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Krystal n chips
30th Aug 2008, 06:47
Hmmmmm !......given the species as a whole are incapable of even knowing the meaning of the words factual and honest, this would seem to be a remarkably candid interview..........however......for those of us with a cynical mind it doesn't quite add up.

BBC NEWS | Business | Darling warns of economic crisis (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7589291.stm)

Lets face it, as a general rule, they don't normally slag each other off in this manner now do they ?.

So how about this ( ignore the BS from the Treasury at the bottom for now ) for another perspective.

Those "sweet young policy maker think tanks things"...the faceless ideologists whom 99.99% of the population have never heard of, come up with a "cunning plan" to attract the attention of the plebs...a "candid" interview in which the Chancellor no less uses the term "pissed off" ...the logic being the plebs can identify with this statement re politicians and oh gosh !, Nu Labour are ok really..they do understand the problems we all face and have been honest enough to admit it......lets put them in for a fourth term ( the objective of the excercise after all ! )....or there again, he could have just thought "sod this"...and decided to say as much...it's possible after all if he wants to eject before the real s$t hits the fan....known as a deep recession which the UK is already firmly established on the glide slope to arrive at.

What ever the reason(s), I don't believe for one minute this was not a carefully managed "candid" interview in contrast to a mere slip, or two, of the tongue that is.

The Treasury however, simply continue with the Party line....aka bolleaux...and life in the UK will be fine...yeah, right:rolleyes:

30th Aug 2008, 08:34
One of Darling's quotes.

The UK is facing its worst economic crisis in 60 years,

!948. Wasn't that a Labour government under Clement Atlee after a landslide victory in 1945.

30th Aug 2008, 08:47
This is Darling cutting his ties with Brown and abandoning a sinking ship.

he can now show clear water between his policies and the PMs, indirectly blame the PM for causing the problems when he was the Chancellor, and resign with "honour" if the PM contradicts or tries to override him on the next budget.

30th Aug 2008, 08:53
Whilst it is a rare treat to hear a politician speak the truth, what he has said makes me wonder what he is doing in the job in the first place

" I had no Idea things where quite as bad "
" We didn't see it comming "

Isn't this his job to forsee these things before they happen, and act on them?

puzzled :confused:

BAMRA wake up
30th Aug 2008, 09:07
Arthur, this was written back in 2005, not by a politician, but by an economist they have studiously ignored for years:

"The price of Brown's financial negligence would be a terrible one. For the best part of three years, beginning in the summer of 2001, the increase in financial liabilities of Britain's households exceeded the increase in assets. People were dangerously exposed to the vagaries of a world economy that was contracting.

If unemployment in the UK suddenly turned upwards, tens of thousands of families would be bankrupted, many of them forced to yield their homes to pay their debts. That this has not yet happened is not due to prudential management; quite the reverse.

The economy has stayed afloat because households sank into debt."

Full article here:
The Mystery Of Britain's Missing Recession (http://www.dailyreckoning.co.uk/economic-forecasts/the-mystery-of-britains-missing-recession.html)

30th Aug 2008, 09:46
BAMRA, looks like he was telling them things they did not want to hear.
Have had the same problem in flight test. ie " just because the data your seeing is not what you want to see, dosn't mean its not true data" :ugh:

Effluent Man
30th Aug 2008, 10:23
The answer is quite simple and a matter of political timing.This will have been thought out and considered rather than a piece of political shoot-from-the-hip.
The idea is to make 2008 seem the depth of economic slump.2009 we can bounce along the bottom,then as we enter 2010 the green shoots of recovery will emerge and it will be "Dont rock the boat now" by changing government.Election May 2010,likely outcome - a hung parliament and the Tory right turns furiously on Dave for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.Remember where you heard it first.

"The nicest thing about being a cynic is how often you turn out to be proved right" (copywright EM)

30th Aug 2008, 11:21
The cynic in me says this is a labour admitted last ditch attempt at regaining power...

1) economic strife and the worst housing crash in UK history predicted by UK newspapers

2) AD comes out and says its really bad

3) Noo labour following week unroll a number of measures using public purse funds to prop up ailing housing market. They are hoping it works. If it doesnt, We and they are fooked. If it does, GB goes down as the statesman that saved the UK economy and is the greatest chancellor of all time.

Yet we all know it wont work and we are all fooked.

refer you to a previous post of mine here. (http://www.pprune.org/4303660-post182.html)

The UK relies on House price growth as a major economic base. Without profligate lending, increasing house prices and mortgage equity withdrawl, the UK economy is doomed for the forseeable.

Effluent Man
30th Aug 2008, 12:15
Curiously it could be inflation that saves the day.Although I certainly wouldn't recommend it as an economic fix a couple of years at 5% or thereabouts would take the heat off the property falls.As VR observes we have seen a 12% fall already from the peak.A similar amount over the next 8-9 months,and let's face it with monthly drops of 2% that isn't at all unlikely we could see property values IN REAL TERMS down by 30-35% by next spring.This would put things back in line with historical averages and in large parts of Britain make housing affordable again.I have just seen a modern detached 2 bedroom bungalow in the local rag for 99,950 and I can't remember how long ago it was since I last saw that.

30th Aug 2008, 12:23
Poltician speaking the truth

Oxymoronic statement of the week

Krystal n chips
30th Aug 2008, 13:26
There's actually a lot more to this than the printed news item....the whole interview is contained in the Grudiads "Weekend" magazine.....and would seem to lend weight to the "bang out now and let Gordon take the rap....and few others" theory.

Well worth a read actually....and for the tight ar$d gits among us..it's only 1.50....:E

He is actually portrayed as being a rarity amongst the species.....ie he is honest and has integrity...which could, of course, be the intention when all is said and done. By the same token, I have to say that overall he came across as being more astute than we give him credit for.....and some interesting views on Cuddle chops Cameron as well......now there is one politician for whom truth is an oxymoron....as the gullible will discover around 2012.

30th Aug 2008, 19:41
Politician speaking the truth In 1812 Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated [by shooting ] by John Bellingham in the lobby of the House of Commons.
As Perceval fell to the floor he exclaimed "I am murdered, I am murdered" - these are thought to be the only verifiably true words spoken by any politician in the Houses of Parliament.

Krystal n chips
31st Aug 2008, 06:03
Oops ! ..seems our Chancellor has ruffled a few feathers....or made a few sphincters twitch to be more accurate :ok::E

Labour in turmoil over Alistair Darling gaffe - Times Online (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article4641381.ece)

Have to say that for "entertainment value" alone, I will miss Ms Yakkety yak Blears when she's gone.....but as ever,and for the moment at least, she is consistent with her divorced from reality perceptions......as demonstrated in her response above. :E

31st Aug 2008, 09:30
What did we expect after 11 years of electing illiterate, uneducated unionist types?

How many of them have been CEOs, served in the armed forces, actually held down a proper job? They, in the main are a bunch of greasy self serving lifelong politicians.

Ed Balls, case in point. The man makes my skin crawl.

Low Flier
31st Aug 2008, 11:19
The Chancellor isn't very good at arithmetic, is he?

Subtract 1,931 from 2,008 and the answer isn't 60.

Effluent Man
31st Aug 2008, 12:43
I can get the general drift of the thread,even agree with it to a large extent.What I do share with Krystal however is a strong feeling that Dave isn't the answer,merely a knee jerk reaction from the dyed in the wool Tory brigade.

What David Cameron is is a Tory central office creation in response to what focus groups have told them the electorate wants.What the electorate really wants is to pay no tax,have first rate health,education,police, defence and to have free McDonalds hanging from the branches of every tree.He is no more capable of delivering it that Brown or Darling and if he were elected the media would be slagging him off for his failure within months.

Most of those supporting him on this site don't want him anyway and would be far happier with Lord Tebbit or someone along the lines of the late,and much lamented, Alan Clark.

31st Aug 2008, 20:16
Effluent Man

As a Conservative, I can assure you that your suspicions are correct. The moment when we adopted a professional politician as leader - as opposed to someone who had done something worthwhile at some time - was the moment when we lost the moral high ground over the lickspittle apparatchiks on the other side.


Richard Taylor
31st Aug 2008, 21:02
If only, as in Blackadder, this Darling was REALLY being sent to the front line...like say Helmand province. :mad:

He got one thing right...we're ALL pissed off with them...:ugh: