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22nd Aug 2008, 19:34
Don't know if there's another thread on this programme, but I did notice something...

Firstly, the judges all first arrived in separate helicopters, then they were all driven to wherever in a flash limo, again separately. Their carbon foot print must be huge!

Secondly, did anyone else notice that the registration on Simon Cowell's helicopter is:


I kept looking, as I thought it had to be my eyes, but it's definately that reg. Or do I need to go to specsavers?


22nd Aug 2008, 20:18
G-PIMP (http://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=60&pagetype=65&appid=1&mode=detailnosummary&fullregmark=PIMP)

I could suggest some even better registrations for him...

By the way, anyone seen who owns G-OCOK?

22nd Aug 2008, 22:23
Like Simon Cowell would be riding in the back of an R44 - the whirlybird equivilant of the C152! The footage they shot of him quietly chatting about the forthcoming audition, apparantly sat in the back of said R44 (with no headset and no camera movement due to motion) kinda gave it away too but it was a pimpy registration nonetheless. Agree about the carbon footprint point - surely in this day and age that was a boo boo? Love the show though, especially these early rounds where we get to see Cowell slag off all the gebbits who turn up from Gebbitville genuinely thinking they have 'the X-Factor'. :}


22nd Aug 2008, 23:21
Mr. Cowell strikes me as the sort of man who is less bothered about his "carbon footprint" than Jeremy Clarkson. And frankly I don't blame them.

23rd Aug 2008, 07:22
If one believes in Carbon Footprints then congratulations, you are joining those who believe/d in witches, dragons, fools gold, flat earth, UFO's, etc......

The Al Gore, hysterical, save the world socio-political Greenies! :rolleyes:

23rd Aug 2008, 07:25
Having spent some time with Simon Cowell, I can say that he is a top bloke.

23rd Aug 2008, 08:50
In that case we can agree that the UKs X-Factor is good for rotary wing aviation !!

24th Aug 2008, 08:43
The reason, of course, that they all arrive in separate helos', cars, etc. is simply that, should there be a catastrophic accident if they were all in one helo, the loss to the world would be ABSOLUTELY IMMENSE, and the country would be in mourning for ages!!!!. I do, however, having seen a couple of episodes [I have yet to establish why I did that], agree that Simon Cowell is the only judge worth listening to!!

24th Aug 2008, 09:54
aviate1138, if you say there are no witches or Dragons, you have never met my ex-mil, or wife. :mad: