View Full Version : Which airline has the best/worst TV advert?

Wee Willy McGorbals
25th Aug 2008, 23:24
I used to think that Flyglobespan took the award for the most cringe worthy/tackiest TV advert of all time until I saw the local Scottish weather on TV sponsored by Flybe "your local airline" based in Exeter of all places, what?????:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:: confused::confused::confused

26th Aug 2008, 04:44
bmi time or whatever that means, i have never understood any of bmi TV adverts the money would be far better spent on repainting the miss mass of aircraft livery

26th Aug 2008, 06:18
Flyglobespans is defintely the most cringeworthy but then again you do remember such crap although it doesn't really inspire you to fly with them. FlyBe will be sponsoring the local Scottish news due to their deal with Loganair.

26th Aug 2008, 07:34
bmi's best was the "civil aviation" strand that rolled out the transition from British Midland to bmi British Midland... sweet little vignettes demonstrating how civil and kind the bmi staff were. They're advertising contract seems to have been thrown about like a game of pass the parcel since then; nothing's captured the same spirit.

26th Aug 2008, 10:57
Civil Aviation was lovely. The bmi time ones are quite easy to understand if not always accurate i.e. all the lights going green = everything running smoothly.

26th Aug 2008, 13:06
I notice that most airline tv adverts show each passenger with extended leg room
Singapore Airlines actually got done by the UK Advertising Standards Authority for this a while back, showing pax in economy seats in a cabin with nothing in front of them.

If we are going for "Best" TV ad, I can still remember the BEA one from the late 1960s where an aircraft flies over a bus queue with bowler-hatted commuters (anachronistic even then, certainly for bus travel) standing waiting, one looks at his watch and casually says to the other "8.50 Trident". If I've retained it for 40 years it must have been memorable. Pity the airline's gone.

26th Aug 2008, 13:56
Best airline ad of all time WITHOUT DOUBT is the old BA flower duet one with the groups of people forming together to make images. Sadly the good old days of such ads are gone. Also good ones were the old Aer Lingus Gabriels Oboe ad and their True Colours one, KLMs Swans and Americans post 9/11 ads.

26th Aug 2008, 14:28
"I wish they all could be Caledonian...." - I'll let others decide whether these were amongst the best or worse. Thought they were good fun myself.

26th Aug 2008, 14:42
DCP - My thoughts exactly when I began reading this thread! They always feature a half empty business class. Never economy with half the bogs U/S.

But then that's advertising for you. Whenever something like kitchen floor cleaner is advertised, have you seen the size of the kitchens? Bloody football pitches more like. And the Doris always smiles when the dog chunders over the floor or whatever.

Back to thread, loved the BCal ads mentioned above, didn't like the BA series. What has a group of people on a desert island forming themselves into the shape of an eye got to do with LHR-SIN?

26th Aug 2008, 15:42
Virgin Atlantic. Upper Class.:ok:

luvly jubbly
26th Aug 2008, 16:56
Just look up "Lynx Jet" on you tube....

You are in for a treat,

second to that would be "yorkshire airlines" from hale & pace

26th Aug 2008, 17:18
Not quite an airline advert, although it is shot in an aircraft.

Cinzano advert with the late Lenoard Rossiter & Joan Collins.

"getting your head down sweetie, jolly good idea"

A cut above

26th Aug 2008, 20:04
"I wish they all could be Caledonian...."

I still find them hilarious. Bad, but hilarious

26th Aug 2008, 20:44
The iconic ones were probably the BA ones.

"Fly the world's favourite airline."

Abit debateable now!:ok:

26th Aug 2008, 21:13
BCal without doubt.

airodyssey.net - Multimedia (TV Commercials - British Caledonian) (http://www.airodyssey.net/multimedia/tvc-bcal.html)

"We never forget you have a choice"....until Feb 1988 when BA took them over.:(

26th Aug 2008, 21:33
YouTube - Yorkshire Airlines (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPjJFv1NDBg)

Cos if its not in Yorkshire, its not worth bloody visiting!!

27th Aug 2008, 05:07
TWA (or Try Walking Across) ' Up, Up and Away'

27th Aug 2008, 10:06
The advert has plenty of cheese smothered across it, BOAC - Goodnight Sgt Major, 1969

YouTube - 1969 BOAC Sgt. Major (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuoV0mfxdUI&feature=related)

Cap'n Arrr
27th Aug 2008, 12:09
This (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh5W4TLa0xE) one gets my vote for best :ok:

27th Aug 2008, 17:01
I thought the BCAL ads featuring a very pi$$ed David Frost were somewhat cringe-making. IIRC he was signed on for 6 ads for a megabucks fee and only made 2, maybe 3. Think he probably sobered up before HRH invited him round for tea, biccies and knighthood.

irish laddie
27th Aug 2008, 20:14
Surprised this one hasent mentioned this Aer Lingus classic from the 1980's.

YouTube - Aer Lingus - 'You're Home' Advert (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_i3iX6ozvI)

While the ad of course doesent mention the rediculously high emigration at the time or the need for a mortage for a Dublin-London ticket, it does I feel sum up the way flying used to be!