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21st Aug 2008, 01:12
Authorities today will use an inflatable sling in an attempt to unite a baby humpback whale with other whales in a bid to save its life.

The listless and abandoned calf - who has been named Colin - has not eaten for at least five days, and has been attempting to suckle boats around Pittwater, apparently mistaking them for its mother.

"A senior vet [from Taronga Zoo] examined the whale last night and, while the whale is not distressed, his condition has deteriorated as he hasn't fed in days," a NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said.

"The plan today is to use an inflatable sling to try to get the whale further out to sea where he might hook up with another pod of whales.

"That's probably its best bet."

It was hoped the sling would be more effective in reuniting the whale calf with a lactating female than previous efforts had, she said.

"Previously the whale was lured out to sea by following a yacht that it thought was its mother, but then it turned around and came back in because I think it was still attached to the yacht.

"If we can get it into the sling, we can get it further out to the ocean into deeper water and hopefully closer to another pod of whales."

Rescue measures such as feeding the whale baby formula through a tube or trying to raise it in captivity have been dismissed as impossible by whale experts.

Finding a lactating female to accept the calf was the best best, although even this was unlikely, experts have said.

"If a lactating female with a calf goes past and this calf approaches that animal it may accept it, but ... it's a very slim chance," NPWS spokesman John Dengate said.

Meanwhile, as the young calf's plight sparked passionate discussion on blogs and social-networking sites, its battle for survival has also made international news. CNN, BBC and international wire news services have all covered the story.

Scientist Karl Kruszelnicki told a breakfast TV program this morning that, while it was important not to prolong the whale's agony, attempts to save its life could reveal lessons that would be valuable if a baby whale was similarly abandoned in the future.

He said the story of its fight had "gone from science, into ethics, into politics and into tourism".

How sad!!:{:{:{

21st Aug 2008, 01:40
Maybe he/she isn't keen on making the trip south and being 'examined' by the whalers...er sorry...researchers.

21st Aug 2008, 01:57
Here's hoping they will not have to krill it. :uhoh:

21st Aug 2008, 02:09
Here's hoping they will not have to krill it.

Nice one Tinny.

Few years ago, possibly more, there was an adult stranded on a beach in the states. The poor thing died eventually. Civil authorities had the bright idea of carcass removal by TNT, I kid you not.

The results were somewhat less than desired, not pretty and very much aromatically challenged. :eek:

Buster Hyman
21st Aug 2008, 03:15
Geez. The things you see when the fleet's in port.....:rolleyes:

Besides...Isn't Colin the Humpback Whale one of the Wiggles???:confused:

Arm out the window
21st Aug 2008, 05:11
Not sure about that, but isn't it amazing how the whale's name is just like one of our human ones? What an incredible coincidence; there must be a god.:hmm:

Whiskey Oscar Golf
21st Aug 2008, 07:35
Without being too politically incorrect, how much are we going to spend to save "colin"? Could that money be maybe better spent saving people somewhere in the world? It is sad to see the calf pining for it's mum, but at the end of the day there are a few humbacks about these days, just ask our Japanese friends. I saw a heap recently and maybe the best thing for "colin" is a holland and holland .500 express. Harsh, sure, but a bit more logical than trying to feed it a tanker of milk a day. I don't think flying over it with tv squirrels makes "colin" any happier either. Still, we all get to "feel" for him.

Arm out the window
21st Aug 2008, 08:40
Yes, I was taken to task this morning by my wife for expressing the view that people only care about 'Colin' because they can see his predicament, sad that it admittedly is.
There's all kinds of baby animals dying in the wild all the time, and I bet your average taxpayer isn't going to want to cough up too much to save them all. The media love him, that's for sure - maybe they can contribute a few bucks to help him out of trouble.

21st Aug 2008, 09:16
vapilot2004: here you go!

YouTube - Exploding Whale (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GoHGrEX1e8)

Chimbu chuckles
21st Aug 2008, 09:31
Now that was funny...it never occurred to them to simply tow it out to sea?

Brian Abraham
21st Aug 2008, 09:51
Could that money be maybe better spent saving people somewhere in the world
Playing devils advocate WOG, but don't we have too many people as it is? Just need volunteers to become Soylent Green.

Whiskey Oscar Golf
21st Aug 2008, 10:07
Mr Abraham I agree to a certain extent, I can think of a few right now.I was just making the point we could use the dollars better elsewhere.

On a final note News.au have just reported Colin is due for the Bullet tonight sometime. Alas Poor Colin I knew him well, sleep soundly and dream of the thrill of the Krill.

P.S. Sorry for stealing your pun Mr Tinpis, I also thought it was very good.

On a side note, re the exploding whale. I flew past a dead humpy about a month ago and there were a truckload of noahs feeding on it. There was the biggest great white I've seen chomping away happily. We prayed we didn't go down anywhere near it given the activity.

21st Aug 2008, 23:10
The baby humpback whale stranded in a Sydney waterway will be euthanased some time today, wildlife authorities say.

The decision was made at a meeting of NSW Parks and Wildlife Service workers, scientists and representatives of other agencies.

Rescuers have opted against making another attempt to shepherd the starving 4.5 metre whale calf into open water.

Affectionately named Colin, the calf is believed to be about two or three weeks old.

It was first spotted on Sunday, nuzzling up to a yacht in the northern Sydney waterway, apparently searching for its mother.

A veterinary report late this afternoon found the animal was in a very poor condition and would probably not live through tonight.

The mammal is suffering from previous shark inflicted injuries, is experiencing breathing difficulties and its flukes are hanging down.

A very sad day when we as humans can't help a poor distressed Whale!:{

21st Aug 2008, 23:23
Hey, I've read about cats adopting pups, dogs suckling cats, dogs suckling piglets, and dogs suckling lion cubs. Have they considered a lactating hippo or an orca in some marine park (not a dog silly - unless it was a very big labrador bitch I guess)...?! Anyway, how do you go about locating a pod which might have a lactating female and might adopt another? Maybe the navy could use their high-powered sonar devices (whatever makes them beach), then we could airlift Colin over there and then...there I go, rambling on incoherently again.

I know, maybe if Capt. Kirk and the USS Enterprise are in the vicinity and searching for whales like in the movie, after beaming the 2 humpbacks up from California and saving the planet, they could warp speed over to Oztralia and beam up Colin too...? Humankind are so great but even all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Things look extremely gloomy for Colin but he's only a whale. If he's lucky, he'll be reincarnated as a pudicat in his next life and I'll get a chance to save him.Life is cruel but we can always make it worse.

Buster Hyman
22nd Aug 2008, 00:32
No good airship...we don't have any "Nuwclea Wessels".

22nd Aug 2008, 00:41
It appears Colin has gone missing. Perhaps he is looking for dear old Mom or the whale whisperer.

vapilot2004: here you go!

YouTube - Exploding Whale (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GoHGrEX1e8)

That's the one. Thanks Farrell. :ok:
I now know the beastie did not arrive alive.

"---the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds"
said the well sideburned newsman on the beach.

22nd Aug 2008, 00:44
Vera Lynn used to sing a song about Whales getting back with lost relatives:- Whale meet again . . .

22nd Aug 2008, 02:59
Naming animals always caused tears back on the farm - was always told "don't go naming anything we may want to eat later". Lucky it wasn't named KEVIN.

22nd Aug 2008, 03:30
Colin is now an ex whale :(

22nd Aug 2008, 03:39
G-CPTN, I always thought it was an Icelandic children's protest song -

"Whale meat again!!"

22nd Aug 2008, 04:39
On Thursday, Aboriginal whale whisperer Bunna Lawrie tried to soothe the listless animal. Adorned with feathers on his head and white paint markings on his face, Lawrie reached into the water to stroke Colin while singing a humming, tongue-rolling tune.

But after a few minutes the whale swam away to nuzzle a nearby yacht.

"He's missing the big fellas," said Lawrie, whose visit was broadcast on Channel 10 television.http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/cannibal.gif

And Bunnas fee would be how much? :rolleyes:

Injured lost baby whale euthanized in Australia | World news | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/world/5958876.html)

22nd Aug 2008, 09:04
Envy does not become you Tin.

Fly you down, stick you in a flash pub, all found, and something in your kick for your trouble.

Anyone would be in like Flynn.

22nd Aug 2008, 09:53
Media is now reporting that Colin was in fact Collette. Somehow I feel kind of cheated and disillusioned that Bunna didn't pick up on that minor technicality during the course of his conversations with him/her.

Anyways, she/he's with THE big fella now.

22nd Aug 2008, 11:03
I'm sure it is only co-incidence that the TV channel who "found" Colin and made him a national hero is the same channel that lost the bidding war for the rights to show the Olympics and who were desparate for ANYTHING to lure viewers to their station.

Oh well, Olympics almost over, so Colin (or Collette) can be allowed to RIP soon.

Flying Binghi
22nd Aug 2008, 12:07
.............yes, those silly buggers stuck in some refugeeee camp in Africa must wonder ... perhaps they should dress in whale suits and call themselves "Colin"/ "Collete" - might get some attention :hmm:

...............nah :*

22nd Aug 2008, 13:48
Media is also reporting that the carcass of a dead female Hump Back has been found and DNS test are taking place to see if it was Collete's mum, if so it would explain Collete's predicament.

22nd Aug 2008, 15:44
Is there a Norwegian expat community anywhere near there? They could surely organize a great community Whale-on-the-Barbie steak-feed so nothing goes to waste.

Flying Binghi
22nd Aug 2008, 22:22
...Whale-on-the-Barbie steak-feed...

Careful - you might offend the vegan pirate twit :E

23rd Aug 2008, 05:47
Can we all start blubbering now?:E

23rd Aug 2008, 06:23
Envy does not become you Tin.Where the heck do you get "envy" from, Wod? :confused: I read tinnie's post as pure sarcasm based on the statement "He's missing the big fellas." A fact which you wouldn't need to be an Einstein to work out, and information which certainly didn't need to be paid for ... if indeed any fee was paid to Lawrie.