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16th Aug 2008, 13:39
As some of you are aware they will be starting a new life together today.

" To marry is to halve your rights

and double your duties "

" They that love must speak least "

" Be slow in choosing a friend

but slower in changing them "

Godspeed to the new family :ok: :D

17th Aug 2008, 01:10
WooHoo!! Been a while since Mel was a regular here, but I could say that about a few folks from the ould days, myself included!

I'll drink to this GREAT news!!! Hope the wedding speeches were good :) TC & Xs, wish you MANY happy years of laughter, smiles and love together. Wise words from my father: Marriage isn't 50/50, it's 100/100... Cheers folks!

tony draper
17th Aug 2008, 08:15
oops! missed this many congrats to Mr Sim and TC from self and SWH, :ok:

green granite
17th Aug 2008, 08:19
Indeed, many congratulations to them, and have many years of happiness together.

17th Aug 2008, 08:42
Congratulations you two ... may you have many wonderful years together!! :ok: :D :)

17th Aug 2008, 15:59
Hey! I know someone who has a niece called Mel?! And she got married yesterday Sat. 16th August too?! But she also has a German shepherd by the name of Jasper and a couple of baby hedgehogs that will be sharing the honeymoon...ooops!

Otherwise, congratulations to ExSim and Techchick, I remember you both from PPRuNe chat...?!

west lakes
17th Aug 2008, 18:49
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Piccy in Trabb

First Dance


17th Aug 2008, 19:46
It was a really lovely day.

Pictures here Wedding 16th August. | Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=53756&l=c7935&id=690097657) (you'll have to copy and paste, am having trouble with pprune today).

Howard Hughes
18th Aug 2008, 07:12
Which one is the bride? They're both in dresses...;)

Seriously though, congratulations to a couple of fellow pruners and may everything that you wish for come your way.:ok: