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25th Aug 2008, 20:29
Piece in latest Flightpath, Vol 20 No 1 -


After stepping out of the Spitfire in 1945, F/L Ted Sly gave up any notion of continuing to fly and returned to the land. However, Ted has always maintained an interest and desire to return to the skies once more. Some 67 years after his first solo in Rhodesia during the Second World War and just prior to his 90th birthday, the amazing Ted has soloed again.

Ted took up flying again to draw attention to the plight of locals to save the Heritage Listed Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome on the north coast of NSW from "inappropriate development by local council". Ted contacted John Gardon, CFI and owner of Flight North to get his flying up to date in the Foxbat.

Ted's family are about to buy him "a little Italian job - a real sleek machine," Ted quipped. "But it won't be no Spit." On the fight to save Evans Head, Ted says: "I decided, rather than relying on other people's reports, I'd better obtain a flying licence to keep an eye on what's happening there. This Second World War aerodrome is a living memorial to those who gave their lives defending freedom in Australia. The Federal Government needs to step in and resume this aerodrome from the council".

(If you have a thing about the DH88 Comet, look out for this issue of Flightpath. Cover picture and some other brilliant air-to-airs of a replica of Grosvenor House flying today in California.)

25th Aug 2008, 21:14
It just goes to show. You are NEVER too old. Well done Mr Sly.

25th Aug 2008, 21:19
I wonder how many of us will be in diapers, if we even make it there at all? Awesome generation, and real pilots!

My respect, Sir.

31st Aug 2008, 19:05
How many pilots are alive who have flown before 1939?

Papa Whisky Alpha
31st Aug 2008, 19:35
I have a friend who was commissioned and received his wings the year I was born, I am 77 years old in September!

31st Aug 2008, 20:39
My old man, actually.

Ok, he was 'only' a glider-pilot as a young lad, did some hops off of dunes in the SG-38 "Schaedelspalter". Mind you, I fly gliders and I know some pretty damn good glider-pilots, definately real!

( Schaedelspalter translates as 'skull-splitter'! Aptly named, see here: http://hometown.aol.de/_ht_a/schallodenbach1/images/Fluggerat_Schadelspallter.jpg )

When the little-moustache fellow decided it would be a nice idea to go pick on the neighbours and he had to enlist, he did not go on with the flying though, ended up in the navy.

He's still going strong at 87. Took him on a flying-safari in Africa in November last year, loved it!