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Jimmy Macintosh
29th Aug 2008, 23:31
I'm just stunned, I went into two seperate shops last night and both were selling Christmas decorations. I'm beyond stunned, summer hasn't finished yet.

Things like this should be banned until December 1 at the earliest.

Standard Noise
29th Aug 2008, 23:33
I'm beyond stunned, summer hasn't finished yet.

Wrong way round, it hasn't started yet!

29th Aug 2008, 23:41
Shops stock up with Christmas stuff and mail order companies/charities send out their catalogues the day after the August Bank Holiday. Has been ever thus sadly!



30th Aug 2008, 02:46
NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ..........

The "C" word ... the "C" word ...

Runs screaming down the corridor ... :uhoh:

30th Aug 2008, 07:19
Was in A**a a couple of weeks back and boggled at the fact, the very FACT that they had mince pies for sale...

Oh, and quite naturally the 'sell by' and 'eat by' dates were well before 25/12/08.... Last year's 'buy now or forever gorn' i suspect. :hmm:

DXWombat is running a bit late with her 'where's santa now?' posting this year isn't she? ;)

30th Aug 2008, 07:25
That was last years mince pies Radar - they're on special offer:p

My little monster is two, so I'm quite looking forward to it this time around, but not in bloody August arrgghhh!

30th Aug 2008, 07:56
:sad: sorry Para - was editing whilst you were posting.

ah well, great minds and all that... :ok:

30th Aug 2008, 08:15
What summer? I thought this was November. Why aren't the decorations up?

30th Aug 2008, 08:18
http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/newy.gif GAK!


Beatriz Fontana
30th Aug 2008, 09:32
Seen two programmes on the BBC which are repeats of Christmas editions.

That's it. This year I'm converting so I don't have to celebrate it!!

30th Aug 2008, 21:54
My little monster is two, so I'm quite looking forward to it this time around, but not in bloody August arrgghhh!

Our little man is nearly three so we are already getting mileage out of "I'll tell Father Christmas." :ok:

Romeo India Xray
31st Aug 2008, 05:50
Here in RIXland it doesn't start until late november - you get about a 4-6 week "hit" of decorations and jingles in the shops. Trees and lights go UP and on within the 1st week of DECEMBER and there is no real over commercialisation of Christmas. BLISS!!!!

It was last August that I emigrated from the UK. In the small town I lived in the Christmas decorations were already up! How I don't miss that!


31st Aug 2008, 06:01
I propose that Christmas be held once every four years, to fit in with the other major commercialised shite-fests. The schedule will run thusly:

Year 1: The Olympic Games
Year 2: The Commonwealth Games
Year 3: Christmas
Year 4: Regional Option (insert as applicable)

- Presidential Election (US)
- Invade Somewhere (Russia)
- Stage Coup d'Etat (Fiji)
- Sink Coalition Government (Winston Peters)
- Attempt to ram anti-sovereign-nation-State treaty through again with another different name (Europe)
- Rattle sabres to jack up oil prices (Iran)

31st Aug 2008, 13:29
Dunno about Christmas but the bloody fireworks have started here already!