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20th Aug 2008, 11:20
Any brains out there who can let me know how to obtain cash with my credit card apart from an ATM. I dont have the pin number.

Is it all "chip and pin" or can I go to the bank where my account is held and get cash? I am away at the moment but hope to be home next week.

Nothing sinister or illegal, and yes the card is in my name before anyone is out to arrest me. Just looking for options. "Cash back" does not really suit me at my present location.

20th Aug 2008, 11:26
A reasonable Bureau de Change at an airport should give you cash if you have your passport with you, done it loads of times.


20th Aug 2008, 11:28
If it's your card, how come you don't have the PIN?

If you're away at the moment, but will be "home" next week, how can you go to your local bank where your account is held, before you get back?

Have you thought about putting this question to your bank, or were we your first port of call?

Are you the only person with the same name as that which appears on your credit card?

Please do pardon our inquisitiveness. We're nosey feckers.

20th Aug 2008, 12:14
Having had to use ones credit card in the last few weeks to withdraw cash, due to a feckin bank machine eating one's cash card for no good reason, it is simply a case of a) bureau de change plus passport b) use the same PIN that you use when purchsing with said CC. Be aware that 'they' will deduct a fee for using the card for cash and if you're abroad it could be a not unsubstantial amount :*:*

Hope that it works out for you, abroad and no money is the pits, as is the home grown variety too....



C130 Techie
20th Aug 2008, 13:47
Also note that in addition to any fees you pay interest on the cash amount withdrawn from day one until you pay it back.

20th Aug 2008, 17:13
Thanks for the suggestions. All fixed up now.

I forgot the pin no!