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28th Aug 2008, 00:09
BBC NEWS | UK | England | Hereford/Worcs | Man's 'pants' password is changed (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/hereford/worcs/7585098.stm)

Fantastic to see people with banter. lol

28th Aug 2008, 08:53
I enjoyed this one:

After being charged £20 for a £10 overdraft, 30-year-old Michael Howard of Leeds changed his name by deed poll to “Yorkshire Bank PLC Are Fascist Bastards”. The bank has now asked him to close his account, and Mr. Bastards has asked them to repay the 69p balance, by cheque, made out in his new name. (The Guardian)

I did also enjoy the comedian who suggested that Yorkshire Bank had applied to change their name at Companies House to "Michael Howard of Leeds is a [email protected] plc"....


28th Aug 2008, 09:56
Westpac? Complete ar$eh0les, if you ask me, which you did. Quite why I've stuck with them since 1982, through two corporate name changes, is beyond me.

I mean they've given me money every time I've asked for it, two mortgages (the second without even wanting a registered valuation), two extensions to one of those mortgages, three personal loans, two vehicle loans, a business overdraft, set me up with Barclays in the UK when I went over there all those years back when it was hard to get an account, honoured my bad cheques even when I didn't have an overdraft organised, phoned me when my ex-before-last was draining the joint account so I could stop it (without me asking), and only ever got really grumpy when my credit card went twice over its limit (on two occasions), and even then they let me pay it off, without going to the debt collectors, and then gave me another one with a bigger limit.

AND the chicks in the local branch always smile and use my first name. The manager once even offered me coffee.


28th Aug 2008, 10:34
Have to say that the service I get in my local HSBC branch is absolutely faultless. One of the counter staff is especially kind and helpful, which is why I married her I suppose.

She says that many of the staff who actually deal with the customers face to face are often appalled by the inconvenience caused to customers by some of the edicts sent down from HQ, for example although the branch is often very busy the staff cannot now share tills which means that at lunchtimes there is generally only one till open with the resultant queues going out into the main street.

Even worse, recently a line manager came to the branch to issue rollickings because some sales target had not been reached. On seeing the long queue she questioned each customer individually asking their reason for being in the bank and if they were merely paying in or wanting to pay bills over the counter ordered them to go away and use other methods. She then of course just disappeared leaving my wife and her colleagues to face the (to my mind) well justified moaning from the customers that they have been getting ever since.

28th Aug 2008, 10:38
i'm with the all singing, all dancing bank and have had no complaints - SO FAR!! but am shopping around other banks' investment sides as have a few pennies to invest and want to get the best deal. It's hard to see past all the sales patter as each bank can only sell their own, therefore this thread has been a godsend - thank you one and all. :ok:

28th Aug 2008, 10:44
Quite happy with H$BC, got the manager's personal DDI number (she doesn't like her customers having to call an "offshore" call centre).

Some organisations are not so "On the ball" with usernames etc. My Microsoft NET ID is "microsoftarecrap" and if you want to send me any money - send it to [email protected]


28th Aug 2008, 13:22
What do I Think Of My Bank?-I don't think I can use that sort of language even on here!
:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:'s

28th Aug 2008, 19:00
I have accounts, personal and business, with RBS, Natwest (OK pretty much the same crock of s**t), Barclays, HSBC, Co-op (ie Smile).

I keep them all because I cannot see any good reason for any bank to know about more than 20% of my affairs.

There is nothing to choose between them. Each one is dishonest to the point of criminality, incompetent, and staffed by junior staff who would be better off shelf-stacking, and senior staff whose ability to lie and cheat, and business illiteracy, never fails to amaze me. Their business processes are appalling and they commit error after error, without apology and normally while blaming their customer. I reckon conservatively that I spend at least 150 hours a year attempting to get a bank to correct a mistake, and that most of this time is spent listening to some of the most stupid recordings man could devise.

At a macro level, every time I hear a Bank promoting its services to business, or lecturing a businessman on how to run his business, I think of the fact that the credit crunch in Britain is the product of a mixture of incompetence, greed, and sheer mind-numbing stupidity on the part of senior managers of British banks. I remind myself that in each of the Banks, a group of individuals decided (in between drawing bonuses of up to £1m each) to purchase BILLIONS of pounds worth of debt owed by impoverished and insolvent citizens of the USA, secured on assets that were then and remain worthless, using and losing their customers' money as well as their investors' money, but never, of course, their own money.

Yes, these people are just the right sort to advise us, and the Government, on how to run our financial affairs. God help us all.

28th Aug 2008, 19:25
I think they are all on a par with each other; I've just about had my fill of all their stupidities!

Such as cancelling my debit card because a new one had been issued without them telling me (they upgraded my account with no consultation) and letting the new card sat in someone's out-tray for a month at the wrong branch. Because of their total incompetence, I was hugely embarrassed in front of a long queue at the local DIY store, two trollies worth of paint, tiles, wood, etc had to go back on the shelves from the checkout, I was upgrading my kitchen at the time. After holding up the disgruntled folk behind me for ten minutes, I left the shop to loud mutterings and various advice from other shoppers about ensuring I had sufficient funds next time. At the time there was a 6 figure sum sitting in that account! It took them another week to get me a debit card that worked :ugh:

And the mobile phone company I was with. I couldn't get a signal at home, at work, or for two thirds of the way between work and home. The phone was useless. I persevered for some time as they kept telling me the network was always being upgraded; they refused to let me cancel the contract early and were quite nasty about it when I finally asked. As soon as I could, I cancelled immediately, vowing never to return to darken their network aerial (well, there wasn't one).

They kept ringing me up (on my landline, obviously) for weeks afterwards, offering me hundreds of free minutes to stay as a valued customer ....... and tried to be reeeeeeeeally nice to me. I asked them why they didn't contact me on my mobile..... they couldn't. Morons. :mad:

C130 Techie
28th Aug 2008, 19:40
Similar experience with Tesco Personal Finance last year whilst I was serving in the Falklands. They upgraded my credit card without me knowing (apparently they wrote and offered me this and as I didn't reply they assumed that I wanted to go ahead). Of course being 8000 miles away from home I had never seen the letter and of course they also cancelled my existing credit card which I was using whilst away.

When I contacted them they basically said it was my fault for not replying to the letter and that there was nothing they could do about my cancelled credit card. Oh and I should be happy as the upgrade meant that I was considered to be a good customer. I did enquire as to whether I was the only serviceman on their books or whether they had screwed lots of other people about. Muppets:mad:

28th Aug 2008, 19:56
Don't like banks, never have. We think so little about our banks over here we don't have bank holidays for them. For the last 20+ years I've been with one credit union. They never make mistakes, treat me very well and have personal service. The thing that sticks in my mind about banks is that just after announcing a $6.1 billion profit for the year they will up their charges and cut service to protect their profits. I'm actually glad some of them got royally screwed in the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

29th Aug 2008, 08:34
I'm actually glad some of them got royally screwed in the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

I would be too, but it was us and the investors (ie pension funds) who got screwed because of the banks' Directors incompetence, not the banks' Directors, who waltz into the sunset with millions of our money.

29th Aug 2008, 11:27
What do you think of your bank?

Great coffee, homemade cookies, dog biscuits - very dog friendly, attractive female employees - I'm serious, this is a small neighbourhood branch of a big bank.
What more could you want?

29th Aug 2008, 11:32
My bank (HSBC) stopped letting me take money out of my account (which was several thousands in credit) with their cash machines. A walk down the road to Lloyds / Barclays / Tesco or anyother cash machine you could think of and I could get the money no problem.

The girl behind the desk kept saying there is nothing on the sysem stopping you from getting cash out but the cash machine just kept saying service is not available on your account. Still not resolved, muppets.

29th Aug 2008, 12:58

Does exactly as it says on the tin. They don't screw around. :ok:

Seriously, been with them for 8 years and never looked back. Great service and let me have a bigger mortgage very recently no question. :uhoh:

29th Aug 2008, 14:18
Never mind the banks - my beef is with Standard Life. I signed up for a 25,000 quid low cost endowment policy 25 years ago. After the heart-stopping failure of them announcing that they wouldn't make the projected amount they finally, in the final months of the policy, managed to get it back on track and squeeze in - just - above the stated amount. However......

On maturity, I signed their form and asked for the dough to be put into my UK bank rather than re-invest into another of their shonky schemes. I sent a copy of the Court Order which stated that my ex had no claim to the proceeds of the policy and it was assigned to me (one of the few things that I managed to salvage from that relationship). Now they are refusing to pay out until she gives her authority - despite the Court Order! She has, apparently written to them to give that authority. But here we are 2 months down track and the bar stewards still have my money :ugh:

29th Aug 2008, 20:25
Was with HSBC, the biggest bunch of shisters in the western hemisphere. Their outstanding achievments include stopping my debit card, because "I had asked them to", which would be correct if not completely inaccurate.

We downgraded our current account, (note the we), took them nearly three months to get one new card out, not the other. Still not had that and we are nearly five months down the line. Ah well, that account is soon to be no more.

Refusing to let me counter withdraw when I want more than the daily machine withdrawal limit. Until I jumped up and down and got my own way.

For the staff in our local branch being the most obnoxious, difficult, obstructive and generally blood pressure rising bunch of feckers know to man. Everything is too much trouble and requires lots of huffing and puffing before getting anything done. Including giving me money when the silly sods had cancelled the cards on the downgraded account without issuing new ones. I could go on.

