View Full Version : Speedy PPRuNe today? NOT Hardly !!!

14th Aug 2008, 21:43
Is it just me and my ISP? Pprune has been deadly slow all day for me today. Get lots of "time out" messages; threads taking 4-5 minutes to open after clicking on them, etc. Is this a "rant" - NO - just like to know if it is me or are we going back to the days a couple of months ago when it was not even possible to get to this site.

14th Aug 2008, 21:46
Had quite a few pages of 'cannot Find Server'

I don't think they've mad the 'Right' computer yet.

Howard Hughes
14th Aug 2008, 22:51
Had a lot of trouble last night before bed, seems quite speedy to me this morning...:ok:


14th Aug 2008, 23:00
I had the same problems all day, working fine now.

As the old saying goes, "Poo poo occurs traveling into the sunset."

(Much more PC than, "Sh!t happens going west." :p)

15th Aug 2008, 00:01
No AA, it´s not just you.
By any stretch of the imagination. :(

Folks, if you can be bothered when you get back onto the site, please post on this thread the location from where you were experiencing the difficulties, the nature of the problem and the time in UTC (http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx) when this occurred.

The more responses, and the more detailed they are, the better it helps in finally finding out what the heck the matter is here.

oh and BTW, the old advice still applies. Log out of your account, close your browser, clear your cache/clear your cookies before trying again....


15th Aug 2008, 00:11
please post on this thread the location from where you were experiencing the difficulties, the nature of the problem and the time in UTC when this occurred.

Okay, will do ma'am. :ok:

Location, Oklahoma, but you already knew that. ;)

Problem is that was stated by the others; slow, 'no website found' when going from thread to thread and when posting replies. No problems on any other website, including websites I use for business.

Time, from around 15:00 Z to around, oh let's say, 21:00 Z.

Hope that helps.

RJ Kanary
15th Aug 2008, 00:14
I never got that far from over here in the Colonies.Just that cheerful message from IE 7 informing me that the "Page Could Not Be Displayed". :)

RJ, pls state location and UTC
Thank you. :)

15th Aug 2008, 01:14
South East Queensland, Australia most of yesterday local, say 132200Z to 140800Z and maybe longer, but I didn't persist.

Either timed out, "can't find the site" or just plain slow. So an inconsistent experience I suppose.

15th Aug 2008, 01:28
Victoria, Australia. 01.00UTC for most of the day, (night!:)). As above, page cannot be displayed etc. and generally very slow.

All OK now though, 04.40UTC. 15/08/2008.

Howard Hughes
15th Aug 2008, 02:18
I'm in Oz, had problems (very slow loading, page not available, etc...) last night from 1000 UTC until about 1500 when I went to bed, got up this morning from around 2200 UTC everything working fine!

Cheers, HH.:ok:

15th Aug 2008, 06:17
Just returned to PPrune, having had no problems with my earlier session.

Lo and fail to behold basically.

Must be the hole in the ozone layer.:*

Howard Hughes
15th Aug 2008, 06:54
Very slow to load again, what time is it now? 0700UTC?:hmm:


Jetex Jim
15th Aug 2008, 07:01
Its been slow as treacle, out here in Bavaria, Germany, Europe for the last 18 hours.
14th August 15:00 UTC to 15th August 07:00 UTC

Is it because everything has to be vetted by
National Security Agency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Security_Agency)

15th Aug 2008, 07:11
Access to pprune was pathetic throughout the day yesterday in southern Spain, Europe.

I gave up several times after successive "timed out" messages.

15th Aug 2008, 09:45
Was sometimes getting a strange default text only version of the main page, or not logging on at all. Going between threads, page not found.
Northern Ireland, Europe, 1300 - 2300 UTC Thurs.

15th Aug 2008, 09:55
From the UK, several times through the day (Thursday) the message 'connection interrupted - page contains no data' (or similar words) appeared frequently.

15th Aug 2008, 10:01
Had the same problems in Yorkshire, UK, Europe too. Seems OK now though.

Sods Law, spoke too soon. The site does come up in the end, but painfully slow now.

15th Aug 2008, 10:20
Thank you to those who have posted.
It was pretty :ugh: yesterday.....

Please take note of the fact that the computer people in the USA do not necessarily know the geographical location of "Queensland" or "Yorkshire".
Please insert country name. ;)

Also, since the time stamp appears completely FUBAR'd, rather than writing things like "most of yesterday" of "the past few hours", please note times in UTC (http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx).
This will facilitate the digging through the log files.

15th Aug 2008, 10:25
Oman 10:21Z - still slow

15th Aug 2008, 11:56
Now getting onto this thread and the previous I posted too. 11:55 UTC Ireland.

15th Aug 2008, 12:13
This site not working too well for me at the mo but my ISP (UK Online) has reported a major network outage which may explain things!

15th Aug 2008, 12:23
Diabolical is a kind understatement.

England, 1223 UTC

15th Aug 2008, 15:04
Just to be fair....

Back to about 85% of what it can be @1503 UTC, still stuck in England.

15th Aug 2008, 15:12
In Ottawa, ON, Canada all day yesterday 14 August virtually all attempts to log in were "timed out".

Saab Dastard
15th Aug 2008, 16:52
Paper Tiger - that was in January...


15th Aug 2008, 21:13
Paper Tiger - that was in January...

SDOops :O , said today in the email. Ignore me then.

15th Aug 2008, 22:20
I am in Somerset, England. It is now 10.15 UTC Friday. I have been suffering severe problems since early (ie approximately 06.30 UTC) Wednesday morning and this is the first time I have been able to manouvre around the site without problems.

however what I did find most strange was that all the time i was experiencing severe 'slowmo' and grey screens IF i was lucky enough to finally enter the main forum list was that the Wholigan, who's wireless I am feeding off, didn't appear to experience anything like the amount of problems that I was suffering. He slowed down a bit here and there but no grey screens for him.

Hope that helps? :)

16th Aug 2008, 00:27
New Zealand..........From about 2300 UTC Friday 15th until around 00.10 UTC Sat. 16th.not available.Now the site is almost unuseable, font has changed to Times Roman - which I HATE and can't revert to the one my browser uses - i.e. Arial - lots or red crosses where smilies and toolbar commands should be i.e. cannot select Bold or Italic cos they're just red crosses across the whole line, when I post, paragraphs disappear and it all runs together. ( or it did last time,not sure what will happen to this one yet. )

16th Aug 2008, 01:16
Just returned. Still in Queensland, Australia.Same problems as Sp33b1rd; wierd look with red crosses where icon thingies should be.However, responses relatively normal.

16th Aug 2008, 01:37
09.30 here in Malaysia. First of all couldn't get pprune at all then, when I did took about 10 attempts to log in.

16th Aug 2008, 02:31
0234Z no slow down, I've 11 sites open & running. Just north of LGW/EGKK Gatwick Airport UK.

My slow downs are due to distance from exchange (BT line - not cable) + ISPs, I use AOL & BT and run Firefox as main browser.

16th Aug 2008, 02:49
Still getting the web site cannot be found. New Zealand, 02.50 16th.

No problem going via Google.

Pinky the pilot
16th Aug 2008, 05:46
In the Riverland area of South Australia; 0540GMT 16TH and 'errors on page.' Lots of red crosses everywhere, font as ex sp33b1rd says, and on white background. speed ok though.

16th Aug 2008, 07:30
0827 England.grey screenGreen writing with Juud style pink writing for 'active' pages - ie now, Jet Blast is in pink...multitude of crosses and no links.deliberately doing this in several paragraphs to see if they all run together.i hate this times font - it's tiny!!!however a positive - it's quicker to move around the site than it was before, if you can find any of the links!!!Oh, and where are the spelling police?!! :D The website is under maintenance and will be back in operation shortly.Thank you for your patiance!

Sailor Vee
16th Aug 2008, 08:01
Ennis, West Ireland and as pinky the pilot says------ Lots of red crosses everywhere, font as ex sp33b1rd says, and on white background. speed ok though.

Time 0800 zulu, (stuff this UTC malarky!)

16th Aug 2008, 08:35
All of you posting your time/location/access problems here; thank you very much.
It is apparently very helpful to the system people.

As some have noted, the site was down today for a approximately 90 minutes from 22:45 - 00:15 GMT for maintenance aimed at removing .. ahem .. ´performance bottlenecks´ :} and hopefully it will help with speed. If you're seeing strange formatting, please clear your cache (which will happen automatically after a little while anyways).
If you still see any anomalies or strange behavior please CONTINUE to report it on this thread.

Radar, you and Wholi were most likely logged on to different PPRuNe machines.
You and everybody else experiencing the problems, please:

Log out of your account
close your browser
clear your cache/clear your cookies

That ends your session with a particular machine.
Please also report the results here (yup, the system people still want to hear from you)

Thank you again.

16th Aug 2008, 09:02
Hi all rubbish connection here as well 09.01 utc Suffolk UK16/08/08

WE Branch Fanatic
16th Aug 2008, 09:31
White backgrond, different font to normal, red crosses instead of icons on the forums, functions (Italics, bold, links etc) appear not to work.

South West UK, 1030 UK time.

16th Aug 2008, 10:10
Connection very poor this morning.

Judders about whilst page attempts to steady down. Symbols at top of post page replaced by actual written words, as are most Smilies.

S.Spain 12.09 Z

16th Aug 2008, 10:26
Same as WE Branch Fanatic, but did a "ctrl+F5" refresh and screen now back to normal.

Very slow, but not as bad as yesterday.

Surrey, England, 10.22 UTC.

16th Aug 2008, 10:31
Thanks Treadigraph, that's fixed it. Tried a few other things to no success, but that was the ticket.

16th Aug 2008, 10:37
Nothing unusual seen here (in Northern England - UK) since the outage late yesterday - currently 10.37 UTC

Pinky the pilot
16th Aug 2008, 11:14
1110GMT and did a clear cache/cookies/etc. All now OK in South Oz!:ok:

Note Sailor Vee; I said GMT!!:D:E

16th Aug 2008, 12:16
Ok I did a ctrl + F5 and it worked..what I want to know..what the f**K did those key strokes do??

16th Aug 2008, 12:38
I believe ctrl+F5 forces an upload of all the elements of a web page from the server, rather than relying on what's already in your cache.

F5 just refreshes elements that have changed such as newer posts in this thread.

16th Aug 2008, 17:07
Northern Ireland 1806GMT Sat
Had the site but in times with no graphics. Did ctrl+F5, seemed to fix it.
Speed ok.

But the edit button is just a red cross.

16th Aug 2008, 17:13
Was slow in the last few days. The speed is back, but I don't have the usual back ground. It's white, limited in usual displays and no lines that divide of the forums, threads & posts. I've tried the usual and I can't seem to get it fixed.

16th Aug 2008, 17:14
CoF, had the same. The ctrl + F5 trick cleared it up.

16th Aug 2008, 17:37
Thanks Brick....Tried, that....but this time added sequential steps...I cleared my cookies AGAIN, restarted, opened PPRuNe, had the same stuff, hit ctrl F5 and this time got everything back to normal. Hopefully we'll all be running smooth for a while longer.

16th Aug 2008, 19:25
Tried all advised it is still a bag of sh*** hopefully it will come back on line soon.Tried again no joy, the only thing is that I have lost many other websites as I have forgotten the passwords, but then that is down to age.

16th Aug 2008, 20:17
New Zealand - back to normal. but did a routine cache and cookie clearing thing last night anyway before I'd read that suggestion, so haven't really proved what was the problem, but never mind !! Thanx. Another nugget of information - I just have to remember it ! Bill Gates has a lot to answer for.

16th Aug 2008, 21:38
Radar, you and Wholi were most likely logged on to different PPRuNe machines.
You and everybody else experiencing the problems, please:

Log out of your account
close your browser
clear your cache/clear your cookies

seems to have done the trick - thanks!! :ok: < ooooh look! an emoticon!! :O

(posted at 22.38 Saturday in England's green, wet and not so pleasant land btw...)

16th Aug 2008, 23:05
That did it in Queensland, Australia, where I do live. Time 2300UTC.

Nice to have the comforting "look" back.

17th Aug 2008, 09:53
Radar, you and Wholi were most likely logged on to different PPRuNe machines.
You and everybody else experiencing the problems, please:
Log out of your account
close your browser
clear your cache/clear your cookies

Done all that plus Ctrl+F5 but still no good. It didn't change a thing.
Nottingham both yesterday and this morning. Logged off rebooted several times still no change Help.

17th Aug 2008, 10:27
The problem must be with my explorer and server NTL as I got in ok by going through my AOL browser. Will try to sort it out later. At least I can use the correct format again.

17th Aug 2008, 12:36
Folks, if you can be bothered when you get back onto the site, please post on this thread the location from where you were experiencing the difficulties, the nature of the problem and the time in UTC when this occurred.Hi, I'm in SW Turkey. For last 36 hours or so all table formatting (the blue and yellow fields) and all images other than 'flash' videos have disappeared. As I write this, 50% of the smileys have disappeared and I cannot use the 'quotes' tool.Are others experiencing this? It started a few weeks ago with the table widths shuffling around for about 30 seconds as each page loaded, but it's now progressively degenerating.Regards, rts
edited to add that all paragraph formatting disappeared when I posted my reply.

17th Aug 2008, 14:15
cannot connect from AUS at 0130 UTC

18th Aug 2008, 08:19
Carp again this morning.

Several "time outs" when trying to log on at 10.10 CET in S.Spain

18th Aug 2008, 09:18
Logged on circa 0700Z and got the Times font, no background. Did control F5 and that helped sort things.

The trouble is the site is still painfully slow to load, taking up to a minute to fully get the smileys etc into place. This as of 0918Z.

I'm not getting this trouble with other sites. Thanks.

18th Aug 2008, 18:20
s l o o o o o w

1530 to 1830 UTC SW England

Horribly boring waiting.

