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21st Aug 2008, 21:49
Candour makes news these days because we are drowning in a blancmange of PC-mumbo jumbo. Molony made two simple observations. First, there are “beauty-disadvantaged women” in the world. Surely we need not quibble over that. Some women are beautiful. Some fall short in the beauty stakes.

Janet Albrechtsen Blog | The Australian (http://blogs.theaustralian.news.com.au/janetalbrechtsen/index.php/theaustralian/comments/pretty_girls_need_not_travel_to_mount_isa/)

22nd Aug 2008, 02:05
I can see a resurgance in the phrase - " geezuz must've had me beer goggles on last night"

22nd Aug 2008, 02:34
Global coverage for free!

Metro man
22nd Aug 2008, 03:04
With the standard of male on offer in the Isa these women would be right at home. Singlet, shorts, thongs, beer belly, unshaven, cigarette dangling from the mouth and a stubby in the right hand. Perfect match :E

22nd Aug 2008, 05:42
Yeah - and the men look even worse

Pinky the pilot
22nd Aug 2008, 11:41
Like the poster on the door to the Men's, off the 'front' bar at the Birdsville Pub (outback Queensland for those who don't know.) says,

''Have another beer. You're still ugly!''

22nd Aug 2008, 12:10
I bought a tee-shirt from the main hotel (pub) in Coonabarrabran (sp?), NSW which had the phrase "The Coonabarrabran Hotel -- Liquor in the front; Poker in the rear." :E

Devlin Carnet
22nd Aug 2008, 14:00
Carefull Angels, Blue Diamond will have your guts for garters for telling that joke.

22nd Aug 2008, 22:19
Wait,theres more...:uhoh:


Mount Isa the "beer goggle capital of Australia",

By Trent Dalton

August 23, 2008 12:00am

JACKY John the boilermaker slammed his VB schooner on the bar of Mount Isa's Barkly Hotel and announced his long-awaited return to the dating scene.

With several thoughtful strokes of his chin, he settled on the essential attributes for his Mrs Right.

"Nice tits," he said.

The 48-year-old hopeless romantic then outlined his dream date.

"Go down to a nice waterhole, throw down the swag, have a quiet drink . . . chat . . ." he said.

If Mrs Right got lucky, Jacky might even show her some moves - and we don't mean where he sets farts on fire.

The brutal truth, however, is that in a town where men reportedly outnumber women five to one, Jacky may never find his perfect match. This is a town where even the stray dogs struggle to find a willing mate.

Things are so grim in The Isa that Mayor John Molony this week invited the nation's "ugly ducklings" to waddle their genetically awkward frames into town, where they could find esteem-soaring comfort in the arms of desperate - and cashed-up - miners.

Ugly women mayor a 'hero'

If the ducklings lost their way, of course, they would need only to head for the giant cylindrical chimney rising majestically out of the town.

"Often those who are beauty-disadvantaged are unhappy. They need to proceed to Mount Isa where happiness awaits," the Mayor said.

I won't say sorry, mayor says

Inexplicably, Mount Isa's women didn't warm to Molony's words. In the Barkly Hotel, local Kaz used two words to describe her Mayor: One rhymed with rockbed and the other was rude.

After 200-or-so locals descended upon Molony's office threatening to swiftly cut his votes off, Malony apologised.

The latest on the unrepentent mayor

"I do not believe the women of Mount Isa are beauty-disadvantaged," he said.

In the Barkly, 40-year-old crane driver "Bull" was in full support of his Mayor's bold initiative. Bull said there were two types of women in Mount Isa: The ones on medication and the ones that should be on medication.

In the centre of town, 25-year-old local girl Nadia Vazquez walked her Brisbane-based boyfriend Brett Dendle up to the Mount Isa lookout, a popular dating spot. Vazquez, to borrow from Mayor Molony's book of ornithological descriptors for women, was a veritable swan.

"Who's he to talk about ugly ducklings?" she said.

"He's no Prince Charming."

Vazquez works in an art shop in town. She knows an oil painting and had some advice for Mount Isa men struggling in the dating game: "Change out of your work clothes."

Across town, the manager of the Overlander Hotel was nursing a black eye. He was the man who called Mount Isa the "beer goggle capital of Australia", a comment that hit headlines around the world, from London to New York.

"Don't mention me name," he said.

"These women want my blood. They want to kill me."

It appeared The Isa's women had already got to the fidgety publican. He had a broken front tooth to accompany the black eye.

"I just got punched out while waiting for a cab," he said.

Despite his injuries, the publican held true to his beliefs.

"There's too many men and not enough eligible women," he said.

Ray Mackereth, publisher of Queensland's only gay and lesbian magazine, had a solution: "Maybe they should open a gay bar."


Metro man
23rd Aug 2008, 02:05
Some of the Sheilas out in the Aussie bush are rough as guts and make chav girls on British council estates look like products of the Cheltenham Ladies College in comparison. Welcome, Introduction (http://www.cheltladiescollege.org/welcome/)

A gay bar would be a viable option when faced with some of these women, beer only goes so far in clouding the senses. Still these days there's internet porn and cheap airfares to SE Asia. ;)

I've been to Mt Isa and some of the women are more masculine than, miners, roadworkers, dockers and the army.

23rd Aug 2008, 07:10
I've been to Mt Isa and some of the women are miners, roadworkers, etc.

Pinky the pilot
23rd Aug 2008, 11:06
Some of the Sheilas out in the Aussie bush are rough as guts

As I once mentioned in another thread yonks ago, I once had a Mallee Farmer's Daughter as a Girlfriend. Her idea of foreplay was an elbow in my ribs accompanied by the words ''You awake?'':eek:

But struth, was she all woman!!!!!!:ok::EUnfortunately there is not a smilie to denote sheer physical exhaustion!

BAMRA wake up
23rd Aug 2008, 12:13
I've been to Mt Isa and some of the women are more masculine than, miners, roadworkers, dockers and the army

Mt Isa, twinned with Aberdeen!

23rd Aug 2008, 12:51
Now now, my sister used to teach at Cheltenham Ladies and they are all very noyce!

23rd Aug 2008, 19:54
I was stationed in Mt Isa for three years during the 90's and the two in tinny's post are Isa A-list candidates. Friend of mine (female) used to refer to the Mt Isa men as "LOMBARD's" .......Lots Of Money But A Real D!ckhead.