View Full Version : Thank you BBMF

18th Aug 2008, 12:52
I often stroll around the Kenley Aerodrome peri-track on a Sunday afternoon, watching the VGS gliders at play and think how nice it would be to see a Spitfire do a beat up of the field.

Well yesterday afternoon the BBMF Spitfire IX and a Hurricane paid the airfield a visit to do a flypast of the memorial, and instead of the stately 500ft passes I was expecting, they came down nice and low to say hello - a Merlin always sounds nice but a pair of them going by at 50ft in a loose trail sounds bloody marvellous! :ok:

I'm sure the 500 people who had gathered on the airfield really apppreciated it judging by the grins - and how the hell did they know, I only found by accident shortly before!

Cheers lads, we must all do it again soon! :)