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18th Aug 2008, 13:52
In my youth a popular song had the refrain:

Who wears the pants in your house?
Man or mouse?

I have been trying to find it. On Google I do find the question, but not in the context of the song; and of course no mention whatever of the song. A sign of the times, perhaps? I fear so.

tony draper
18th Aug 2008, 14:42
What period Mr Davaar? 40s? 50s found a song that contains those lyrics but it is summat called Indiemusic which one suspects is some of this new fangled skiffle type music.

18th Aug 2008, 15:12

Any good?

DJ Pooh - Whoop Whoop LYRICS (http://www.lyricsdownload.com/dj-pooh-whoop-whoop-lyrics.html)


Definately not PC!

18th Aug 2008, 15:39
Thanks, Matt, but that is not it.

Dr draper, it comes to me through the mists, so I suspect from the late 40s or early 50s, American I'd say. Of course my mind from that time is virused by such luminaries as Sergeant Ken Donegan of Amuuurican Forces in Yuuurup, Nooscast compiled from the Wahres of UP, AP, and INS on this frequency, from AFN Stutt Gort, Frank Fort and Wil Helms Haaven, and the home grown offerings from the 'Ammersmith Palais ("Write a Tewne for a Thausand Pounds and a Prize may come tew yew") and Edmundo Ros.

18th Aug 2008, 16:14

Is it Blues or Big Band?

18th Aug 2008, 16:23

Edmundo Ros...the memory I have from Govan is when one of our neighbours asked a priest about using french letters.

He absolutely forbade it and told her to use the rhythm method...

She came back weeks later and said the neighbours were complaining about listening to Edmundo Ros every Saturday night...


18th Aug 2008, 16:40
Farrell, not big band. Looking back, or listening back, it might have been what they call "specialty", although it could have offended only the most sensitive.

It would have been about the time they had that one (the grammar, you understand, is not mine)"If Ah knew you were comin' I'd a hired a band, biggest band in the land" (and also "baked a cake") How d'ye do?, How d'ye do, How d'ye do?"; and also "Hey! Ba-ba-re-bop" rings, so to speak, a bell [Oooops! I see that one dates from 1945. Well! Well! Louis Prima ... so Keely Smith must have had a note or two as well. Golly! That is going back to Mairsydotesndoesydotesnliddlelambseativyakidlleativytoowouln dntyou?]

18th Aug 2008, 16:53
The only song called Man or Mouse that I know of is by Little Junior Parker - a blue's artist from the fifties.
Quite a slow number - however if a different group covered it at the time, it would lend itself to an increase in tempo.

Off to delve into my swing collection and see what I've got there.

The lyrics conjure up images of big band jazz or dance hall swing/rock n roll, drummer, vocalist and tea chest bass...

18th Aug 2008, 22:16
I am confused by this thread title.