View Full Version : 'Don't marry an airline pilot'

20th Aug 2008, 11:20
Not only don't marry one, don't become one. That's what it says here: Don't marry an airline pilot - Learmount (http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/learmount/2008/08/dont-marry-an-airline-pilot.html)

Pilots, apparently are commodities, it goes on to say. So what's new.

20th Aug 2008, 11:47
Or if you fail to become one, get a job as a journo with the avaition equivalent of People's Friend.

20th Aug 2008, 12:34
Well his comments pretty much echo, what you read here in PPRuNe. Airline pilots are a commodity these days. His advice to join the military is good but the military isn't neccessarily that easy to get into. Here in Ireland it's virtually impossible. Corporate flying is a good idea too but unless you get into Netjets it's all about who you know and you could easily spend a lot of time away from home, ditto for the military. Come to think of it, this applies to a lot of flying jobs. Maybe the best advice after all, is not to become a pilot or indeed marry one.

20th Aug 2008, 13:02
To all the Ladies, marry your crew scheduling front line boss! you know it makes sense!:O:E:oh:

20th Aug 2008, 13:07
Im sure the RAF would be very pleased to hear you talk about a military flying career as 'training' to 'get a job as a business or corporate pilot'

20th Aug 2008, 15:21
I don't mind being a commodity as long as I'm in demand.

Tofu Racing
20th Aug 2008, 15:49
Why marry at all? :}

20th Aug 2008, 16:35
If only my ( ex ) wife had listened to this advice , I could have retired by now.