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28th Aug 2008, 12:10
I recently travelled to Prague from UK. On the return trip I completely forgot about the whole no liquids in hand luggage through security thing, and in my hand luggage was my soap bag with shower gel, after shave, toothpaste etc etc. I only remembered once in the queue for the x-ray with the big sign on top sayng no liquids. By this point i was knackered, and to be honest couldnt care a less if they confiscated anything so i just thought i'd try get through anyway. As my bag went through the xray machine and i walked through my x-ray machine, there were no alarms or anything, i just picked up my bag and thought..hey, that wasnt so hard!

I then looked on the securty desk's montor which shows the image of everyones luggage as it passes through, interested to see if i could see my bag and what the liquid looked like inside...i didnt see my bag..but the bag i did see made my jaw drop. The bag i saw had a bottle of wine in it (by this point im thinking they really dont actually car about liquids) and next to the bottle of wine was...i kid you not a CARVING KNIFE.....

A carving knife! clear as day, i looked at the security girl looking at the images waiting for her to pounce, but all she did was just scroll through the images not really seeming to care/pay attention...i was stunned!

surely a carving knife is one of those items you cannot bring on your hand luggage into a flight???

I had a good look at it and i cannot think of anything else it could have been..it was pretty obvious.

Dont go to Prague!!:eek:

28th Aug 2008, 12:26
That's nothing. Why in Texas, we have people who "forget" they have a handgun in their luggage. These people also often "forget" they already chambered a round. :=

28th Aug 2008, 14:07
DAL, on top of informing us here ;) please send a mail detailing time and date to this addy: [email protected]

You know that your wash-bag wasn't dangerous, and you know that a carving knife is, so alerting a supervisor would have been the right thing. Still, what with your own faux-pas and the fact that confronting security staff generally leads to nothing more than useless aggro, I can well understand that you kept schtum.

Send a mail please.

28th Aug 2008, 20:30
err, on occasions the scanning equipment will "superimpose" an additional image for training and assesment of the operator skills. Maybe this is what you saw.. however, you should have made your concerns known there and then, as Judd rightly says, send an e-mail.

28th Aug 2008, 21:35
Whilst waiting in a queue in a corridor with son, daughter and three-month old baby to be screened before leaving Nimes (FR to Luton), baby suddenly started screaming (needed feeding).
The security guard promptly identified the extent of our party (ie including me) and 'waved us through' (ie bypassing the queue for screening) so that we left the confines and were able to move to the departure lounge . . .
My two bottles of mineral water were thus undetected :E

29th Aug 2008, 04:29
There is a whole thread on this issue in Rumours and News, basically about Flight Crew Sceening, but the insanity is the same. The inmates are truly running the asylum.

Karl Bamforth
29th Aug 2008, 05:11
I picked up 10 aluminium welding rods in Kuching, they were picked up on xray but after showing them to security and explaining what they were I was allowed to fly to KL with them as hand luggage.

I was then diverted to a crashed aircraft in Terengganu. Another story.

Same thing explained to security what they were and allowed to carry them hand luggage.

Terengganu to KL same thing again.

KL to Langkawi, explained to security but they still not happy so had to run full length of airport to check them in as luggage. Paid 10RM and told to hand them to sterwards onboard. Run back through airport, tell security I have to hand them to steward. I am now allowed to proceed with them in my bag. I forgot to hand to steward and carried them as hand luggage again 10RM cost and a lot of stress later.

10 rm is not much but I almost missed the flight and ended up carrying them anyway.

29th Aug 2008, 10:24
Had people running from all over when I informed the bag-snatcher at Adelaide that my bag had a belt of empty 50cal cases in it. They all looked at them a bit frightened for a while then accepted it. I wonder what would have happened if I had carried it on...

29th Aug 2008, 12:54
Just trying to find ticket stub with exact time and date so will email info shortly.
For the record, the reason i didnt make a fuss was mainly becuase i saw the person who's bag it was, it was a young girl (mid 20's) who was there with her boyfriend...i know its a generalisation in that they didnt look like anyone who would create a problem on a flight, but it made me feel ok.

30th Aug 2008, 13:59
My wife was stopped at security at GRN because she was carrying a small-but-expensive sculpting tool with a scooped end, which had slipped into the lining of her handbag.

The Guardia, having seen that it was compltely blunt, would have let her carry it onto the aircraft, but the *gentlement* at Stansted for the return flight would probably have confiscated it from her, so escorted by a member of the Guardia Civil I went over and collected it from her before she left.

Incidently paté de fois gras is a no-no in carry-on luggage at Perpignan, we discovered.

"Fly me to the destination of my choice, or I will poison your liver !"