18th Aug 2008, 18:43
Just for information: I tried to make a booking on the Eurotunnel website from here in Southern England this afternoon at 16:00. It timed out on me twice while I was waiting for confirmation of my reservation, so I gave up and phoned them instead. Seems to me that the whole internet has been slow lately.

18th Aug 2008, 20:34
North of Scotland today, at various times right up until now, very slow for the site to open; up to a minute to open any forum and another minute to open any thread. The appearance of the site has been normal all the way through all the complaints from around the world re the appearance. Just painfully slow. Using Firefox and Vista HP.
The Ancient Mariner

unstable load
19th Aug 2008, 01:57
The site has been :ugh: here in Thailand for me too.

Pages open with no colour and in text only with those little red x where piccies should be or don't open at all.

Since Friday 15th and evening/night local time.

Right now, I have been on this message for 4 minutes and still have (48 items remaining) Opening page www etc etc and maybe half of the smilies.

08:53 local time Gulf of Thailand.

19th Aug 2008, 10:00
Out of fairness, reporting that everything seems a lot faster now. Thanks.

20th Aug 2008, 02:35
Here in Australia at 0230Z eveyything completely back to normal, including elapsed time from "Enter" to fully loaded screen.

21st Aug 2008, 11:58
Ok, a different problem - Saturday August 16th & Sunday 17th - all day i.e. from when I got up to when I went to bed, Pprune displayed on my PC as plain text, no graphics, no borders, no colour, no adverts.

Normal Pprune was restored by 0800 on August 18th (thank heavens)

For past two days IE has occasionally displayed "page not found", usually afternoons-evenings.

Location Catalunia, (Spain), connection WiMax.


Shannon volmet
30th Aug 2008, 08:14
Does anybody know how to permanently block a tracking cookie called ‘doubleclick’?

The reason for asking is that it is causing pprune pages to be very slow in loading. Every time I select a page, I have to go to the tools menu (in Firefox), select ‘options’, then select ‘show cookies’ and then remove ‘doubleclick’.

Once I have done this, the page loads at its normal speed. The irritating thing is that I have to keep checking for and removing ‘doubleclick’ because it keeps reappearing. I hate tracking cookies, I don’t like being spied on by marketing people so that they can target me with spam e-mails about s##t I don’t want / need.

So, how do I block this cookie permanently? :confused:

30th Aug 2008, 08:45
... being spied on by marketing people so that they can target me with spam e-mails ...
How is that actually done ... that they can get your email address from seeing which web pages you have visited? I'm not very clever with computers (techno-retard :() but I would be interested to know how they can do that.

Al Fakhem
30th Aug 2008, 09:24
Throughout 29 and 30 August, it was impossible to log in via EDGE or GPRS from mobile hand set from VABB.

Senior Pilot
30th Aug 2008, 12:16
So, how do I block this cookie permanently?

Firefox: Cookies, Exceptions, enter "doubleclick.net" under website address, select "block". That's for Mac, Windoze may select slightly differently (of course :p)

Shannon volmet
31st Aug 2008, 05:51
Thank you S.P. Job done, sorted! :)

tony draper
31st Aug 2008, 08:19
HEY!! Mr V,removing that cookie does seem to have speeded up the page loading on the Draper super puter,what was happening here was the page would begin to load then stop for about thirty seconds and as you know when your staring at a screen thirty seconds seems a eternity,good stuff thank you Mr Volmet.:ok:

Shannon volmet
31st Aug 2008, 09:51
Mr. Draper, Sir, thanks for that. Since finding out how to block cookies I've spent the morning blocking all sorts of tracking and advertising cookies and my computer has gone from being a clapped out Morris Oxford to a finely tuned ferrari when on pprune. Other sites I visit don't load my pc with these nuisances, and consequently I don't have the same problems. Something for Danny to consider perhaps?

tony draper
31st Aug 2008, 09:56
I used to have a utility called Spybot or summat it used to scan for spyware and remove it but it also removed other stuff that totaly porked my operating system,never again I swore, but like a fool I have done it twice,talk about leaning from history.:uhoh:

31st Aug 2008, 10:14
Shannon, Mr Draper, you might like to look google a program called ccleaner which I have found to be useful under such circumstances.

Saab Dastard
31st Aug 2008, 11:46
The Adblock add-in for Firefox is the easy way to manage your blocking! :ok:


31st Aug 2008, 12:21
Do be careful with ccleaner - by default it will remove stuff that you wish it hadn't (likewise Spybot).

Out Of Trim
31st Aug 2008, 13:28
I use a Cookie Manager on Windows XP - Google for " Cookie Wall " Works on all the Browsers.

It traps all Cookies that arrive and allows you to select what happens to them. Delete, or you can keep the ones you want or "kill" automatically any pesky ones you would rather not see!