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27th Aug 2008, 15:13
Hi folks.
I was on a United flight from Chicago to Heathrow yesterday morning and before we could disembark, a couple of members of HM constabulary boarded the flight and took a coloured gentleman in economy, off of the plane and away (somewhere). Anyone any idea what it was all about ?

27th Aug 2008, 15:30
What colour was he?

27th Aug 2008, 15:31
They just needed to make the deportee numbers is all.

Loads of stuff going on at the mom, so expect similar.

Andy Rylance
27th Aug 2008, 16:09
Ring the press office, if it is public info they will tell you...

27th Aug 2008, 16:41
Phnuff, your description points to a chap who had done something more serious than a visa violation in the USA, but not serious enough to warrant Beefy Travel Companions, being deported back to Africa via LHR.

In our mob like many other's, the DEPU's (unaccompanied deportee) papers are being safeguarded by either the captain or the Purser for the flight, and upon arrival we hand the papers over the authorities and point out the DEPU to them so they can hold him until his/her next flight. Thereby avoiding the DEPU trying to get into the transit country.

The cops then accompany the DEPU to his next flight, hand his papers to the crew, board him and stand by the door until we close it. At the end station, same procedure again. Only this time, especially when it is Africa, the DEPU is often manhandled roughly off the flight and then dragged, head down, down the stairs to the platform.

While I understand and approve of deporting people who have either committed a visa violation or worse, having to point them out in Africa and knowing how they will then be treated always makes me feel pretty bad.

What makes me feel even worse is when violent DEPAs (accompanied deportees) are so scared of what happens upon arrival in their home country that they start a major battle on board the aircraft, in an attempt to get it to land anywhere but home. Since the DEPAs are always black and the coppers always white, the other pax immediately take sides along racial lines and before you know it you have the Battle of Hastings at 36 000 ft on your hands.
Transporting deportees is not the nicest aspect of the job.

Lon More
27th Aug 2008, 16:50
Transporting deportees is not the nicest aspect of the job

especially over Los Gatos (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deportee_(Plane_Wreck_at_Los_Gatos))

27th Aug 2008, 23:36
Thanks guys - He put up no fight and had more skin colour than me but all that is an aside. Its just that as someone who is regular SLF, I have never seen such an event before.

28th Aug 2008, 00:35
ConPilot should be along to explain how it should be done . . .

29th Aug 2008, 14:11
Wouldn't that be if he was transparent?

Like a jelly fish?

...and X-ray Man (tm)?

29th Aug 2008, 18:43
Probably paid for the ticket with a stolen credit card.

It happens. :uhoh:

30th Aug 2008, 08:37
Had something similar happen in a previous job. An African guy worked in my section. It was a nightshift. Around six the shift manager arrived and told me he was moving him. I protested that he couldn't just take my staff and move them to another area just like that. He just said that personnel issues were his responsibility.

Later I saw the manager with the man's work coat and badge.

He was never mentioned again. His car remained in the car park for days afterward. But he all but vanished. It was like Stalinist Russia.

Speculation centred on his having false papers and was taken away by the police. But we never knew. :confused: