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18th Aug 2008, 01:23
Gatecrashers flee whip-wielding dad - National - smh.com.au (http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/gatecrashers-flee-whipwielding-dad/2008/08/16/1218307309535.html)

When does one know when to much force is used? is it just after one finds that not enough has been used?.

18th Aug 2008, 01:44
No party, no problems.

Standard Noise
18th Aug 2008, 02:32
How can they prove whether he used excessive force or not if the scrotes that invaded the house could not be identified and therefore couldn't make any statement about what he did to them?
Or are the Oz rozzers psychic these days?

Good on him, I say.

18th Aug 2008, 02:35
Even simpler, no gatecrashers,no problems.

Wonder if any of the gatecrashers are going to lay a complaint of assault or some such thing.

I would think it was just enough force, they all pissed off, if it was to much force they would all have had to be carted off.

18th Aug 2008, 02:47
Not like in our day eh prospector?
A crate of DB and a couple of guitars,the odd split lip and black eye but all good fun

18th Aug 2008, 02:58
Now he may face police charges for using excessive force to drive the youths from his home last Saturday night.

Good God, here he would be given an award. What is wrong down there? :confused:

His home is attacked by 30 youths over the age of 16 and he protects his family and home with non-lethal force, is injured in the process and he may face charges? :ugh::ugh::ugh:

18th Aug 2008, 03:13
Not only that con,he may have to sell his house to pay the legal costs of defending himself
The scrotes will of course get legal aid.

18th Aug 2008, 03:24
Not only that con,he may have to sell his house to pay the legal costs of defending himself

Well, if the totally PC Obama gets elected we may soon have the same problem. :(

18th Aug 2008, 03:25
Had that happened down Texas way or other 'bucolic' points around the US, the end of the evening would have possibly had the smell of burnt powder in the air. :p

18th Aug 2008, 03:39
Had that happened down Texas way or other 'bucolic' points around the US

That is why things like that don't happen down in those places in the US. :p

18th Aug 2008, 03:56
Yeah, we like to keep them Okies at arm's length. One they git across the Red River it's fightin' time.:E

18th Aug 2008, 04:47
Have either of you gentlemen ever considered a career in observational comedy? :}

18th Aug 2008, 13:59
He won't be charged not unless one of the gang's parents decided their son was assaulted. Which is what happened when my brother and I caught a couple of teenagers trying to damage his car. We caught one, a drunk 13 year old, him and called the police after a minor struggle. Next day the cops told us that his Mother had brought him back to the station later and accused us of beating him up for no reason.:* Despite his own confession and obvious lack of injuries.

A Sergeant took a statement from us and told us not to worry. The Superintendant would sort it. We were not worried anyway, we found it almost amusing. As we left the station, the Sergeant we were talking to turned to us and said 'Next time, don't bother calling us. Sort it out yourself.' Message understood. Where can I buy a sjambok?

18th Aug 2008, 14:16
"All I would suggest, if a situation arises again, leave it to the police to handle"

Sure - when they turn up two hours later after all your stuff has been stolen or trashed :rolleyes:

18th Aug 2008, 15:44
Some - many - long years ago in the era of Life on Mars, me and me dad's old Fergie 65 were baling in a field alongside the local overspill estate.

Cue little darling endlessly trying to commit suicide up the pick up reel that gathers the hay, slices it into battens, and compresses it into bales.

After much torn hair and swearing, I perfected the technique of stopping said equipage dead, and leaping from the tractor to apprehend said child before he was sliced stacked and bound.

When his address was demanded, it was, of course, a house immediately adjacent. He was therefore escorted, by the scruff, to his front gate and told to tell his dad what he had been doing.

Little play actor did no more than throw himself onto the garden path screaming dad - dad - he pushed me!

I told said parent he had a child with a fruitful imagination and to keep him in until I had finished, and resumed my work. Half an hour later the little blue and white car arrived in the field, and out got a constable.

After enquiring what had transpired he said that he wasn't going to do anything further - but that next time - slap the miscreant hard in the small of the back using the flat of the hand. Apparently that considerably shakes up the kidneys to good effect and doesn't leave a mark.

I have never had the occasion to try it - but they obviously had / have their methods.

18th Aug 2008, 20:27
Yeah, we like to keep them Okies at arm's length. One they git across the Red River it's fightin' time.

Wa'll shoot, y'all be lettin us'em come on down thar once a year so's we's can wump you boys in Merican College Football. :p

(Reaon I rite so purddy is cause I done went to that there Unisvrt, Univrist, hum, OU. I played Right Gard, so there. Bommer Soonire. ;))

On a related topic, concerning Oklahoma versus Texas. We, as the nation of Georgia, seem to have a breakaway province of our own. The city of Hugo, Oklahoma is planning to sell water to Dallas, Texas. The National Guard has been mobilized. :suspect:

19th Aug 2008, 04:19
Its getting nuttier ....:hmm:
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