Natwest, not the best but at least when I call I get to speak to a member of the branch staff who will at least try and assist me.

Best building society is The Chelsea, who we have been with ever since we moved into this house. Brilliantly friendly and helpful staff. :ok:

29th Aug 2008, 20:38
Was with B*r*l*ys for nigh on 30 years until they decided that they wanted to turn my request for business banking facilities with them into a complex and impersonal non-priority.

Moved to HSBC and have had nothing but great service from them ever since. Real person to talk to on the phone, personal banker to look after both my business and my private banking who is actually interested in me and my business. Bend over backwards to help every time I need something - even if it's out of the ordinary. Terrific.

Given the other posts here, guess it just proves that you can have great or sh1te experiences with any of 'em...

Standard Noise
29th Aug 2008, 20:55
I'm with the Bank of the Dancing Ethnics. You know the one that has adverts with talentless morons singing and dancing on cardboard sets. W4nkers.
Given up on the number of direct debits they've f**ked up, useless sales calls they make to get me to buy crap products.
Oh, and stopping transactions in the name of 'security' cos their system showed a transaction that never actually took place, and leaving me looking like a complete dick, unable to put the £98 worth of diesel back in the pump and suffering the 'it seems like an awfully high amount to spend at a filling station and the system flagged it up as a suspicious transaction' excuse.

F**king knobs.
But are the others any better?

30th Aug 2008, 05:24
In me early incarnation played with (the then) Natwest, RBoS, Barclays, all shite :{:mad:in the first order. Lost salary checks, lost transfers from overseas, shag awful charges at non UK ATMs. Got so hacked off one Sat morning at an ATM, walked into Nationwide (Building Society) opened a banknig account, been with them for 20 years with only one error, pretty damn good I'd say. Nice staff, nice managment, good admin and no problems with them not being one of the big clearing banks. Hey and no service charges at overseas ATMs, just prevailing exchange rates applied. Go to Nationwide folks.:ok::ok::ok::ok::ok::ok::ok:

30th Aug 2008, 13:53
It's not what I think of my bank that matters. It's more to do with how do all those that my bank seeks funding from nowadays, that might be more to the point...?! :uhoh: :8

30th Aug 2008, 14:56
My (ex now) bank, Lloyds:mad:TSB used to charge me for going overdrawn (by something like 30p), a fixed amount and then £25 a day! until i pay the money back... So i gave them the finger and went somewhere else; have no credit card, no overdraft facility, nothing to be charged for.

Of course it still takes up to 5 days for a cheque "to clear"... Cause in that time they take my money, they invest it and then make a profit.

IT'S MY MONEY, DON'T TOUCH MY MONEY!!!!!!!! Effin' :mad:

30th Aug 2008, 19:55
RE LLoyds - they have 'suspended' the fast payment system at the moment and transfers are back to '3-5 working days'. Initially they tried to put the blame on other banks but under pressure eventually came clean. As with many other banks you cannot contact your branch by phone without going via their 'help line' This takes up to 20 minutes to answer and seems to be in bongo bongo land.:mad:

Did I mention they failed to inform their customers of the suspension of 'fast payments'? No, thought not. Nearly screwed a large CHAPS payment that did.

Francis Frogbound
30th Aug 2008, 21:07
Been with Nat West since I was 16 with occasional flirtations with others. Opened my Nat west account on my 16th birthday so it will be 30 years in October. Had the same manager for the last 15 years. They may not be the best, but I've never needed to complain. Now those c***s barclays!!


Andy Rylance
30th Aug 2008, 21:46
This German passenger told me this story on the plane to the UK. His English wasn't great, but I think we get the drift. He was late 50s but obviously lots of money.

"Yes I was in majorca and met lovely girl and she said I take her out to dinner in englander when she back home. I came to englander and she was there ready for my dinner and we went out. At end of dinner i put cart on table and pay the money but the cart is no working and no good. I leave table and take cart to cash wall machine and cart is sucked but no money. I come back to table and girl and me have how you say disagreement. I no longer see girl but now I see lovely massage lady also in englander."

By the end of the story I was laughing so much of his use of word sucked and I think that his massage lady was actually a proper date and not a "massage" lady...

He complained to the bank in the UK about the sucking, but I wasn't there to enjoy that conversation!

Al R
30th Aug 2008, 23:09
Every time (every time) the banks need to answer a complaint raised to the banking ombudsman, they get invoiced £365.00. Thats whether they win or lose your complaint. So if you have a complaint, raise it, get the template bumph letter and then write back and say thank you, but I'm complaining to the BO anyway.

Then watch them sweat as you smile and suggest £100 goodwill to compensate for the hassle..