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26th Aug 2008, 19:43
Thought you might enjoy this from an email from a friend:


Topical or what?

26th Aug 2008, 20:40
You're going straight to hell for that one!!!

26th Aug 2008, 20:46
And he'll be in damned good company!:p

26th Aug 2008, 20:48

Ryanair would deliver you Nitrogen - it's close enough!



Beatriz Fontana
26th Aug 2008, 21:15

Marvellous! Well spotted!

Romeo India Xray
27th Aug 2008, 06:39
How about Pay per Breath? Could start that one off on emergency oxygen (damn those candles are expensive to replace, so why should the PAX get it for free - right?), but move it on to AC Packs in the interest of performance degredation by bleed air.

"Ladiies and Gentlemen - before we commence our safety briefing you must all take a lung capacity test. This will be used to calculate your Oxygen requirements for this flight. You will be charged only for the air that you use. For those wishing to pay by credit or debit card there will be an additional 5 Euro surcharge."

27th Aug 2008, 07:27
why do safety cards still show ciggies?
how much a life jacket?

Romeo India Xray
27th Aug 2008, 09:47
Word is:
Life Jacket 20 Euro
Gas canister to inflate it 40 Euro
Obligatory credit card charge 5 Euro

Total 65 Euro

Very Small Print Bit - The prices quoted are for a child Life Vest. The prices for an adult version are 150 and 300 Euro respecively. This charge will be taken from your credit card upon booking (along with the obligatory CC charge), so we have your money should you need the vest. You will have to fight us with the best lawyers you can afford to get your money back in the event of you not using the aforementioned item of equipment.

We trust you have enjoyed your on-time ditching with FR. If you have any complaints will you kindly F:mad:k off!

27th Aug 2008, 13:36

Is Matt a secret PPRuNer...?