View Full Version : Can I knock me house down?

26th Aug 2008, 23:44
Been searching for info on 'net regarding ins and outs of demolishing one's small old, cold, crumbling, ugly detached home (with a view to a rebuild) and can find nothing. (I'm not very good at searching 'net).

Would appreciate any pointers to sites or first hand experience.

Many thanks



26th Aug 2008, 23:57
Can I knock me house down?

Not to worry, I'll send my youngest son over and he'll knock it down accidentally. :p

27th Aug 2008, 00:02
You live on a corner?

Spray the road with some water and wait for the rev head to lose it. :ok:

27th Aug 2008, 00:06
I think you should first contact the planning department at your LA. Move on from there.
I would strongly advise you not to proceed until you have. They hold details of every property in their area and need to know of any changes.
You would, most certainly be breaking planning law to go ahead without consulting them.

27th Aug 2008, 01:04
Con-pilot - OK will PM address - but please advise it has to be demolished quietly.

Red - don't live on a corner - I live in the actual house - thanks anyway.

Avitor - thanks



27th Aug 2008, 01:28
The smart way is to construct the replacement (either inside or outside the existing structure) then simply remove the original fabric.
A work colleague did precisely that (in Balsall Common) and converted a temporary prefabricated dwelling into a more substantial (structurally and dimensionally) building.
Apparently, after a period of seven years (unchallenged) the local authority cannot do anything to enforce compliance . . .

There was a recent case of a farmer who constructed a (substantial) dwelling shielded by stacks of straw bales. In due time he removed the straw . . .
Hay presto! Farmer unveils the 'illegal' mock-Tudor castle he tried to hide behind 40ft hay bales | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-510161/Hay-presto-Farmer-unveils-illegal-mock-Tudor-castle-tried-hide-40ft-hay-bales.html)

27th Aug 2008, 04:59
Con...sounds like you're son is quite capable and perhaps there's a story there. Do tell.... ;)

27th Aug 2008, 08:16
where's Giingernuts?! :confused:

Effluent Man
27th Aug 2008, 09:25
Cron, The first consideration is whether any relevant factors exist.Obviously it isn't listed,you are not in a Conservation Area,Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Site of Special Scientific Interest?.Assuming you pass all these tests go to the local council planning department and ask if any relevant Policies apply.It has become common in recent times for people to buy small crappy bungalows and replace them with large houses.Many councils have adopted policies such as a maximum increase in the footprint area of 50% and in the case of a bungalow may insist on a like-for-like replacement i.e. no 2nd storey.It is worth speaking with neighbours to see if objections might arise,local Councillors to get their views.Don't forget Councillors overrule planners and ultimately you can appeal against any decision you feel is unreasonable.Come back to me if you want any more info I sat on a Planning Committee for 14 years.

27th Aug 2008, 11:00
Effluent Man is correct .
This is a planning issue but in my experience applications to demolish and rebuild succeed ( although I have seen the odd one that went to appeal )
You dont say how big the plot is but if its suitable and access is OK you should get permission for two or even three houses .