View Full Version : Athlete funding advice sought.

coley chaos
27th Aug 2008, 12:55

I have a daughter who is just below Olympic level in the swimming pool. She has just completed her first year at Uni and has had her most successfull years swimming gaining her first GBR senior international cap in Canada last month as part of a 2012 group and just missed out on Olympic selection this time around. She was a European Youth Olympian in 2003 at the age of 13 swimming with Rebecca Adlington and Fran Hallsal and are the only 3 female swimmers left swimming from that team.

Her performances after Youth Olympics plateaued as she went through differing growing spurts, but she is with the right coach in the right Uni and is focused towards 2012.

She recieves no funding from British Swimming (although she is being "monitored") or other avenues at present, even though her acheivements warrant such funding. Is there anyone here who knows of other funding opportunities either from individual companies or from agencies that we might be put onto?

We have tried several options to date, but wish to spread the search. We are not in this to achieve anything other than individual athlete funding/sponsorship to enable better opportunities.
On a personal note, I have been funding this myself for 8 years now, and have reached the point of having to persue additional funding.