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None of the above
17th Aug 2008, 13:45
Ridge Running along Mt Palomar.

I'm not usually too interested in flying videos (for shame I hear you cry) but this one is quite breathtaking.
It's in high definition and sometimes the top of the mountain looks horrifyingly close.

The Vimeo HD Channel on Vimeo (http://www.vimeo.com/hd/page:15)

Scroll right down the page to "Ridge Running" and enjoy!

N o t a

Two's in
17th Aug 2008, 14:07
Very impressive for no power! Definitely have to remember how long those wings are when banking it over at that height. At least glider pilots don't have the nervous anticipation of an engine failure when low level like that.

17th Aug 2008, 17:48
Thank you N.o.t.a., most enjoyable!

17th Aug 2008, 18:19
At least glider pilots don't have the nervous anticipation of an engine failure when low level like that.

No, we live in fear of the sink monster instead.:p

Just goes to show how fantastically well engineered those machines are 60:1 anybody?

17th Aug 2008, 20:00


(pity about the "music" though)

Good to see you`re still around.

None of the above
17th Aug 2008, 20:22
Aah, Loki, old bean!

Yes, one is still around, keeping one's head above the turbulent waters of life.

Trust all is well with you?

N o t a

PS I didn't mind the music too much. I thought it was Lonnie Donegan. That dates me somewhat, doesn't it?

18th Aug 2008, 07:38
socks and slippers/jandals???? :=

Howard Hughes
18th Aug 2008, 08:11

I couldn't do that in a fixed wing, well not legally anyway...;)

18th Aug 2008, 15:17
Superb ... looks like SA or Arizona?

Makes me regret selling my glider .....

Anyone know how to view that full screen and/or download?

18th Aug 2008, 15:56
Thank you for that, Sir. Bought back some memories!

One of which was flying a Janus out of Gap and about 50 km west and doinf something rather similar to that shown with a Tornado nav in the front seat.

Great day, flying back to gap the last 30 klicks flown at VNE. Well, it were a great day until some buggahs decided to launch themselves off the top of the ridge and barely missed us!

Thanks again, enjoyed that.


Muffin Themule
18th Aug 2008, 18:50
Your internet cache should contain a 51 MB file. Copy that to a suitable permanent location; give it a name ending in .FLV Enjoy. :ok:

P.S. 0/10 for observation - unless Mt. Palomar has moved to AZ or SA :confused: