View Full Version : Doncaster allows Gay Pride to march, but not the RBL.

Al R
21st Aug 2008, 20:11
Veterans' parade cancelled due to 'lack of facilities' weeks after gay pride march is held | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1047596/Veterans-parade-cancelled-lack-facilities-weeks-gay-pride-march-held.html)

"War heroes have blasted a council after being forced to abandon plans for a Veterans' Day parade due to lack of official support. Councillors in Doncaster were heavily involved in a gay pride march last weekend and local dignitaries the focal point of the annual Civic parade earlier in the summer." Doncaster elected Mayor Martin Winter in 2002, to make decisions like this.

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21st Aug 2008, 20:22
Its a sign of the times. Next week will be the color-disadvantaged weight-challenged lesbians turn.

And I didn't put anything contentious in the above so here's hoping its not deleted!

Al R
21st Aug 2008, 20:34
I think I'd quite like to see a lesbians turn. :hmm:

Airborne Aircrew
21st Aug 2008, 20:48
What surprises me is that you are surprised...

Al R
22nd Aug 2008, 07:30
I dropped Winter a line last night. He's the guy who, when he realised he was coming to the end of his second and final term (iaw Labour Party rules).. he left the party.

Prescott's vision for local, elected democracies suggested we'd all be exposed to credible, local g'ment. I said at the time, that all we'd get would be another layer of beaurocracy obsessed second class politicians who couldn't hack it on the main stage, and all hell bent of feathering their own nests and to hell with the people. The way Doncaster Council's excuses about this have twisted and turned, show how completely devoid of integrity it is.

I'm sure that ARRSE, Goat and Rum Ration have picked up on this, but perhaps if they haven't, could someone who also is a member there let them know?

22nd Aug 2008, 07:52
Perhaps it's just that far, far more people would turn up to watch a Veteran's parade than would want to watch a few homosexuals blowing whistles? Hence the facilities will only cope with a small crowd?

22nd Aug 2008, 13:41
Ok, Beagle, I'll bite.
Exactly how does a homosexual blow a whistle ??:ok:

22nd Aug 2008, 17:11
Homosexual Dinosaur

Myringpiece Rex ?

Strangelove PhD
22nd Aug 2008, 17:56
Homosexual Dinosaur

Tendersoreass ?

22nd Aug 2008, 18:59
Whatever next....Beagle 'Webbering' by GAS ?

23rd Aug 2008, 00:30
You know I really hate to say this, as I lived in England and still love it to this day;

But, England is turning into a really, really big San Francisco. :(

tony draper
23rd Aug 2008, 10:34
Watch out for pink helicopters following yer about Mr B.:E

Sailor Vee
23rd Aug 2008, 12:02
You mean pink choppers, surely! :E