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15th Aug 2008, 16:17
Hi, long time no post´s from me. So Hi again!

Today I was flicking through the paper (Daily Record if you are intersted), and I saw a headline along the lines of "How cash strapped airlines are coning you", if someone could share the correct heading I would be most happy. Anyway it listed certain way´s in which airlines are saving money. Here I go listing them, purely from memory:

1) Pilots are being encouraged to stop being pilots and fly using a flight managem,ent system. This is a rather recent thing that airlines have been telling pilots to do. I only have one response to this :ugh: Regardless that on a article yesterday it stated about an LU plane which flew North instead of South as they failed to use an FMC.

2) Weight saving paint. Well what do you say, of course an airline will use weight saving paint, most would if they could.

3) Reducing weight of cutlery and in flight meals. Including removal of ice.

Their are many more but those are what I am capable of remembering right now. If anyone can grab the article post the full list. As I am Gran Canaria I have nothing at hand.

15th Aug 2008, 16:32
I am in Gran Canaria and the choice was the Sun or the Daily Record, and since my father enjoys his tabloids I am left little choice. I do however force him to purchase a decent Sunday paper.

15th Aug 2008, 16:53
I can understand your frustration. For example, in Morocco, I was faced with the choice between the Guardian and the Mail.

As an expedient, I turned to reading my used toilet tissue. Not only were the standards of journalism higher, but the weather forecast was more accurate.


15th Aug 2008, 17:02
Very true BOFH. I am glad I am not in Morroco then, I need to read something decent if I am going to a foreign country. So now I have started to suffice in buying several well eeducating and good for the mind magazines before boarding, National Geogrpahic and airliners world. Ok maybe the latter is not that good for the mind. :}

15th Aug 2008, 17:39
Right Colshie, just for you.
Nothing on the Record website but...
Daily Mail to the rescue.

Making Jets less jumbo
Desperate times call for desperate measures..battle to shed every pound..etc you get the drift
Measures include:
Cleaning the engine - 628lb
No paint - 242lb
Less alcohol carried during the day -485lb
Being more careful loading the water - 882lb (what do they spill it inside?)
Less wrapping on forks - 66lb
Slimmer forks - 0.07g
and no inflight magazine

15th Aug 2008, 17:45
Hosties to present each pax with a helium filled balloon on boarding.

15th Aug 2008, 17:53
Compulsary WC stop before departing for passengers and crew.
Holes in fuselage for passengers to flap arms.
Cycle pedals to power large propeller at back.

15th Aug 2008, 23:12
On a [semi] serious note. NOT painting an aeroplane can save up to 500kgs on "dead weight"... CPA, SAS [some a/c],AAL are some that spring to mind