View Full Version : Plane diverted by fog - major news story for BBC !

Andy Rylance
29th Aug 2008, 23:00
My god, how desperate are they for stories.. did they get a live camera to interview traumatised passengers.. did the passengers get mobile footage....!?

BBC NEWS | England | Bristol | Easyjet flight is diverted by fog (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bristol/7587442.stm)

Standard Noise
29th Aug 2008, 23:31
An Easyjet spokesperson said flight EZY573 was diverted before it approached Bristol and no attempt was made to land there.

Well, we've been on 27 all week so it's a shame they didn't report that either the aircraft wasn't properly equipped or the crew weren't sufficiently qualified.
Still, what would I know.

29th Aug 2008, 23:46
I must buy a license, the BBC is full of facts!

29th Aug 2008, 23:56
Well that's funny Standard Noise, I've been on 27 all week until this afternoon when I was on 09! I also had to divert this morning and go round a cloud! :}



30th Aug 2008, 08:21
Did it 'plummet' to the ground in Exeter? I think we should be told!

I flew into a cloud a few weeks ago. I haven't got over it since. I was worried, I might 'plunge' to my death.

30th Aug 2008, 09:10
I got mushroom sauce with my steak on my last flight....does that count too :}

30th Aug 2008, 09:44
Passengers say ' It wouldn't have happened if we'd have flown on British Airways. . . . '

30th Aug 2008, 10:44
Sigh. I’m no fan of the news industry, but I think some people are letting their prejudices get in the way of reality. Lets take every opportunity to slag off journalists – just how hard did you have to trawl to find that news story. It’s not exactly prominent on the BBC website. In fact, its not even linked on the South/South West news stories. To find it, one has to hunt in the local Bristol area of the BBC news to find it.

Lets consider…. The flight is due to arrive at Bristol. Presumably lots of the passengers were local, so it is not unreasonable for relatives/friends finding that it hasn’t arrived to wonder why. Of course, they could all ring up the airport individually and ask, but then you’d complain about that as well.

The purpose of LOCAL news is to inform locals. The flight was diverted, the local news identified the flight number and explained why. There was no sensationalism in the story. There are plenty of bad news stories to criticise, but picking up on every minor local report is hardly demonstrating a sensible degree of proportion.

30th Aug 2008, 11:07
Fair enough pvmw, but it doesn't qualify as news in any sense of the word. Local traffic report maybe, but not news. And realistically, where would you look if a flight you were expecting was delayed? The BBC news website wouldn't be at the top of my list.

How many train and bus delays did the BBC website report in the Bristol area during the same week?

30th Aug 2008, 12:12
Lets take every opportunity to slag off journalists

That's just the point,this is not journalism in any sense of the word,it's just an indication of it being a slow news day at the BBC.
There are probably hundreds of flights around the world diverted each day due to many factors but not many would get reported on by the main,taxpayer funded media organisation.

As for relatives etc wondering why a flight hadn't arrived well they do have flight arrival and departure information at airports,and if I was meeting someone off a flight that didn't arrive I would call the airline or ask someone at the sirport.

This sort of stuff being passed off as news is not defendable.

30th Aug 2008, 13:00
I also had to divert this morning and go round a cloud!

Did it hurt Whirls? Betcha The Sun will pay good bucks for your story.:cool::)

On a serious note (NOT) the barrier at one of the APT's entrances has been broken by a big fat BUS believe it or not. I was wondering if anyone could give me any more info on that:ugh::ugh::ugh:


DX Wombat
30th Aug 2008, 14:39
What about me? I've been flying into clouds, around clouds, through clouds and over clouds for much of this week.
It's good fun doing the IMC.:)

30th Aug 2008, 14:49
What about me? I've been flying into clouds, around clouds, through clouds and over clouds for much of this week

Yeah but remember the story was about Fog,that's much more scary!:eek::p

Standard Noise
30th Aug 2008, 16:57
We're atop a 600' hill, we don't get much fog, it's mostly cloud (although we fondly refer to it as 40kt fog) and the wind has been 12-20kts from the west for most of the week as well.

Maybe Easyjet should have been asked for the real reason why the aircraft diverted.