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7th Sep 2001, 11:50
I was reliably informed earlier this year that some time this year they would be building the SBY runway at Stansted. So far the only work I have seen being done is the sowing of new grass between HA and HD. Does this mean it will be a grass strip?
Anyone got any further news?
Don't get me wrong, this is not a life changing question I need answering, just out of interest.

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7th Sep 2001, 14:10
Think its been delayed by Uttlesford council requiring a planning appication because its not going to be constructed from the taxiway as per the original approval..

Final 3 Greens
7th Sep 2001, 20:47
I saw an airport paper recently that says it will be constructed using the taxiway and will be circa 2200M long.

The delay (As I recall) is due to getting planning permission, as the CAA are now saying it should have an ILS, whereas the original planning permission was for a visual strip.

Forgive me if I have got any of the details wrong, as i didn't take too much notice, but thats what I recall.

Luke Mc
8th Sep 2001, 00:08
Will this be a proper second runway for STN or a GA/commuter runway?

Stan Sted
8th Sep 2001, 02:56
Second runway is simply an upgraded taxiway and will be used only if 05/23 is u/s. The 'new' runway is far too close to the existing track to be used in tandem.

This really is a very old story and has been thrashed out on PPRuNe several times in the past.
However, there have been whispers rumbling on for a few years about a PROPER second runway being built to the east of the field, with the new terminal complex slap bang in the middle.
It all makes sense but local residents are definitely anti in a big way. This really is many, many years off (I think!).

cheers SS