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26th Aug 2008, 03:51
Hi ,

Don't know if i am in the right place but hopefully someone might have some advice for me .

I am researching thr recipients of the F S F H awards and i am having difficulty in finding any information concerning some of its earliest recipients .

In particular 1970 First Officer James E. Hartley (posthumously), Eastern Air Lines

Has anyone any idea as to how and why F/O james hartley received his award . It was given in 1970 but i cannot find any information for that year relating to an air accident? incident involving Eastern Airlines? .

Would anyone know anything This ?

Thanks to all

Brian Abraham
26th Aug 2008, 05:49
Hi dick, the only info I could find is that a passenger hi-jacked the aircraft using a pistol. (DC-9 on a flight from Newark to Boston) A struggle occurred during which both pilots and a passenger were shot. First Officer J. E. Hartley was killed. The Captain landed the aircraft. One report says the hi-jacker wanted to commit suicide. See
NYC70IN101 (http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_id=3196&key=0)

26th Aug 2008, 11:45
Thanks Brian

I could not find anything at all on the incident so you have been a really great help .
It really is apreciated .

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Brian Abraham
27th Aug 2008, 03:52
dick, I dug up this in the "Flight" magazine archive. Page 1970 | 0506 | Flight Archive (http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1970/1970%20-%200506.html)
THE co-pilot of an Eastern Airlines DC-9 was killed and, the captain injured in a shooting incident on March 17. The aircraft was operating the New Jersey-Boston shuttle service,' on which fares are collected during the flight by the cabin staff. One of the 68 passengers told a stewardess that he did not have the fare and, drawing a revolver, demanded to see, the captain. Reports indicate that some 15min later, as the aircraft was approaching Boston, four shots were fired on the flight deck. Captain Robert Wilbur, despite being wounded in both arms, completed a safe night approach and landing.'