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22nd Feb 2002, 15:28
Hi all,

every morning this week somebody has sent me a virus. It is attached to an email as a .pif file with various characters in the filename. If I have the preview pane open in Outlook Express, the attachment tries to autorun when I click on the email but fortunately I have the patch from Microsoft that asks me if I want to run it first.

All well and good, but I would like to find out where this email is coming from! The subject line says ' Width ' and the sender is ' Info '. My question is, can I click on Block Sender without releasing the virus, or preferably how can I find out who the sender is without releasing the virus?

I have updated my antivirus software, but it doesn't pick this one up, and I can't find any reference to it anywhere. Anybody know anything about it?

22nd Feb 2002, 22:47
With the preview panel off, you can highlight the message then select Properties from the File menu (top right). However, the from address is almost certainly either spoofed (ie. not real) or is that of an innocent party whose identity has been lifted from someone's address book (eg. BadTrans virus).

But well done for trapping it yourself. A-V software will only stop known viruses, and then only if you update regularly and faithfully. Someone has to be the first to be attacked.

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