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19th Aug 2008, 22:58
Some readers may remember the "story" of ExSimGuy and TechChick early this year, when a post by Farrell on "another JB forum" suggested they were going to get married.

Well this was "news" to the two subjects . . . . .

Last Saturday evening, a glass or three were raised to our friend Farrel for accelerating events (we suspect it would have happened anyway, but probably not as early without his "trigger")


TechChick is the one looking gorgeous on the left :E

(Pic courtesy of Lexxie who,with Muzzie and Leo were in attendance, along with Westlakes and his tribe)

Lady Lexington - If you have a higher-resolution version of this pic,could you please email it tome as we'd like to print it for a big frame)

20th Aug 2008, 07:15
Nice to see the young lady taking the tartan of her man (or was it the other way around). My own good lady did likewise.

20th Aug 2008, 08:11
Congratulations ESG and TC (not you, TrackCoastal :P )! Wishing you two happy times ahead :)

though I say, ESG, you look nothing like your profile pic! :}

Alloa Akbar
20th Aug 2008, 08:21

Hey fella, congratulations:ok:

Do you want a copy of the pic of you from GatBash 2005 as well..?? I still have it, as do my colleagues Whirlygig and Sixmilehighclub:}

I hope you didn't get wed with the knotted hanky on your head!!:p


21st Aug 2008, 12:45
Luoto - The sash was from my daughter's wedding in Mexico, when I performed a "Celtic Handfasting" after the minister had done the "normal" Christian wedding ceremony. In that, the groom "kisses the plaid" of the bride's clan tartan, to acknowledge his new kinship in an age-old tradition invented by myself a few months previously :} to wind up the groom's Septic relations;) (they all loved it!)

Bombay Duck - Well I do have the same "'tache" and beard, but decided not to wear the flying helmet for the wedding (in many of the pics, I was wearing my Father's WW2 Glengarry, in his memory)

Alloa Akbar - Hehe! That pic was well circulated when we announced our engagement at the beginning of this year (unlike the one announced elsewhere by our friend Farrell previously, which prompted the dialogue between us that resulted in us realising that both would like to meet each other - despite the hanky and the war-paint ;) )

(update -TC says she has never seen that pic, so feel free to post here for her enlightenment and titilation . . . . Just don't post the ones at the Summer GatBash that were taken of me with assorted wimmin :E)

19th Oct 2008, 14:57
The Royal Air Force tartan designed by a ex RAF WW2 pilot in 1989 and adopted by the RAF for the pipe bands in 2002 and first seen at the Edinburgh Tattoo. Many officers have ordered the RAF tartan and with local approval are wearing it as part of their mess dress. Cummerbunds are moving much faster for various official functions and our hope is that consideration is given to officially amend the RAF dress code. The Royal Air Force tartan can of course be worn by anyone but not currently with service uniforms. Adding to the the Royal air Force pipe bands we now have the ATC Scotland and Northern Ireland pipe band wear the RAF tartan. I hope that the word can be spread increasing the visibility of this tartan. Your help can make a difference!

19th Oct 2008, 15:12
You mean this one??




19th Oct 2008, 19:47
I'll have to delete all reference to that post from my lappy - my wife uses mine a lot because it's faster than her old Win98 machine, and this machine "auto-logs-in" when PPRuNe is called-up!

Just in case of confusion, the kiltinthe wedding photo (and the sash on the bride) are a Stewart Tartan (my father'sside of the family) and not RAF (I have never been in the RAF, though I did work at RAF West Drayton for a few years - would that have qualified me?)

I do have another kilt, a very old one which belonged to my father. Don't know which tartan that one is but maybe it was part of his old Regimental Kit,same as the WW2 Glengarry(?)

After the ceremony, TC said that from then on I could wear the trousers in (and outside ;) ) the house:D

19th Oct 2008, 20:41
After the ceremony, TC said that from then on I could wear the trousers in (and outside http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/wink2.gif ) the house:D
And I'm sure you'd struggle to fill TC's shoes just as you couldn't fill mine!!



:O Are we forgiven for our japes ESG? :O