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13th Aug 2008, 19:18
Can anyone advise a UK source of cabin disinfectant sprays? We have to go to Brazil next week where it is a requirement.
Also, any ideas where I can download a copy of an "Aircraft Disinfection Document" to present to the authorities there?
Many thanks,

14th Aug 2008, 10:21
Hi, try calling the large caterers,cleaners at LHR,LGW you need a spray that contains d-Phenothrin, more details here Chemical Spraying aboard Aircraft (http://www.allergyuk.org/art_aircraft.aspx)

As for disinsection document a standard gen dec should cover it. Alternatively try here


page 32


14th Aug 2008, 10:48
...agree about the Gen Dec. The cans usually have two numbered stickers - One should be attached to the Gen Dec and the other remains on the can. Keep the empties to show the officials if required.

Hope you have fun and don't drink too many Caipirinhas!:p

14th Aug 2008, 22:37
Many thanks for the prompt and helpfull replies guys!
I've found a supplier a Birmingham (thanks Ralph at Sig BHX) for the spray: Silmid Ltd, and they can supply the cans, but only in batches of 48 though!! So if any of you want some in the future just ask ..... there's plenty for all!
Have also printed of the cert from Australian Government link - many thanks Scriv - so we're all set...............
CVT, Cape Verde, Belem. La Paz, Santiago, Cordoba, Montevideo, Salvador, Cape Verde and home over 9 days what fun!!

18th Aug 2008, 20:17

Have fun Jez! :ok:


19th Aug 2008, 00:47
...do you really need to post a number-sticker of the can you used on the gen dec?
from what I read in the NBAA (email-) forum you get away with presenting empty cans (good for repeated use ;)) without poisoning the crew and pax? :uhoh:

19th Aug 2008, 09:34
Always better to be safe than sorry

19th Aug 2008, 10:55
Each country has its own regs, France as an example has a very strict policy regarding the disenfection if coming from a HUGE list of countries, fines up to 7500€ if found not compliant.

NBAA is talking inthe unknwon if they published something against the law, local regulations should not be disregarded.

Watch your sticker !!! especially in LBG and NCE !!

19th Aug 2008, 20:05
oh oh!
take it easy guys, I merely asked a question/told you what others said.
It was NOT an nbaa published procedure, as I said I read it in their forum.

8th Sep 2008, 18:33
Well, the trip went superbly - what a privilege to fly into La Paz Bolivia - a day in the sim at Teterboro made it (almost) a non event - thanks guys!
Regarding the bloody disinfecting.............we filled out the forms did the spraying and they weren't the slightest bit interested at Cape Verde (stunned looks when presented), Argentina, or Brazil out, and Brazil back......... What a performance!
Anyway, I guess one has to do it because if one doesn't you can guarantee someone wil demand it.......small price to pay!
Thanks again for all help and input received guys..............

P.S. If you go to La Paz, it's absolutely essential to take some small portable oxygen cylinders with you to give to the pax whilst they are away from the aircraft supplies. The pax were not too bothered about the carefull briefing we gave them on the way in (about taking small amounts at regular intervals), but they sure as hell thanked us when they returned from lunch!!
Hell of an experience.................

Johnny Redd
17th Sep 2008, 22:03
Looks like were off to Perth in October via Singapore and the BA website states:-

Australia’s Quarantine
Aircraft entering Australia and New Zealand require to be sprayed twice initially with Permethrin residual insecticide, and secondly with a Phenothrin spray.

We have the Phenothrin but does anyone know where we can get the Permethrin and also how do the regulations get applied in practice, i.e. do you show the empty cans or is there specific paperwork to be completed??

Many thanks.

18th Sep 2008, 05:40
In New Zealand...

Let your handler know that you require to spray on arrival. Usually MAF the local authority for Agriculture and Fisheries will meet the aircraft on arrival, as well as a NZ Customs officer.

When you park up and shut down.. do not open the doors or DV windows until told to by the handler / MAF officer. Might pay to keep the APU running.

The MAF officer will then come on-board and spray the cabin and the luggage hold. This is the Permethrin spray. They will NOT accept aircrew having sprayed at Top of Descent, unless you have undergone accreditation with MAF. They also will NOT accept aircrew spraying infront of them on the ground.. They have to do it themselves..

You'll have to stew in the spray for 5 minutes.. then they'll clear you to open doors..

Australia from memory was much the same with their Agriculture officers and customs officers meeting you on arrival. However they may let you spray without them coming onboard. More often that not, they will have a supply of the spray or the handler will..

The residual spray your talking about is applied every 3 months by a specialist.. It's pretty expensive and is only good if your going to be going in and out of Australia and New Zealand all the time. It's just cheaper to spray on arrival.

Johnny Redd
18th Sep 2008, 16:03
Thank you Cypher.

Any more contributions gratefully received.

tractor jet
23rd Sep 2008, 20:50
Two years ago on entry into Sydney, we just handed them an empty can.
No questions asked.

There were no photos of me on a tech stop spraying the can outside walking around while we were refueling....:hmm:

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