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20th Aug 2008, 17:53
Dear all,

Can anyone help ID these seats, recovered by the Midlands Aircraft Recovery Group last month from a farm in Scotland. Found along with various other bits including Halifax fuel tanks. Any ideas?




Thanks in advance


21st Aug 2008, 03:33
Looks like they could be out of a 'Halifax'

Hard to tell with seats.

As they are mostly the same in appearance.

Def war era I would say.

21st Aug 2008, 10:16
Quite likely someone will recognise them of course, but if not Rumbolds are quite likely to have made them....

There are a few period Rumbold ads on Aviation Ancestry Classic Aviation Ads Series: Airframe Lumley Robinson 1970 (http://aviationancestry.com/Components/Airframe/index.html)

I believe Rumbolds are now part of this group, so maybe they have archive material. Heath Tecna Aircraft Interior Design (http://www.heath-eu.com/)

21st Aug 2008, 20:03
Thanks guys, an email is on its way to them now.

I will let you know if they turn anything up


diesel addict
22nd Aug 2008, 16:42
A very deeply buried memory has surfaced - I seem to recall that some Halifax nose sections were manufactured by a major coachworks (Park Royal ???) and these were highly regarded by the crew as they had excellent upholstered seats ..........

26th Aug 2008, 17:24
Thanks for the replies guys.

Rumbolds are very doubtful they will be able to ID these seats, so the next stop will have to be IWM Lambeth's historians.

I have tried registering on the WIX forum to post this, but still waiting for activation - over a week now, any ideas on whats holding them up?


26th Aug 2008, 19:27
London Transport Chiswick Works (major bus overhaul works) built Halifax sections (and were geographically quite close to Park Royal) and would add some credence to the comfortable seat theory......

26th Aug 2008, 19:49
I take it there are no Drawing Numbers on them? If they are Halifax seats, they would be shown in the parts book. Maybe you could try the Halifax Restoration Project team at Elvington:
Yorkshire Air Museum (http://www.yorkshireairmuseum.co.uk/)

26th Aug 2008, 19:56
Thanks stevef, I'm currently waiting to hear back from Elvington. They should be able to confirm one way or the other whether it belongs to a Halifax.

If not, back to the drawing board!