific route?

30th Aug 2008, 13:11
Aside from wondering who the person in question is, I am rather bemused by ACMS apparent outrage that it was not treated as important news.

Howard Hughes
30th Aug 2008, 13:22
I have just watched the video, apparently that is two round trips in a month for $200K, I still think he is being ripped off...;)

30th Aug 2008, 14:04
Had a strange dream last night. I flew upto Amsterdam from Mandelieu in a very small executive jet. Because it only cost €172.00 return. It was an extremely small airplane because I was seated in the only pax seat which faced to the rear and was directly behind the pilot. The landing was quite exciting and the taxi to the terminal even more so, especially the sliding hand-brake turn into the parking slot. When we got out, I recognised the pilot as our very own Danny. He said to me "see you at 5pm tomorrow and was off", leaving me to find my own way into the terminal. I suddenly realised that it was almost 9pm, and I hadn't given my pudicat her insulin shot, or even ensured there was food in the bowl. So there I was traipsing around Schipol full of regret. At first I thought I might as well head off into town and make the best of things. Met up with a familiar crowd who said there was nothing to do in town, get a room at the airport hotel. I didn't want to believe them and stepped outside to have a wander around. It was true, there were only bleak empty streets reminiscent of some dreary backwater of Detroit at the height of the depression. Coming back into the airport, I was looking for some familiar faces. Which was when I saw an information desk and thought to myself, maybe I could have falps paged if she was about. Maybe she could sort me out, get Danny back early to fly me back or something. Finally woke up in a sweat. That's what too much Scotch and PPRuNing results in... :uhoh:

30th Aug 2008, 14:15
He said the private jet costs him more than $230,000 for a roundtrip between New York, where he lives, and Los Angeles, which he visits twice a month to pursue an acting career.

He either has a very good tax accountant or a very poor business manager. Maybe he is writing off the skanks who ride as part of the airplane. :confused:

30th Aug 2008, 21:08
As Mr T would say, "shutup fool".

West Coast
31st Aug 2008, 06:34
Good to roll with a big entourage till you have to charter a 747 to get them around.

31st Aug 2008, 07:44
im just about to get on a bus:ugh: really cant stand P Diddy,maybe if he was a better rapper like 2Pac or Nas and stopped rapping about rims,blings,girls and how well off he is.Instead he could use his status to try to do something about it!!!!

henry crun
31st Aug 2008, 08:57
status funkydrumming ? I suspect there are others like me who are wondering why the antics of a complete non-entity are considered newsworthy.

11th Sep 2008, 21:09
Turns out he doesn't even own a jet, does it on the cheap. :rolleyes:

Diddy Freaks Out About 'Jet Controversy' That He Just Made Up / Jossip (http://www.jossip.com/diddy-freaks-out-about-jet-controversy-that-he-just-made-up-20080911/)

tony draper
11th Sep 2008, 22:16
Well with yer showbiz types the curtain betwixt reality and fantasy is very thin,eventually they all end up living in the fantasy side.